Lenali.tv Finally Launched!


I’m certainly not the Lena fan I once was – I really dislike the way she’s coloured her once stunningly long and beautiful hair, her breasts look a lot better with clothes on than without (or with Playboy touch-ups to make them look more even), and the scar left behind by the naval ring she used to wear really puts me off. Still, I’m sure she’d have me salivating if I met her in person, and I could hardly let the news of her just launched personal web site go unannounced! She’s been promising it for six years now, so I think she may have missed her window of opportunity. On the other hand, she’s been very active with social networking (on MySpace, FaceBook and now Twitter!), so who knows? It will be interesting to see how she goes.Here’s a little reminder of how spectacular she looked when she first arrived on the scene back in 2002:


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  1. I’m trying to follow the “if you don’t have anything nice to say” motto by not commenting on models I don’t like….but even the movie choices suck. Narnia? really? I love long hair, but this whole Rapunzel thing isn’t working at all. Possibly my least favorite model on here ever. For some reason Banana keeps popping into myhead.

  2. Oh wow – she has had 7 posts on AS before and I did not know who she was. Most of them are from a long time back though.

    Not a fan, but enormous breasts is also not something I care about.

  3. This is the girl Doc chooses to post? Include me out, as Yogi Berra supposedly said. Can’t say anything more than that, but really even her humongous boobs don’t help.

  4. I’m surprised at how unfamiliar many of you are with this quite high profile Playboy model, so I’ve added a pic from when she first arrived on the scene back in 2002, which had Marco proclaiming she was the hottest thing since Sung Hi Lee. The coloured hair and other problems I mention have really ruined it for me though, and like many glamour models, she clearly needs the right makeup and touch-ups etc. to look her best.

  5. I find it preposterous that Dr. Lee bashes so many beautiful Filipinas that are featured on this site because they are “not Asian looking enough,” yet he chooses to post this thing, though Asian looking, which is not a siren at all.

  6. As you say adamian5, she does look Asian, which is the first test a girl should pass to be featured on this site. Also, whether you like her or not, she certainly stands out from the crowd, which is the first test a glamour model should pass (and the one most current models – especially import models – fail). And I’m always amused by people like you who proclaim models like Lena are “not a siren at all”, when she has been featured in Playboy, and she gets far more hits and searches both on this site and in Google than the vast majority of girls featured here. The anti big tit brigade is a very vocal minority. 🙂

    I would also suggest you actually read what I wrote about her too – I am not a fan of how she looks now, but the launch of her personal web site is very newsworthy for a site such as this one, as she is a very high profile Asian glamour model.

  7. People like me, eh? So I guess yo mean people with eyes?

    She does not look great in either photo. Read the comments; everyone seems to agree.

  8. As I said adamian5, the anti big tit brigade are a very vocal minority – hits and searches are a far more reliable indicator of true popularity. And as I also said, whether you like her or not – and I certainly don’t like the way she looks now myself – she is an Asian siren.

  9. By “standing out from the crowd,” do you mean that in a positive way? Oh, she stands out, for sure. I don’t mean that in a good way, either.
    I also find it funny that you assume that I did not read your entire post. Truth of the matter is, she’s not an attractive woman by any means possible. She has not been relative in 7 years, and now, all of a sudden, with the launch of her new site, she’s supposed to be relative again? Women featured on this site, I like to think, would have to qualify as attractive. Since you said it yourself, Doc, and I quote, “I am not a fan of how she looks now” why did you even feature this woman at all?

  10. Once again admian5 – as I already said – the launch of the personal web site of such a high profile Asian model is very newsworthy for a site such as this one. And you should also learn that your personal taste does not equal fact (and nor does mine).

  11. I suppose…

    I would like to ask of you one thing: Would you quit bashing the Filipinas that are featured on this site? It’s absurd that you belittle the majority of them because they do not look Asian enough for you. Every time a Filipina is featured that has Spanish looks you post negative comments about them.

    And for the record, it’s adamian5. It’s disrespectful that you cannot even spell my name correctly.

  12. Why should I? What I state actually is a fact: they do not look very Asian at all, hence they aren’t really suitable for Asian Sirens IMHO. As you yourself say, the girls in question have Spanish looks (because they do in fact have a lot of Spanish blood), and Spanish are European the last time I checked.

    Apologies for the typo – corrected.

  13. Do you even know the difference between a fact and an opinion?

    Your belief that the Filipinas featured on this site do not look Asian to you is NOT A FACT. That is clearly an opinion. You think they don’t look Asian. That’s an opinion. They are Asian. That’s a fact. What you find to be suitable for Asian Sirens is not of any importance; the fact that they are Asian makes them qualify for this site, hence why they ARE featured in the first place.

    I don’t think I need to humiliate you any further, nor do I need to provide any more examples of facts and opinions. You clearly do not comprehend this simple concept.

  14. Please, do not even reply. I will not bother reading your comment. I cannot argue with someone who cannot comprehend something as simple as fact and opinion.

  15. They do not look Asian in the sense it is used on this site (i.e. oriental). This is why I keep saying I should be able too use the term “oriental” instead, but many Asian Americans are offended by it. But “Asian” in the strictly correct sense of the word is so general as to almost be useless, as it includes Indians and even Russians. However, in the sense that everyone uses the term Asian on this site, what I state absolutely is a fact – besides, the Spanish blood that dominates the Filipinas in question does not look Asian in any sense of the word anyway, as it is very much European of course. And I also criticise models who make themselves look too western via surgery (for example), even if they are completely Asian by blood – I’m simply talking about how they look.

  16. Okay, I lied. I did read your response, and boy did I regret it.

    You are a very ignorant person. The fact that Filipinas ARE ASIAN makes them qualify for this site. Had this site been called ORIENTAL-sirens, then you would have a legit argument. The fact that this site is called ASIAN-sirens and not ORIENTAL-sirens completely destroys what pathetic argument you try to defend.

    And no, your opinions still do NOT equal fact, sorry.

    PS- I’m sure Mike Abundo does not interpret the word Asian the same way you do, just as I and everyone on this site do not interpret the word Siren like you, either. Your interpretation of words =/= everyone else’s.

  17. I knew you were lying. 🙂

    And you still fail to understand me point completely – I didn’t say Filipinas weren’t Asian; I said many of them do not look Asian in the sense that we use the term on this site, as they are dominated by Spanish (hence European) blood. And that is a fact.

  18. I really won’t reply until I wake up. It’s almost 5 in the morning and I cannot believe I stayed up arguing over the internet, but I believe my point had to be made, since no one else would stand up for the Filipinas on this site.

    I believe I made my point very clear: since this site is called ASIAN-sirens, any Filipina that is featured on this site qualifies, regardless of how you interpret the word “Asian.”

    I hope you pick up a dictionary and look up the words “fact” and “opinion.” You made yourself look like a fool by trying to pass your opinions as facts.

  19. I said they weren’t very suitable for a site such as this one IMHO, as they do not match the looks the majority of most people who visit this site come to see. That’s only my opinion though, which is why I’ve never pushed to have them removed from this site – as you say, there are some people like you who do come here to see them. But the point that they don’t look Asian in the way the term is normally understood on this site absolutely is a fact, and I have every right to say so. Perhaps you might get it in point form:

    FACT: the Spanish (hence European) blood that dominates many Filipinas means they often look more European than Asian.

    OPINION: this makes them not very suitable for a site such as this one.

    Got it now?

  20. While I usually don’t agree with anything Dr. Lee says on here, that was a unnecessary and pointless argument. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. No ones opinion is wrong, it just may be different than yours, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I see the Filipinas argument from both side, yeah alot don’t look very “Asian”, but they are and I’m fine with the fact they are posted here.

  21. Absolutely Denver11! I may not like the fact that they don’t look very Asian (and that is a fact!), but Filipinos themselves clearly do prefer western looks, and that’s their prerogative. They have the right to like them, just as I have the right not to – and to say so.

  22. Now that the smoke of battle has cleared somewhat…whew!…that was HOT!
    Remembering the ’02 Playboy Exotics mag cover: Those fantasy-boobs, red-slash mouth and long black hair were a turn-on back then. Somehow…she got on a wrong-way-train after that,ie unrecognizable at her website. Wishing her well, anyway.

  23. Thanks, Doc. I’m not going to complain about her, after you filled my request. I will say that I agree with you about her looks though. Definitely way different now than before. What, 4-6 years ago, she was smokin hot even with the scars and surgeries. But her face now…she looks like an entirely different person. And $25 a month for her site is pretty pricey for just showing pics.

    Still, good post overall. Thanks.

    Nice argument, guys. It was a pleasure reading through all of that! 😛

  24. Yeah, I agree her face does not look very good at all now. Still, I suspect it probably never did, it’s just that her early photos had such good makeup (it is nothing unusual for a model to only look good with the right makeup of course). The makeup she wears now is really quite bad IMHO, and the light coloured hair makes her look worse I think (it makes her look much older, and I feel the long dark hair helped to balance her wide face somewhat).

  25. Funny, now that you posted the second pic I remember her. I have that calendar. Didn’t like her then, don’t like her now.

    Adamian5, while I empathize with your frustration and agree with you, you are just wasting your time arguing with Dr. Lee. It’s like arguing with a big empty cloud of nonsense and getting back arguments that only occasionally make sense.

    The nice thing about this site is that everyone can see a little of what they like, I’m sure someone will like this girl. Maybe Stevie Wonder?

    Plus, think about this. This is the girl Dr. Lee decided to post, out of all the hot asians to choose from in the world, he took the time to put this girl up. That says everything you need to know about his taste in women. All you need to do is look to the little picture to the left above “recent comments” and see the similarities between this “model” and his regular argument for beauty “Sachiko”.

    Last thing, Doc you complain that alot of the “import” and other models aren’t up to the standard to be models but you think this girl is?

  26. Something is wrong with her face.

    all that sexy clothing can’t hide that.
    No thank you.

  27. Doc- I am still baffled that you still try to pass your opinion as fact!

    “I may not like the fact that they don’t look very Asian (and that is a fact!)”

    No. I think they look very Asian. You see what I did there? I proved that that statement was an opinion. Just because you don’t think they look Asian doesn’t mean it’s a fact. I don’t know how to make this any clearer. If someone would please just tell the Doc that his “facts” are not facts at all, regardless of how the word Asian is used on this site.

    “Why should I? What I state actually is a fact: they do not look very Asian at all, hence they aren’t really suitable for Asian Sirens IMHO.”

    Again, no. Everything after the colon is NOT a fact. I cannot stress this enough.

    I think you should seriously stop being so ignorant; you’re lucky you were only humiliated over the internet (not a big deal) but if this were to happen in real life…boy I don’t know.

  28. @slackerking

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. His arguments really do not make any sense and I do feel like I’m arguing with a big empty cloud of nonsense.

    And yeah, for the record, I don’t find Sachiko attractive AT ALL.

  29. Boy, this topic is heating with arguments. adamian5: i’m a big lover of filipinas, however I have to say I prefer the ones looking more ‘asian’ and less ‘european’. In that regard I agree with Doc. But I appreciate a lot of filipinas that Doc doesn’t, and do I care? Not at all. Why are you fighting so much about Doc’s tastes? Everyone here is entitled to one, and I’m sure Doc is not gonna change. Nor you man, so enjoy your time with your favorite girls. The good thing about A-S: every asian girl has a chance to be featured here!

    Lenali used to be very hot, I still lust after her body and her boobs. But the surgeries have done a lot of damage, I wish she would go back to how she was.

  30. adamian5: I think you’re confusing what the Doc is trying to say. Filipinas have a pedigree that has very much been influenced by the Spanish – hence, you have a much more European look, unlike many other Asian countries where women are, for the lack of better words, “pure bred”.

    That said, the argument has certainly been entertaining to read, but we’ve descended now into a zone where it’s impossible for either side to compromise or consume any point from one another – be they valid, “factual” or subjective.

    Back on topic – I have never been a fan of Lena, and I’ve never been a big boobs kinda guy. I do find Lena’s profile here rather odd because she’s certainly declined in recent years. However, this profile does work as sort of a cautionary tale – or at the very least, an intriguing/sobering “where are they now” portrait.

  31. Is she the kind of babe I would seek out in a neutral setting?…probably not.As a commercial entity however-she could make big bank in milf porn.I’d have zero problem being a paid scene partner with her.She does’nt trigger the 19yr. old boy who controls my inner lust…but she does trigger the 35 yo.commercial exploiter who’s pretty handy with a camera.

  32. BTW-I did’nt have to see her Myspace profile or hear her speak to to know that she was a twinkified SoCal Asian babe…but of course it was confirmed after I did.Hey…plenty of guys dig that.

  33. No, I understand what he is saying completely, but what I cannot understand is the fact that he tries to pass his OPINIONS as FACTS.

    He thinks that the Filipinas on this site look European, hence the reason he thinks they don’t qualify for this site. That is clearly an opinion and to say otherwise is absolutely absurd.

    There is no other way to make this any simpler for him.

    PS- While I do agree that some of the Filipinas on this site do look more European than Asian, that still does not make it a fact.

  34. “He thinks that the Filipinas on this site look European”

    @adamian5: if this was his only misconception, it’d be almost pardonable. what you need to do is check out the archives on the words he’s used to describe those who aren’t ‘asian’ in his eyes.

    descriptions include: ‘primitive’, ‘indigenous’ and ‘native’.

    i recall him trolling a post about the same exact thing where he extols opinion as fact and attempting to bait me on it.

    it’s too bad you can’t search posts by user…

  35. This post makes for a good laugh…for me at least.

    I have a friend from Korea, she considers herself to be “Oriential” along with people from Japan, Taiwan, and China; all others are merely “Asian” to her and therefore are somhow lower class.

    Now about the girl posted here.
    Fact… she is Asian
    Opinion….She’s not good looking, therefore not a siren.

    Asians come from many many countries and have a wide range of “looks” Just because an Asian person doesn’t fit your definiton of what an asian should look like doesn’t make them not asian…..fact

    I can find something appealing and attractive about a woman of any race or mix of races, but this chick is just ugly. Can’t even say shes’s a “but-ter head” those overenflated fake boobs look awful. By the way… the last paragraph is all opinion for those keeping score.

  36. Keyser Soze: please try to be more restrained in your comments than saying someone is “just ugly”.

    What is it about some of the Filipina lovers in this forum that makes them so insecure and unable to accept any form of criticism? Clearly adamian5 is unable to understand what I’m saying – I’ve already made it very clear which part of what I say about Filipinas is fact and which is opinion, so if he hasn’t got it by now, he never will (he even agrees that some Filipinas look more European himself!). As for lamboap’s comments (another insecure Filipina lover obviously), those comments were NOT directed at European looking girls; they were directed at what we decided (after much discussion to find the most inoffensive descriptive term) to call “islander” looking girls.

  37. As for slackerking: you once again seem to think you represent the majority opinion. In that case, how come Lena was a playmate, while none of the import models you like would ever have a snowball’s chance in hell of being one? Why is it that Lena gets far more hits and searches both on this site and in Google than any of the import models you like? You may say you don’t like playmates and prefer average import models, and that’s fine. But you can hardly say a playmate is unqualified to be a glamour model, or almost universally unattractive.

  38. I should also remind those who criticise me that I don’t even try to prevent models I don’t personally like from being featured here, as I understand and respect the fact that different people have different taste. I also allow everyone to have their say (as you can see!), even though I can nuke anyone’s comments with a single click. I think those who criticise me would do well to allow me the same freedom of expression as I give them – and all for free too. If you think you can do a better job, start your own site. 🙂

  39. @ Dr. Lee. Nonsense again. And obviously more people agreed with me here than with you. In fact if you go back through your numerous postsover the years i’ve rarely see anyone who agrees with you on anything.

    Also, there is no way to know how many hits Lena gets compared with the import models. It’s just ludicrous for you to even try to say that. For instance Tila Nguyen was an import model for years and at one point was the most searched woman on the internet. I seriously doubt this girl gets more hits than them, not ONE person found her attractive on here and if she is indeed searched for that much it’s because everyone wants to see what a dog she is.

    Secondly. I’ve had a subscription to PB since I was 18, so it’s been 28 years. I love playmates, but Lena Li was never a playmate. Not in the us or anywhere else.

    She has been on the covers of both Playboy Taiwan and Playboy Special Edition’s Exotic Beauties. She was Playboy’s Cybergirl of the week for 25 February 2002

    If you’re going by the notion that being in PB makes you a model, there are plenty of so called import models who have been in the magazine or it’s specials. Natasha Yi, Tila Nguyen, Lisa Marie Scott, Jenny Chu, Luana Lani, Misa Campo, Carla Marie and Francine Dee among others have been in the magazine and have all been import models at one point or still are.

    And, yes I CAN say that she is unqualified to be a model just like you can and 30 or so other people just wrote the same thing on this post.

  40. Ok…I see we all agree that this thing is not attractive at all except for the Doc himself (not surprised, since he finds Sachiko attractive as well).

    He bashes Filipina women saying they look too European hence why they don’t qualify for this site (cause you know, this site is called Oriental-sirens after all…)

    He clearly does not know the difference between fact and opinion (see above posts…it’s almost laughable).

    He also clearly has a lot of enemies on here claiming he trolls (which he does; I’ve seen his comments on many beautiful models. Though “unasian looking,” still beautiful none the less (AND ASIAN).

    Dr. Lee made himself look like a farce with his poor choice in women, pure ignorance, and his apparent hatred towards any woman that does not look ORIENTAL to him.

    LOL he also believes that by posing for PB automatically qualifies you to be some sort of glamour queen. I guess Lena Li is some how supposed to be attractive to us b/c she gets a lot of hits on Google? Poor logic.

  41. Okay I overstated, 16 very strong negative impressions on this post and 2 ambivalent ones, 0 positives.

    I think this is a late April fools joke from Dr. Lee and it’s actually him with a giant wig on a photoshopped body. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  42. Lena is a great, smart, and beautiful person I don’t understand why such negatively towards her. Maybe if one would opens their eyes they would see. But with eyes wide shut only negative ways will be the path.

  43. slackerking: you once again show yourself to be the ultimate in hypocrisy and ignorance. You complain that I state my opinion as fact, then you go on to do exactly that. I know our web site’s stats, and I know our Google stats – that’s part of a webmaster’s job, but I guess you don’t know anything about that. Indeed, you can even check some of our stats for yourself – go to the links, and click on “most popular” and “top rated”. You’ll see that Sachiko’s site is the most popular by far, and it is also the most highly rated independent model site. Hence your opinion re Sachiko does NOT represent the majority, just as it doesn’t represent the majority re Lena Li. That means a lot more than the opinions of a few people like you (and adamian5) who are so insecure that you can’t handle my comments about models you yourself like, so you have to trash any model that I might like.

    As I also mentioned, the anti big tit brigade are a very vocal minority. If we believed people like you, nobody would get breast implants. But models still do all the time, because they know it improves their income. Once again, the cold hard facts go against the opinion of highly vocal ignorami like you.

    And Lena WAS a Playmate in Playboy Taiwan. The import models who appeared in Playboy are not just import models – they are REAL models who also happen to do import modelling (indeed, many of them started out in Playboy). In fact, Lena has done some import modelling herself. I said the import models THAT YOU LIKE don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of appearing in Playboy. And they don’t, because they ONLY qualify for import “model” work. That’s how you can sort the wheat from the chaff – if a girl with the exposure of an import model can’t get real modelling work, she doesn’t qualify as a real model IMHO. And whichever way you slice it, appearing in Playboy IS real glamour modelling work – your personal taste doesn’t change that one iota (plus Tila Nguyen became massively popular AFTER she retired from import modelling as well, and she IS a real model).

    I won’t even bother to respond to adamian5’s sad and irrational comments.

  44. Wow, what a rumble over one girl!

    No, she’s not my cuppa tea either but I don’t have a problem with her on here. After all, she is very well known and has a big fan base. Variety is the spice of life. I certainly don’t want to see the same look every time I come on here, but I do prefer what you all are calling the “Oriental” look.

    I’ve been in the Philippines several times on business and the girls there didn’t look European to me at all. I thought they were pretty unique looking, not really my thing but a few were hot. Let’s just all be a bit more open-minded, huh? I don’t want to leave out Vietnamese and Laotian girls because they might have some French blood. Many Asians say that biracial girls are the best looking.

    I wish they all could be California girls!

  45. Indeed Hakka Guy – the hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds it seems. They complain that I make negative comments about models they like, then they say I shouldn’t even be able to post a model they don’t like!

    I agree that most Filipina girls do not look very European, but the ones they choose as models very often do it seems. I also very much like the Eurasian look a lot of the time, particularly in Vietnamese girls, who I think are a brilliant mix of oriental and a dash of French. But I don’t like the Filipina girls who look almost totally European, which I think makes perfect sense on a site called Asian Sirens.

  46. How do you guys thik I feel? I had a girlfriend that looked like Lena years ago without the tits! I was a double loser in that deal.

    As for the fight..BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  47. Haha you didn’t respond to what I said because you clearly don’t have an answer. You obviously don’t know facts from opinions and you clearly don’t have good taste in women. Everyone here knows that now after reading your pathetic posts. It’s sad.

    I will leave you now, and I’ll try to never humiliate you again.

    I’ll try.

  48. With 184 votes and an average of a 5.2 rating, that’s not much to be bragging about, imo.

  49. Except for the small fact that 5.2 is higher than any other indpendent model site adamian5, which obviously means a lot more than just your opinion.

    I didn’t bother to respond to your comments as they are not rational, and you just say the same thing over and over again, which I have already responded to more than adequately. I have better things to do than to bash my head against a brick wall – I have made it very clear which part of what I say is fact and which is opinion, and you are clearly just too insecure to accept someone not liking Filipinas.

    Anyway, in the vain hope that you might get it this time, I’ll try once more:

    As you yourself say, many Filipinas have “Spanish looks” and look quite European, because they do in fact have a lot of Spanish (hence European) blood. This is an incontrovertible fact which you have said you agree with. And that leads to my opinion that they are not very suitable for a site that calls itself Asian Sirens, and not very attractive for those of us who prefer truly Asian looks (which – logically – would constitute the majority of our readership). And I have every right to express that opinion, just as you have every right to express yours. Have you finally got it now?

  50. Anyway adamian5, your comments have clearly crossed the line into personal attacks – I’m sure you will accuse me of bias, but once again, don’t forget that I could nuke any of your comments if I choose, yet I haven’t. Indeed, if you attacked anybody else in the same way you have attacked me, I would have nuked your comments – the same goes for slackerking’s pathetic ongoing personal vendetta. I think perhaps it is time I treated attacks on me the same way as I treat attacks on everyone else, and kill them. You can express your opinion, but no need to get personal.

    Furthermore, your and slackerking’s personal vendettas are off-topic as well, so according to the rules stated at the bottom of the page, I should delete your comments – and given both of your repeated infractions, ban you both as well. I think our readers are getting tired of these silly off-topic arguments, so I will be applying our policy to attacks on me from now on.

  51. Personal attacks on *any* member of this site definitely have no place.

    I’ve enjoyed a number of debates and back-and-forth between members that have been very civil and enlightening. Beauty and what it is to be a “siren” are certainly subjective and people all have their own, unique opinion on what and who they are attracted to. But the personal vendettas are a bit ridiculous (slackerking, c’mon man!) and feeling slighted because someone feels a certain ethnicity isn’t as attractive is patently ridiculous.

    At the end of the day, I think people take other people’s differing opinions far too seriously. There’s nothing wrong with being critical or negative – as long as you don’t cross the line and insult other people’s tastes.

  52. @Dr. Lee: If you’re referring to hits on this particular site, then only you would know, however if you’re trying to say that she gets more hits on google overall, that’s a ridiculous and patently false statement. Secondly, it’s not difficult to pad stats as a webmaster. As for Lena Li and Sachiko..as usual you are right. They are what most people want to see, as is obvious from the majority of positive feedback the post has received.

    As far as I can tell noone said anything about your not being able to post what you want. As you so often make clear, your the webmaster you can do as you like. However, you seem to think it’s okay to make demeaning remarks about models you don’t like but can’t take it on models you do like. If that’s not hypocrisy, nothing is.

    I’ve also never said I didn’t like big breasts, you’re just making assumptions again. Just as you have no idea which models I like, so you have no idea if they’ve been in or will be in PB. And yes, I agree that being in PB is true glamour work. None of those import models who were in PB were in the magazine first, and actually Tila still shows up at the LA HIN shows. Also she was still import modeling as she was gaining popularity and that’s where her fan base started from.

    I researched for awhile and there is no record I can find of Lena Li being anything more than a cover model in Taiwan PB. That’s not to say she wasn’t I can’t read Taiwanese writing but I can find no record of it. I posted what she she had done in my post, from every informational site I could find.

  53. @ Sevendeuce: Being critical or negative about someone is always going to insult someone else’s taste. That’s the nature of it. And I have no personal vendetta against anyone, I just find a majority of certain arguments, facts and ideas to be incorrect and baseless. And I’m certainly not even in the minority here. I read every post that comes on, and in the years I’ve been here it’s quite an ongoing commonality there. Long before I ever posted, people were doing the same thing and long after I’ve stopped others will continue.

  54. Finally, why not post some opinion polls to find out what people really think about topics. That would be alot more scientific than presuming things. The results would be interesting and probably a lot different than any of us thinks.

  55. Ah, so you’re accusing me of manipulating the stats now? I am not able to manipulate the hits and searches that come in from Google, as I have no control over that. And quite frankly, I don’t know how to manipulate my server stats, and nor would I want to – I need to know what’s really going on. You just get more desperate and pathetic with each new comment.

    You also don’t know the difference between an opinion and a personal attack, so let me spell it out for you. For one thing, as you say a lot of people here have made negative comments about Lena, but I have no problem with that. Indeed, your first comment about her was just fine. But when you start launching into other contributors here, that’s when it’s a personal attack. And as you well know, in your sad and pathetic personal vendetta against me, you take every opportunity you can get to have a go. I’ve only allowed it because it was directed at me, but from now on I will be treating personal attacks on me the same way as I treat personal attacks on everyone else – this is your final warning to curb such behaviour.

  56. I don’t want to get involved in this. Though I do want to point out as a side that I do not think getting searches is a good way to judge model popularity (in terms of opinion of attractiveness, not in terms of the number of people that like them), simply because people are going to do more searches for more well known models, rather than models they’ve never heard of – but the models that no one as heard of may be just as beautiful or better. Lots of that is marketing and website presence.

  57. Actually Travis, I agree with you. But in terms of what is newsworthy on this site, we obviously should be paying attention to major news from the most popular models (such as the launch of a new web site), just as we should bring new models to people’s attention. Also, if a model IS popular in hits and searches, then she obviously can’t be considered universally unattractive, as many people in this thread have tried to claim. They can state their own taste, but not speak for everyone.

  58. To further put to rest the ridiculous assertions of slackerking and others that I must be the only guy on earth who has ever liked Lena, I’ve added links to all her previous AS articles, which number no less than seven(!) – and none were written by me.

  59. Never said noone else likes her, there are always people who find someone attractive. She’s a niche model (which most asian models are), she will appeal to a certain segment of the population who like long hair and completely oversized breasts. Just stated that the predominate opinion on her was heavily negative. At last count on this post it’s 19 strongly negative, 2 ambivalent and 1 strongly positive.

    She also has every right to be featured on here, as she certainly has had a fairly long career. Not arguing that, but while she’s never been my type, the past few years have not been kind to her as you can see from the posts. Just surprised that as you rarely post profiles, that this was the one you chose. I’ve seen who you like, and while they may not be to my liking and usually aren’t they are usually pretty or attractive.

    Looking back at the other seven posts, most had only a few replies, the most positive comments were on the “behind the scenes” where interestingly enough Dr. Lee didn’t seem to be too fond of her, though some others did and had a lot of feedback. Overall though, their were still more negative comments than positive on all the posts. Btw, most men like breasts, but only a small percent like huge, oversized ones.

  60. See that animal lying there? that’s a dead horse. quit beating it and let’s move on guys.

    agree to have different views about this model or any of the next hundred posted. That’s the great thing about this site…we all get exposure to woman we’d otherwise not know about because of the time and effort put in by those caring enough to post something for everyones consideration.

    Hell, like most i don’t bother to post comments about every single model. Sometimes i find one extra appealing or sometimes i’m just i the mood to put out my thoughts; like now.

    So, you 3 or 4 that are at odds…grab a cold one. drink it down and move on.


  61. Hmmm, that’s interesting. It would certainly explain where her income has been coming from all these years (which is something I’ve never been able to figure out before) – the web site definitely seems to be genuine.

    And yes slackerking, I have made negative comments about Lena, in this thread and others. I think she is a seriously flawed model, yet still very sexy before she coloured her hair, which finally pushed things too far. But she’s still very popular and well known, which is why I did this post. Once again, a high profile Asian model (finally) launching her own web site is major news, plus it’s quick and easy to post – this post isn’t a “profile”.

    I was also intrigued to see if anyone thought Lena’s new look was a good move, but it seems all her old fans here feel the same way as I do – this is something the stats can’t tell me.

  62. Wow, gone for a couple of days and look what I missed! As I’ve stated previously, one of things I enjoy most about Asian-Sirens (besides the obvious:-)) is the level of discourse in the comments is far above that of most sites. And while I couldn’t begin to comment on every other comment here, just a few things:

    We don’t call each other ignorant or pathetic, or the models ugly (it’s “not attractive”, OK?)

    Just because someone isn’t infatuated with big boobs doesn’t mean they don’t like them. But, if the only criteria for hotness is having big boobs, well, there are sites for that – I’ll pass.

    Many Filipinas do indeed look very European, however that a) doesn’t mean they’re not attractive and b) as long as they have at least one Asian parent or at least significant Asian heritage, that should be good enough to be featured here, as long as they meet the rest of the criteria. Personally, I like mixed Filipinas the best who still look mostly Asian, but then again I’m biased:-)

  63. Here’s another big vote goes for Filipinas in all their magnificent variety.

    And, another tremendously large vote against Ms. Lena–all of her.

    In addition, we must always keep in mind that train wrecks and other ghastly spectacles also draw huge crowds. And each year fuzzy pictures of the clown holding a flower with a teardrop coming from his eye (or of dogs playing poker, etc.) sell more than do reproductions of Matisse or Renoir.

  64. knarf: I have specifically told people to discontinue this totally irrelevant “Filipinas are better than Lena” subthread, and the same goes for you. If you want to talk about Filipinas, do it in one of their threads.

  65. Not only are Filapinas hotter than Lena, just about any girl is. Without those crazy huge implants, we wouldn’t even be talking about/jerking off to her.

    But I’m sure she knows that. Why else would a girl do something like that to her body? Severe body dysmorphia and/or something to compensate for some emotional problem. i.e. Daddy didn’t love me.

  66. Alright UberDork, I have made it very clear now that this type of comment is out – please comply with our moderation policy.

  67. “I have specifically told people to discontinue…”

    Sorry, I missed that. I started reading the thread from the beginning, but then just skimmed after the rocks and arrows started flying.

    Dr. Lee, you are confronted with classic role conflict. You are a forum moderator who is also an active member of the very forum he is moderating (in fact, we have recently learned that you are the number one participant). As moderator, you need to be above the fray. But, as a participant, you are often very much a part of the fray. You need to be able to make judgements from a removed, as-objective-as-possible position. But as an active participant, this is often damn near impossible.

    This is not a criticism, just an observation.

  68. Actually knarf, to a large extent I agree with you, which is why I have decided to no longer respond to personal attacks on me, so that it (hopefully) doesn’t lead to this sort of problem. It’s only reasonable that I should treat personal attacks on me the same way as a treat them on anyone else anyway. I dare say I’m going to have to ban a few more people before too long though. 😉

  69. Wow, it’s over 80 here at the beach and So Cal – and I’m calling for snow tomorrow – because I’m going to AGREE with Dr. Lee.

    Because the Spanish ran the Philippines for a long time, there can be no dispute that there is a huge influence there in many things, including the ‘look’ of the people. I’ve been traveling to Asia extensively and made friends with many Filipinos and finally visited Manila earlier this year. Many of them speak English with a decidedly Spanish accent (not surprising since many of the wealthier, more educated people speak all 3 languages). While natives probably could pick them out, many could walk the streets of Madrid (which I also visited this year) and completely blend in.

    Whether Dr. Lee has to take his little stabs at very attractive Filipina models is another thing…

    Back to Lena – or as has finally come out Mayako – again like Dr. Lee, her look just screams ‘sex’ so that if I met her and had a chance, I’d go for it. But her look has – and I’m going to try to be nice – taken a turn for the worse in the last few years. And that’s sad.

  70. Yeah, I think that’s the thing with Lena: it takes a lot of guts and commitment to get implants that big and grow your hair that long, and she obviously works out quite a bit to stay in good shape too. And it’s all for one thing and one thing only: sexual attractiveness. And that is damn sexy in itself.

    Still though – even though Westcoast is agreeing with me – let’s please end this off-topic subthread on Filipinas and keep this thread focused on Lena.

  71. grotesqueness – ludicrous or incongruous unnaturalness or distortion

    grotesque: a style of decorative art characterized by fanciful or fantastic human and animal forms that may distort the natural into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature

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