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While import models (especially “up and coming”) certainly aren’t my thing, I know they have many fans here, so I thought some of you might be interested in Asianmodelpalooza 9 – here is their press release verbatim:Asianmodelpalooza 9 is Saturday Night July 18th 2009 at Bare Elegance LAX!
Meet your favorite models live and in person! Asianmodelpalooza 9 features the hottest supermodels,internet
stars,import models, film, DVD, magazine, TV, and exotic dancers on earth!
They will be signing new 2009 & 2010 calendars, posters, magazines, DVDs, videos, CDs,
8X10s and Polaroids for their fans.
There will also be prize giveaways, lap dances,
table dances, continuous live burlesque performances, twenty five exotic go-go dancers, a Pastease Fall 2009 Fashion Show a giant $500.00 bikini contest , a controversial 4 model bondage exhibition, two live music video shoots, and live mini photo shoots with the models.

Meet Agent A, Tia Kai, Yuki Mori, London Keys, Reebound, Jenny Chu, Pamela Payge, Jessica Bangkok, Thailani, Coco Velvet, Tai Tease ,Sakura,Heather Feather, Kate, Lucky Star, Allenina, Leylena, Kaili Lui, Mia, Chisa, Mika, Hiroko, Eriko, Nana, Lynhthy, Julia Lee, Britney Alexis, Tiffanie Damian, Stacy, Angelica, Marisela, Cedestoni, Moa, Cathy Ching, Uni Ty, Yan Yan, Rika, Linda, Maki, Jelly,
Shay, Ms Vee, Angel, Rio & many More!
Plus Over 25 BE Dancers!

Asianmodelpalooza 9 is Saturday July 18th at Bare Elegance from 8 pm to 4 am.
Bare Elegance is Located at 4824 W. Imperial Hwy Inglewood, CA 90304
Bare Elegance is The #1 Rated Club in All Of Southern California. (Rated by the Top Rating Company the Prestigious Zagat Guide)
L.A. s Best Gentlemen s Club Zagat’s 2004-2008
This Incredible Vegas Style Club is The #1 Top Rated Club in All
of Los Angeles and Features Plush Seating , Gorgeous Stage Area s, State of the Art Lighting & Sound System, Tons of Secure Parking, Great Food, A Outdoor Smoking Area, Exclusive
Sky Boxes & the Super Luxurious Sky Lounge.

We will be taking over the entire 10,000 Square Foot Club for this Legendary Event Sat. July 18th and even tenting the parking lot area’s here.
Bring Your Camera! (Still only, no video permitted.) Everyone 18
and over is invited.

For more information about Asianmodelpalooza 9 including pictures of
many of the models attending, picture galleries from all past
events,free streaming online movies, VIP tickets and online door to door maps to the event

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  1. “a controversial 4 model bondage exhibition”

    Who decided to proclaim it “controversial”? The promoters, in order to drum up some buzz?

  2. I’ve been to a couple of these in the past and they’re kindof fun. This year is decidedly lower tier models, there are only one or two top level models, but it seems mostly porn stars (which is okay too). If you like the SoCal look for asians you’ll have a good time here, if you don’t then you won’t. It’s very similar to HIN nights but with nudity.

  3. I gotta agree with the first person to comment. Definitely should have put better looking models up there. If I didn’t see them in that pic, there’s no way I’d ever associate them with being models. Those girls are like maybe a 3-5 out of 10.

    For me to fork out more money than a month long subscription to an Asian porn site to go to that kind of show, they’re going to have to be way better looking than that!

  4. I agree in the first comment too.. the more attractive the more people gets interest, it’s a basic method of marketing.. but, they still look lovely..

  5. Once again, the girls in the photo are probably as good as it gets – they probably follow the current practice of “just stick any Asian girl in a bikini, and the import model fans will be happy”. And it seems they are.

  6. I’m not a big import model fan, but I have seen far more attractive examples than the girls in that ad.

    That’s not to say I think this isn’t a fine thread for this site. There are many here who like the look of these women. Viva la diffΓ©rence, I say.

  7. My ” favorite models live and in person” won’t be appearing in this show but it does look like a lot of fun..even if the gals aren’t exactly my type.

  8. I don’t like the first two very much, but the 3rd and 4th girls are nice — I’d love to see more to confirm.

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