Tila Tequila’s Twitter Tricks

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila has long reigned as the Queen of MySpace, so count on her to make a splash on the next hot social network: Twitter. She’s been encouraging her followers to put various hashtags onto Twitter’s trending topics.

After playing with the off-color hashtag #farts, which was immediately censored by Twitter, she seems to have learned the ropes of the Oprahfied social network. She’s now promoting the more direct, more worksafe hashtag #followtila. Her fans promptly propelled the hashtag to number five on Twitter’s toplist, beating the MJ memorial.

Say what you will about Tila and her fans; she adapts quickly. She’s rapidly learning how to work her online fame into the latest Web 2.0 sensation.

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    Can we get a post about JUDITH HILL – the chick who performed Heal the world at Michael Jackson’s memorial.


  2. That photo is old and I am sure that it looks great due to post processing not that I’m complaining. Thanks. I need to find that set because I don’t have that one. Or maybe someone can hook a brotha up.

    I’m on Twitter myself. I use it for writing quick bs and informational purposes. It doesn’t take much to use Twitter or to be popular. Just be semi-famous and keep it updated. And if you are a chick, post pictures every now and then and people will check you out.

    No question that Tila is successful with this web 2.0 stuff, but how much of that success translates to success outside of the web? But she does know how to please her fans which others who are looking to make it can learn from.

  3. That is an exceptional pic of Tila! Are there any other shots from this set available?

  4. @Candyman: Tila’s success with web 2.0 stuff, particularly myspace, has translated into HUGE success in the real world. She’s practically a household name now (at least with people in there 20s), had a few reality tv shows, gets profiled by the likes of CNN. Most asian-siren readers may now her from back in her nude modelling days, but it was mySpace that launched her to her current level of celebrity status.

  5. True, she is now a success also off the web, even on tv. We may not like the style, but she’s doing her thing and reaping the profits. Good for her.

    Plus, she is super hot in this pic!

  6. She was pretty well known for starters since she looked good and posed nude. The MySpace stuff was false popularity because one of the first things that people would do when they signed up for MySpace was add a hot celebrity as a friend. Then the media picked up on it 3 years too late because of how late they were at covering the success of MySpace, so naturally if you are going to profile the site you would have to profile the most popular person on it.

    If Tila’s show wasn’t a biracial dating show and just was a dating show with stereotypical guys vying for her affection, it wouldn’t have been popular. But for the amount of people that were her “friends” on MySpace should have transferred over to Twitter at least.

    All I am saying is that I’m not seeing the web stuff transfer over into HUGE success. She has been more successful than most because it’s a niche market to begin with and other models don’t use the web to their advantage like she has.

  7. LOL@ luvjgirls. 😀

    I’m not entirely sure how to measure Tila’s success either. She’s certainly mastered the web 2.0 “famous for being famous” marketing style, and it has gotten her her own TV show. So on that level, she’s certainly been “successful”. But still, for somebody with her own TV show and a lot of media exposure, she doesn’t seem to be the household name she should be. And I don’t know if she’s actually made any real money out of it either.

  8. If Tila decides to make herself popular on internet social sites… who cares.

    I don’t twitter, dont’ go to my space and only barely use facebook.

    For me i think she’s great to look at; she factually and in my opinion meets both requirements to be posted and discussed here on ASIAN-SIRENS.

    More pics of Tila are a very good thing.

  9. Next up: #TilaArmy. This time, she’s amplifying the effect by replying to people who use the hashtag, using the very same hashtag in her replies.

    She’s refining her technique. Smart girl. 🙂

  10. Thanks Hawaiian Guy.

    -Dr. Lee-

    How about you have Asian Sirens do a feature on Judith Hill…or show where we can post requests cause I don’t know where to post a request

  11. That is a great pic.

    I’d like to see her do something that can actually make her some decent money. I’m never seen her involved with anything that brings home the bacon. Being popular is one thing, but getting rich is another.

  12. i know i have said this before but she reminds me of an elf from Lord of the Ring….is it wrong to have sexual feelings about elves? :))

  13. I think she looked most pretty in the old pictures of her with black hair and not so much modifications.

  14. I’m on the internet right now and I happen to see that #tilatequila is a trending topic on Twitter when it should not be, especially when she hasn’t done anything worth trending.

    And yes, she should be a household name with the amount of exposure that she has generated from the web to MILLIONS of people and the attention that she has received, but she is not.

  15. First, Tila is a major hottie. Albeit with the help of implants. Without them, not sure we’d even be talking about her. But that is the case for a lot of models.

    Second, she is smart enough to get a lot of people to play along with her. I think the whole idea is really stupid as is her infamy, but then so is Paris, Kim K Superstar and all the other no-talent attention whores.

  16. What’s up guys, been in the desert for the past two months with a block on Asian-Sirens up until last night. Been out of the loop for a little while but should get caught up in a couple days. Good to hear from you guys.

  17. Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman arrested after charged with choking reality star Tila Tequila

    Sept 6, 2009 (AP)On Sunday, San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman was arrested and charged with choking and restraining his girlfriend, reality star Tila Tequila.

    According to San Diego County Sheriff’s Lt. Gary Steadman, Tequila signed a citizen’s arrest warrant charging Merriman falsely imprisoned and battered her.

    Tequila called authorities at about 3:45 a.m. claiming the athlete choked her and wouldn’t let her leave the house.

    Merriman, 25, was taken into custody, and Tequila, 27, was taken to a local hospital.

    Tequila’s real name is Tila Nguyen. She is best known for her MTV reality show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” which ran for two seasons and featured both men and women vying for the bisexual Tequila’s love and affection. According to ABC News, Tequila also modeled for men’s magazines, such as Playboy.

    San Diego Chargers’ Shawne Merriman, who missed the entire season in 2008, tosses away his weighted vest during a workout at football minicamp in San Diego, Friday, May 1, 2009. (AP)Merriman was getting back into shape after missing almost all of last season with the Chargers due to a knee injury. In 2006, Merriman was suspended from playing in four games for testing positive for steroids.


  18. Looks like he’ll be missing this entire season as well. No excuse for violence, doesn’t he get enough release on the field, anyway?

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