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Lauren Mary Kim began as a dancer with the Sacramento Kings, began studying martial arts, and soon became one of the top stunt doubles in Hollywood. Today, she has moved from the stunt double side towards acting, where she has played several small roles here and there, though she is slowly making her way into greater lead roles in the business. Available photos are slim, but she has many more on her website so if you like her I strongly suggest checking it out.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Mixed
Located: California










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0 thoughts on “Lauren Mary Kim”

  1. Very nice, particularly when she smiles.

    Check out the video on her site. I remember her Reno 911 appearance. I thought she was smokin’ hot when I first saw her.

    But I have a feeling that Stripes isn’t going to like the end of that video.

  2. I don’t think she looks “totally caucasian”. Looks like a very even mix.

    Smoking body; I love it! She’s fit but not with all the creepy bulked-out muscles the body builders have. Third pic seriously photoshopped her tits though.

    My 60-year-old yoga teacher can do that exact same one-arm handstand.

    Thanks for posting, Travis. I love looking at her. And I was eager to have the previous post replaced as the lead!

  3. Combination between killer and beauty. She is beautiful, but her beauty should stand far away from men. Why? Because it can kill you.
    But I like it eventhough it’s very dangerous.

  4. In some pictures, like the picture at the top of this post, she doesn’t look very Asian. But in other pictures, and in her video clips, there is no mistaking she is Asian (mixed, of course).

  5. She looks pretty good. Its nice that she isn’t afraid to show a little skin. The killer body is a nice bonus.

  6. I like fighter babes, but this girl’s face is too angular for my taste (soft features are a key reason for my preference for Asian girls).

  7. I like ladies whose appearance transforms in different situations. Lauren has many types of attractiveness that way.

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