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If we are going to be talking about Japanese gravure then it would be really odd to not touch on the Group that has DOMINATED gravure in Japan for the past 2 years: AKB48. But instead of dedicating a post to girls like Kashiwaki Yuki, Itano Tomomi, Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna or Shinoda Mariko (all amazing girls, but with tons of info on them), I want to present here the lovely Satoh Seira, of the sister group SKE 48. I think that she has one of the best two bodies of all AKB48 (who is the other girl, you ask? Stay tuned).A really cute face:


And what type of body are we talking about? Make sure to check out this video to get an idea:

And here is a full body picture that will give you a better idea:


Seira is active within the SKE48, the Nagoya-based sister unit of AKB48. I’ve been aware of the girl for a while, she has had several pictorials on weekly magazines, but last month when the AKB48 had their rock-papper-scissors championship (yes, they have those and they are HUGE), while all the other girls dressed in either bizarre or run-of-the-mill dresses, this is what Seira wore to the grand event:


No wonder that she has sold herself as the “gravure girl” of SKE48
It all makes sense when you see that she belongs to the “Yellow Cab” agent office. That’s the agency that spawned the big breast boom in Japan a decade ago.

Here are her stats:
Birthdate 1992-April-30
Height: 158cm
Measurements: B88 W59 H87



A ni-chan thread on her appearance at the AKB48 event with behind-the-scene-pics

Coverage of the same event, with extra gravure pics

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  1. Excellent post Xavier, especially the embedded video. I could watch her all day happily bouncing (well the nice bits are bouncing nicely) along the stage.
    And she looks gorgeous in the blue bikini still pic. WOW!

  2. LIKE her smile..and some other bits. So relaxed in the video,doesn’t take herself too seriously. LIKE…nice job X-Man!

  3. Not a first time poster, and I just wanted to say…Oh! Oh! about Ms Satoh. The way she struts herself down the runway in that blue bikini was something else. Pretty mind bending.

  4. This girl is certainly attractive, but I don’t find her that remarkable – I don’t feel she has anything to make her really stand out from many other Japanese gravure idols.

  5. Lol, I was actually going to put a couple more pics on the post before sending it but it went live. I added a couple of galleries at the bottom of the post for anyone who wants to check some other pics.

    Good that you guys dig the .gif. I got the idea for this post when I saw it on the net, it had “Make a post about this strut” written all over it.

    I guess you could say that the is remarkable because she is AKB48, but like I said, I will soon be making a post about the other AKB48 girl who shares the “Best Body” category with this girl, so then again she could be “not really remarkable.”

    Japan has many hot girls with big breasts, what can you say? ; )

  6. According to Wikipedia, AKB48 is a girl group (with 67 members, the world’s largest pop group!!) named after Akihabara, an area in Tokyo known for electronics shopping where their theater is located. I have visited there many years ago (the district, not the theater).

    According to wingsfan, that’s a lot of hot Japanese women!!

  7. No worries Dr., the people are liking the .gif and the girl and that was the main point of the post 🙂

    AKB48 is a major group and actually encompasses multiple groups within it (SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, and AKB48 itself.) They are like a girl band on steroids.
    And they currently dominate the Gravure market in Japan.

  8. I will always like wonderful full bodied Japanese women. It’s partly out of familiarity but really it’s probably more base than that. Anyway, well done … nice post.

  9. I’ve got to admit I don’t see what you guys find attractive in any of these Jgirls. There are lots of hot and beautiful Japanese girls, but none of these AV girls are. I wouldn’t even do a double take if I saw them in a club here in LA.

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