Prostitution: Legalize or fight it


Okay, now the intention is not to start a wicked flame war, it is simply that this site is a far better forum for comments and discussion than our site. So you know the question now give us your thoughts. Should it be legalized and regulated or remain illegal and continue as the status quo? Actually Siren’s readers are well behaved so I am looking forward to your comments. Story for inspiration and of course the ability to comment after the jump.A writer from Kyrgyzstan takes a look at the local trade while considering what should be done with the ‘world’s oldest profession.’ Full story here.

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  1. This one’s been extensively debated here in the past. The fact of the matter is, it’s already been legalised in most western countries (with the notable exception of the US), and all those countries have seen that legalising it does indeed reduce the criminal element in this industry (and the more open it becomes, the more it is reduced). Plus working conditions are improved, as is health and safety for everyone. The only reason to object to legalised prostitution is religious dogma, not true morality or anything that can even remotely be called logic.

  2. This has been discussed numerous times, and there is still no logical reason as to why prostitution should remain illegal in the U.S., especially when we have a billion dollar porn industry, strip clubs all across the country, and politicians getting caught with call girls. How can it be okay for a woman to have sex on camera but not okay for her to sell her cooch on her own?

    Prostitution and weed need to be legalized. Since there is no valid reason in keeping both of these illegal and people are going to keep selling sex and weed regardless, then why not just decriminalize it so the criminal element is removed? Things will be so much better if prostitution and weed were legal.

  3. It’s all about the tax dollars they aren’t or can’t collect…right? Just like with drugs, maybe. I don’t really know, I’m just saying. The way I see it, alcohol causes more problems throughout the world than marijuana, if not more. And…I am especially all for the legalization of prostitution. But, like I said, I don’t really know.

  4. The USA is known to retain some very Puritanical outlooks with regards to sex and that distinctly affects any debate about decriminalizing prostitution. As long as significant segments of society feel a need for the government to regulate morality, it will be difficult politically to remove laws banning prostitution.

    I personally favor not only decriminalization but additionally regulation (which occurs in many of the countries where it’s legal) to help reduce health and exploitation risks.

    With respect to criminal elements and tax collection, any industry with a high level of cash transactions is going to attract criminals and encourage tax avoidance. Regulation (and greater use of credit cards and such with audit trails) can affect the level of related crime.

    Similar arguments can be made for gambling and intoxicants such as marijuana but injecting these seldom seems to strengthen the pro-prostitution case and instead can increase the emotional resistance.

    I don’t understand the argument that woment keep more of the money when prostitution is illegal (by avoiding taxes). In fact, everything I’ve come across suggests the opposite – that there is a very substantial overhead for illicit prostitution and often the women themselves wind up with very small shares.

  5. I say legalise it. At least then the pimps, gangs, etc don’t get any profit. Also, girls could be kept free from drugs, which is a major ethical problem facing potential clients, are they feeding a habit that is killing the girl? Also, with proper regulation it should be harder to ‘drift’ into prostitution, if girls had to be registered and so on, and any illegal prostitution would be easy to clamp down on. It would also be much easier to stop the sex traffic from europe to the UK, and even to put apparatus in place to help any of these european girls out of the situations they are in. I really can’t see the problem, I mean there are girls in my town centre on a friday and saturday night who’ll sleep with anyone who buys them a few drinks, so what’s the difference?:-)

  6. It’s even legal in the US, in Nevada.

    Should be legal so that regulations could be put in place and conditions improved. Sex is a basic need, there are women willing to provide it and men willing to get it. So, it’s not only unstoppable, but also inevitable and even good, if both parties have full will to decide.

    Women who are independent prostitutes can actually make a very good living and they seem to be satisfied with it, most of the times (money is much bigger than in a regular job).

    Prostitution should also be kept in a low-profile, so as not to offend and get in the face of people who don’t want to see it. It’s their right too, but that right should stop there. Some people making an honest living, should not be forbidden from it.

  7. This war needs a very serious solutions. We can not judge them from their profesison. If it is illegal, means we have to give attention how to fulfill thier needs.
    I agree this war has begun from a long time ago, but still there is no satisfied solution. For example, in Indonesia, prostituion can be closed, if only the goverment give them opportunity to get money. But it never happened. So, after closing the place, they have to re-open again because their need.
    We have to treat them as human being as others. They still have need.
    But unfortunately, some of them think, in this profession very easy to get money. Thus they legalized it by themself.
    According to my oppinion, we have to seperate them between they who because their need become prostitue, and they who think this is a “high way”

  8. in Moeslim contries, of course it is illegal. If you read article about “Playboy” magazine in Indonesia, the office was moved from Jakarta to Bali.
    Can you imagine that? An office editor for a global magazine is not on capital city, but in tourism island.
    But Lawboy, don’t let the rest of us down.

  9. I’m for it. Girls can get letter grades (A, B, C, etc) for health, like they have for restaurants. Gov’t regulation will encourage health standards.

    The main reason I’m for decriminalized prostitution is that what goes on between consenting adults is not the government’s business. Same reason I’m all for decriminalizing the sale of one’s own body parts. If my body is not mine to do with what I will, then whose is it?

  10. Here on Okinawa, it seems to be tolerated to some degree. There are a couple large areas, not to far from base, where young college age girls, and some old, sit out and sell their bodies to anyone willing to pay all day long. The local police obviously know about it since it’s very much out in the public eye and it has been going on for years and years from what I have heard. Of course…I have never been to this filthy place which I speak of, butttt if I was single….^_^

  11. It would be in the governments interest to legalize it, imagine how much tax dollars legal prostitution would bring in for uncle sam.

    I personally think they should legalize it, and regulate it, therefore making it safer for those who choose to partake in it. Make it like the porn industry, have prostitutes get mandatory checkups and be able to show proof.

  12. Interesting comments and very well informed. I get the impression that LawBoy is very well informed for example.

    Keeping it simple, I agree with just about everything said in these comments.

  13. Bar girls in south east asia have regular health checkups and have proof of it. I’m not saying there is prostitution in bars, just saying it’s a good thing to have regular checkups. lol

    LawBoy, it’s not illegal if you do it at the right place. I’m sure you got your ass covered. 🙂

  14. Also, I’m pretty sure the Philippine bargirls over here in Japan, have to have current health checkups…or else they can’t enter the country to work.

  15. Prohibition of the human vices has always been a complete failure. It can be argued that the more prohibitive the laws, the more likely people are to at least dabble in that which is prohibited. (Prohibition does not include things such as murder or robbery – those are actions that affect others rather than personal choices/pleasures.) I will always believe that legalization of the vices combined with better regulatory controls provide better solutions than prohibition. If that means coming down harder on those who abuse, so be it. Particularly with prostitution – all you have to look at is how much safer & cleaner the old Mustang ranch in Nevada was and the reasons for legalization seem obvious to me.

  16. words of wisdom…sex is going to happen whether people like it or not…

    Well just for the record I’m one of the peeps who like it….

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