Libellule AKA Priva AKA Libellule Sanchez


Libellule (also known as Priva) has been a popular adult actress for a while. Going under different names (which I assume coincide with her various changes in breast implants), Libellule has been modeling and in XXX movies for several years. I couldn’t locate real biography information on her (I found one site that claimed she was 21, 5’10 and weight 80 pounds. Yeah right) but oh well. She was born in Thailand and currently lives in France. Here’s Libellule.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai
Born: Thailand
Currently resides: France















StripSaver 1
Private Cash
Virtua Girl
Mr. Chews
Mr. Chews 2

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0 thoughts on “Libellule AKA Priva AKA Libellule Sanchez”

  1. I like the last photos with real tits. The lead one, those are just ridiculous. And that mean expression…

  2. I liked her before she got those implants. And she looks better in porn than in still photography, but on camera, she is a hot, nasty girl. Peep out some of her stuff.

  3. Me like! I like her with the new boobs or without. She is just a smoke show! A Dirty girl at that!

  4. I like her without the implants. she is very hot. Saw her in a max hardcore clip somewhere once. Very dirty and very hot. Filthy girl… just the way i like em.

  5. I suspect the first shot is just an unflattering angle – I think they look quite good in the second shot actually. Indeed, I think she looks much better proportioned post implants. And even though she isn’t my usual type, I think she’s a fairly good example thereof – her body’s quite nice overall.

  6. Love the tits, with or without implants. Pretty face, sexy body, wonderful brown skin.
    She is my kind of girl! Libellule really made my week better! Need to check her out more now.

  7. Found a slightly more reliable source. Age: 24, Height: 5 feet 3 inches, Weight: 90 lbs. Boobs 32C, Waist 24. Those numbers sound much more reasonable to me.

  8. Candyman is right that she looks better in porn than in still photography. At least she did before the boob job. She was so hot with her sexy face and lithe little body. But for me her fake breasts have ruined 90% of her appeal. A real pity. At least there is record of her former beauty.

  9. At first i didn’t really dig Priva’s bigger breasts but with time, they’ve grown on me.

  10. I like her face, that classic Thai look, but not so crazy about her body. I think her breasts look better post surgery but I’m more of a leg and bum man myself. I also think she looks much better in lighter makeup rather than the “painted” face look.

    Though she’s not my ideal girl, I still think she’s pretty nice and glad you featured her.

  11. Interesting. I like her in some shots, and not so much in others. Overall though I dig the dirty girl look. Think I prefer her with the implants overall. Nice post Travis.

  12. One of my new porn faves. Killer expressions while she does the dirtiest things.

    Why, I wonder, do all Asian porn stars insist on that upper arm tattoo?

  13. Wow, this girl probably has the most varied reaction of any girl I’ve ever posted.

    – “I like everything about her”
    – “I do not like her”
    – “I like her pre-implants”
    – “I like her post-implants”
    – “I like the first pic and not the rest”
    – “I like everything but the first pic.”


  14. I like her with or without implants. She’s got quite a nice body. Not a fan of the ‘painted up’ look, but there’s a pretty face under there somewhere!

  15. As other said, she ‘s great in porn. Dirty, filthy yet oozing immense sex appeal. Very aggressive performer. I believe she moved from France to US, as her most recent work came from California. She still has cute foreign accent.

  16. Having checked the porn sites, I can say definitely a glorified freelancer.

    She has The Look, but way too lumpy for my taste.

  17. She did not used to be lumpy. Look at the second-to-last pic above, and tell me the girl is lumpy. But, in addition to the boob job, also detracting from her looks is the fact that she has become thicker with the passage of time. Beauty can be fleeting.

  18. What are the odds? I don’t check the site for a few days and one of my all time favorite girls gets featured.

    From what I’ve heard, her husband is a french pornographer. Luckily, most of her recent stuff has been coming out of the States.

    Priva’s got such a great body and really shows enthusiasm in all her scenes. I encourage everyone to check out her stuff. I can’t ever get enough of this girl.

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