Beijing Beach Volleyball Babes


The 2007 FIVB Beach Volleyball women’s challenger was held at the Chaoyang Park in Beijing August 13-19. During the break of every match, ‘Beach Volleyball Babes’ danced to cheer up the players.

There are 32 photos, but I made a small selection for you.








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0 thoughts on “Beijing Beach Volleyball Babes”

  1. WOW ARF:

    Rather wicked of you.The first pic had me ready to breed…FACE BE DAMNED.Wicked buns…natural vertical leap…tall.All the physical components necessary for a
    center fielder/point guard/deep threat receiver/rocket scientist.

  2. Thanks Stripes. I do love them china dolls oh so much. And the “ready to breed” comment had me rolling.

  3. What a pack of cuties; they’re all brown and sweaty! I like.

    Arf in your first pic–compare the waist of these two athletes; my countrywoman on team USA has no curves and a big square bod, and the Chinese woman has a nice small waist and those juicy butt cheeks!

    Does anyone remember the South Korean cheerleaders from the 2000 Sidney Olympics?

    The Wall Street Journal did one of those quirky cover stories on them back then and reported that their outfits were so skimpy and hot they had to tone them down because they were getting too much attention! Third from the left with the dark hair is a doll!

  4. “how come they are so sweaty?” because that’s what I requested…LawBoy. I love chinese girls with sweaty bodies. Is that weird?

  5. Hey there…Niners. I feel so bad now, after reading your last (girls only) comment. Growing up, I was a male cheerleader in highschool and I worked very hard during the games with those grueling routines we did, and it was never easy…:( NAH! I’m just joking…:) I made it all up. Isn’t that funny? ha ha ha. No?

  6. Arf, were you cheerleader once??? hahahahaha.
    It’s very funny man. I like it.
    perhaps I will tell to everybody that I was balerina. hahhahahahahaha.

  7. Yes, they’re really brown and toasty. Think they did any fake tanning? To give them a more sporting look?

  8. Arf, but i have no curve on my body. if i was a balerina, no one will love balerina anymore.
    It will be a history. But the girls, still I like girls.

  9. Niners, I knew you liked girls…or else you’d be a regular at the asian stallions site…and I don’t recall ever reading any of your comments there. ^_^

  10. Niners…I’m guessing when you say there, you mean here…right? πŸ™‚ And daznlover…I’m wiling to bet christine has asian persuasion towards the women more than the asian men. Am I right christine? Not implying you are gay or anything, just saying that’s what you seem to appreciate more of.

  11. hey guys, checking in while still on vacation. i see a lot has gone on here while i am out! school starts next monday for me πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ and sorry bubalabobo but i don’t think i will have very much luck with convincing the girls here to sport an ao dai.

    to answer arf’s question i think i am both perplexed and appreciative of notions of asian beauty, as it is something i struggle with and seek to understand myself

    but, starting up an asian stallions doesn’t seem to be a bad idea – the question is, how many asian stallions are out there? i would really love to see less of those orange-haired metrosexual dudes and more hunky muscley asian guys. with an 8-pack (*sigh*), i’d be drooling in no time

  12. Some more lovely girls. I fully support females cheering for females and have been a great supporter of the female volleyball outfits since college. It was the only sport I enjoyed going to see in school and I played on the men’s basketball team so I got to see them in the gym too. The girl in #4 above is my favorite for sentimental reasons.

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