Lesbian kiss photo riles Singapore


An online auction site has seen bids to buy the photo of a girlish peck – the result of a ‘silly prank’ that backfired. In a rash moment, two girls from Anderson Junior College (Singapore) locked lips for the camera – all for a wacky class photo. They pulled off the joke under the noses of their form tutor and their classmates, when posing for an informal memento at the annual photo-taking session. Full story here.

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  1. That is totally awesome…we need more girls like this in the world. It’d be a more happier place…:)

  2. Yeah in USA we see this all the time, especially where i live because it is considered Gay Capital, USA

  3. I get the feeling that the kiss lasted but a split second.Just long enough for the shutter to click.Yet you can FEEEEL the passion of the giver…and the contemplative arousal in the receiver. Ohhhh the HEAT!;-> You just know they’re gonna skip school one day and find themselves body-locked…caught up in the rapture of this newfound passion.Especially in a setting where it’s still taboo.Am I reading too much into this?

  4. Lesbians rock if they look like this. Where I am, unhappily, most are fat, have ugly haircuts, and dress in the most unflattering manner possible. Rock? Maybe not so much.

  5. obviously that the kiss was between two girls is very taboo, but administratively i imagine they were admonished because, if you think about it, photo day for students is a special occasion and it’s not easy (nor cheap) to schedule these things, get everyone in class on that one day, and take photos. if i were an administrator, i would’ve likely punished them harshly as well for their disrespect, but i probably wouldn’t have punished them as harshly as was reported in the article.

    sorry i’ve been out of the a-s scene…i’m on vacation from school! 😎

  6. A very well earned vacation I’d say – seeing all the stuff you do makes me feel like I’m a lazy ass. 😉

    Regarding the photo, this obvioulsy isn’t a formal class photo, but is meant to be informal. Besides, how often do these sorts of photos have to be re-taken for one reason or another? I can’t imagine they could have done it so quickly that the photographer didn’t notice, unless the photographer’s eye sight is so poor that he is in the wrong profession!

  7. Spur of the moment? Not likely. The first row seemed to be prepared for it and supporting the move.

    The girl on the right has her arm around the other in a warm way. And it was not just touching lips, but it’s a good lip-lock. I bet one of them had some fun, at least. Or am I reading too much into the pic?? 🙂

    Anyone remembers the Tammy NYP incident also from Singapore? Her cell phone video having sex with the boyfriend was all over the blogs. Singapore girls are quite naughty, apparently. 🙂

  8. Maybe those girls was disapoint, until that day they still have no boy friend.
    what a shame.
    Christine, welcome back.

  9. Yes! C would have punished them! With a firm spanking no doubt! Pull up those little skirts, you dirty, bad girls. Kissing like that! Dirty, dirty girls, get a firm spanking!

  10. Doesn’t look to imprompto to me and a little deep for a girlish peck. A little planned and a little passionate. But I prefer my Asian lesbians in heels and little else.

  11. christine, in her comment above, makes it sound like they should have been thrown in prison or caned or worse. I don’t see the big deal. It was just a little kiss between two young girls having a little fun. ^_^

  12. I gotta say, I like the enthusiasm in this thread.

    Christine, welcome back.

    It had to be planned the fake reactions of the first row in perfect time, etc. I see no reason for punishing them actually, just having fun and Singapore is simply too prudish.

    If it happened in Thailand the reaction would be, ‘Well, that is to be expected occasionally…’

  13. Haha….I don’t know about that, William.
    I think if it happened in Thailand, the reaction would be; well, one of them is probably really a boy, anyway.

  14. from the article:

    “The photo was taken last August. Six months later, it is still making faces go red, no thanks to its circulation via the Internet.”

    hmm … i saw this photograph years ago; the publication date of the article cannot be correct.

  15. Emacs – really? Tracking it back via Straits Times seemed to imply that our citations were correct, unless the year was misprinted or something… I’ll look into it, thanks for the heads-up!

    CEC32 – That made me giggle. 🙂

  16. my guess is that this photo was taken on a school “photo day,” where a photographer comes and takes individual headshots of everyone in the class and group photos for inclusion in yearbooks and pictorials. it looks like that’s what’s going on here, but obviously i can’t be sure that singapore’s schools will have the same kind of photo traditions that the US schools have. usually the photographer takes the serious shots, and then has the class get together for a few goofy ones (like the one above).

    having said that, i think that this would be an offense because clearly this is not a photo that any student would have wanted to bring back to their families to represent the class. it’s also not easy to reschedule photo days – if you were a photographer, i don’t think that you’d want to come to a school just to snap ONE goofy group shot. it takes time, and s/he could be doing other shoots or spending his/her time more wisely. furthermore, as a teacher, you probably wouldn’t want to have to take time out of teaching to reassemble the class.

    of course, a good photographer would have taken multiple shots, right? but that doesn’t make it acceptable (what if all of the other goofy shots turned out like crap). i guess that’s why i would’ve been ticked, and i wish the girls would’ve taken the photo day more seriously; but that’s only if the situation was as i described above – and, from the full story, it seems like it is.

    it seems like the story shows that this must’ve been the only goofy shot, and it did get sent home to parents. because of that, i think the photographer is to blame for some of the repercussions – like the fact that he didn’t catch it in time or, if he did catch it while developing this photo, why didn’t he choose to alert the teachers before sending them back to the students? nonetheless, this thing could’ve been avoided if the girls didn’t kiss in the first place.

    my point is, the kiss is a cute idea and it is daring, but it’s still inappropriate material for a school photo and i think that was the point of the administration’s actions. if this were just ANY other photo though, those girls best be gettin’ money for touchin’ each other like that ’cause you know damn well y’all would throw your wallets at ’em in a second!

  17. Once again Chrsitine, it appears as though (from my reading of the story and from what the boys at either end are doing), this was meant to be a “goofing off” shot, not a formal class shot. I’m sure a lesbian kiss was a little more than intended, but I think a slap on the wrist and re-take would have been sufficient. (If it actually was a formal class shot, then I think a more serious punishment would have been appropriate.) One also has to wonder why the photo has survived – if it was so bad, it should have been destroyed immediately.

  18. Lighten up, please! 🙂
    Kids are kids, young and goofy. That’s about the only time in life when we can play and joke freely. It is not such a big deal, just a bunch of kids having a laugh. Slap in the wrist and that’s it.

    I miss those days, sadly I never had girls kissing in my class.

  19. Is christine pissed or what…or just winded? I think this has upset christine or something…maybe? Hey look, a smile…:) No big deal, right? I’m just joking christine. Seriously.

  20. I guess christine is just using her free days before school starts. And from what she told us, I’m sure we won’t be seeing her having a pose like this in her graduation photo.

  21. No way…those things cost a lot of money. But of course a good photographer will take multiple shots, right? Butttt, that still doesn’t make it acceptable. (What if all her other goofy shots turned out like crap?) It’s bad. BAD, I tell ya. ^_^

  22. This also reminds me of an episode of “Rosanne” that I saw years ago where the older daughter and some classmates ruffled a lot of feathers by giving “the finger” in their class photo.

  23. Very funny Dazn. But I see there is any mistakes nor wrong things in first picture and yours. Ok, maybe the second one was accidently he did it. But the first one, was not. But I think all this is about our culture only.
    As time goes by, I am sure, we will forget those.

  24. Lol, he didn’t touch it by accident. He meant what he did. But it was purely… a joke.

    You are right, Niners, we will forget these things, no big deal.

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