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Sheila Her @

I found 18 year old Hmong beauty at (don’t forget to check out the other nice ladies on that site!). I could not find any other material on the web, except for her homepage. That hasn’t been updated in quite a while… copyright 1998 😉 But if this is actually hers, she should be 21 by now? :-\Some info:

Name: Sheila Her
Location: Fresno, CA
Height: 5’4″
Age: 18 ?
Occupation: Student

Sheila Her @

Sheila Her @

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  1. I’m the founder and photographer of It’s not that my host can’t handle it, it’s the amount of hits that we are getting within half an hour. It’s over 40,000 hits in half an hour period. This cause the suspension of the site until the next day. We got 330GIG of data transfer, and we are not hitting half of that yet but yet the host said the large volume of hits per half hour is too much. I enabled “hotlinking” in my control panel but it’s not helping. -Keith

  2. Keith, I think you want to disable “hotlinking” not enable it. Maybe thats what you meant?

    I find it hard to believe that all that traffic is coming from Asian Sirens. While Asian Sirens is popular, I never witnessed that kind of traffic you describe from outgoing links before.

    It does sound like a hotlinking problem where some picture posting message boards are probably hotlinking your photos.

  3. Hi Keith, welcome on Asian-Sirens.

    Sorry to hear about your traffic ‘problems’, but I have to agree with Badboy, we are popular, but not that popular 😉

    Love your site, keep it up! 😉

  4. I also have to say Keith, if your ISP is suspending you for this reason then I suggest you find a new hosting company – I can help out there if you wish.

  5. Hi folks! My webmaster and I are pulling our hairs wondering why our site is being suspended from every other day to twice a day now. We check the statistics and we are getting over 40K hits in about half an hour, and our host will suspend my account due to that reason only even though I got over 330GIG of data transfer. So, if any of you can help me out with a solution or a new host, I’d appreciate it so much. I got 5 sites being hosted under one control panel, so when one goes down, they are all down. Please email me at Thanks!

    -Keith Selle

  6. To me, hotlinking is when you link directly to an image on another site, free of any HTML around it. Asian-Sirens is surely not doing that.

    But the issue might be the HTML link in the first line of Robin’s initial write up. The large bandwidth increase might be caused by huge mumbers of people clicking that link.

    Another point, some web hosting companies “play” with their stats counters to make it seem likke you are using more bandwith than you actually are. Why? Of course to try and force you into a more expensive plan. And the tough part is, the customer typically has no way to prove them wrong.

    I’m not saying that is the case here….but it does happen.

  7. Actually, most hotlinking that causes is problems is when people post images on picture posting message boards (or blogs) that link directly to the image on another site. If it is just a link, then people have a choice of whether to click it but if it is an image then the bandwidth is stolen automatically when viewing the page with the hotlinked photo.

    As I said before, I have witnessed other cases on Asian Sirens with outgoing links like in this case and they typically don’t get near 40,000 clicks total not to mention over a 30 minute period.

    Even with hotlinking of images disabled (or alternatively hotlinking protection enabled), the hotlinked images may still cause a large number of hits for a while even if they come up as Red Xs on the browser (just like they will when the site is down).

    I understand that Keith is rightfully concerned based on previous comments that Asian Sirens may have caused the problems with his site but I think that given what he has told his about the situation that Asian Sirens did not directly cause the problem. I am guessing that one or more of the Asian Sirens visitors went to his site and started hotlinking images on popular photo sharing sites which would explain the coincidental timing of the outage which happened shortly after Robin’s postings on Asian Sirens.

  8. Good info Badboy. And a good stats analysis program should be able to pinpoint exactly were the excesive traffic is coming from.

  9. Thanks guys for understand. I’m not one to complain about traffic but it happens, and I’ll deal with it. I happen to like Asian Sirens, and I we do get majority of the hits from here as of lately. That’s the main reason why my web host suspended my account repeatedly due to various reasons. Their terminology of hit is very weird, and I won’t get into it. I rather look for a virtual host at the time being.

    Thanks Lee for the email and the link to your web host. My webmaster and I decided to go with a virtual private host which give us total freedom to control everything. With great power, come great responsibility. Haha! Can’t help it.

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