Leilani Lee Revisited


A while back, Leilani Lee was featured on Asian Sirens. Recently we received an email from Leilani for another feature. Since I like her quite a bit, I was happy to feature her again. Here is what Leilani wanted you to know about her:

Hey, just thought I’d share a few photos and re-introduce myself to Asian Sirens. I’m Thai, born and raised in the USA first generation. I currently design mobile apps along with web modeling part time. I recently ventured into producing an official website in honor of myself…Lol. So far so good. And as a formal makeup artist/stylist I’ve always enjoyed dolling girls up, now I have an excuse to do it to myself and get pampered for work. Anyhow enjoy my images. I love what I’m doing and plan to “bare it all” for as long as my skin stays taut. =)

LeilaniOn a personal note, I really do think she’s quite pretty.





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  1. I think she is quite sexy: pretty with a nice little body. The only thing that puts me off are the fake breasts: too round and over-inflated.

    Are there pics of her out there pre-boob job?

  2. Thanks Travis. Personally, I love her perfectly fake tits, and the rest of her certainly isn’t bad either – I feel she’s mastered the “SoCal Asian” style in the time since we last featured her, even though this look normally isn’t to my taste. I think her new tits actually complete it, and she’s now more trim and fit – plus her makeup (notably her eyebrows) seems more tasteful too.

  3. so, i went to this girl’s website and read her profile, and i was surprised how down to earth she was (usually hot girls are stuck-up). her favorite movies are braveheart and gladiator! epic “guy movies” the featured pictures are great, but i’m not feeling the 3rd one – but that’s just me.

  4. crazy good
    i am usually only an “asian asian” kind of guy but she is damn good for an americanized look
    and seems like a good person by the letter
    how old is she????

  5. Thanks Travis for posting this,
    I appreciate you guys giving me another look. and taking the time to comment.
    Its helpful to hear opinions from different prospectives. The biggest reason I visit this site is to read the comments
    you guys should have a show on Spike.
    Have a great week everybody!=)

  6. What a hottie. She’s got that SoCal sultry look that I love down to a science. It’s mighty nice to live here, I must say.

  7. She wants to show skin while she can, and God bless her for it!

    The breasts are a little much for me, but every other thing about her more than makes up for it. Thanks for the update Leilani.

  8. Another look, only? It’s thousands of looks, and with pleasure. 🙂

    Looking fantastic, and I really like the attitude too.

    Leilani, I have a question: you design mobile apps, what do you mean exactly? You do the coding and/or interface design? Does that make you kind of a super sexy geek then? 😉

  9. Actually, that’s the one major criticism I would have of her: I really don’t like this “I’m super hot and I know you want me” kind of stuff. But it does seem to be what the import model market likes.

    And welcome to Asian Sirens Leilani! I’m glad you enjoy our forum – don’t be shy to join in more of our conversations. 🙂

  10. In response to Daznlover, yes
    I freelance and handle the interface engineering and graphics. I’m actually a bigger geek then most would guess…I’m like glued to my computer, ok never mind that.

    Its fun to comment here maybe I should join in more.

  11. Btw: Dr. Lee I’m not an import model, and no worries, I don’t think I’m “that hot” just hot enough to seduce you into submission and turn you into my personal slave boy a while. Lol. joke. =) You would be a fun one to break though.

  12. The good thing about a model posting on this website is if any of the lonely male commenters want to give her a hard time and yell out “SHOW US YOUR TITZ” the model can just link to their website and say “$19.95.”

  13. That sounds like an interesting challenge. 😉 I do know this stuff is an act – I just find it personally off-putting. I prefer a more straight approach. 🙂

    The fact that you aren’t actually an import model may go some way toward explaining why you are a cut above most of them, although clearly you would appeal to the import model market, which is what I was referring to.

  14. Holy WoW!…missleilani is the stuff dreams are made of. I just drooled a little even. Perfect asian morsel of goodness.

  15. Doc Lee, maybe you’re putting up an act too. So that girls like Leilani will break you into submission. Now, admit it….. 🙂

    Leilani, thanks for satisfying my curiosity (at least, that!). So do you code your website too? Any IPhone applications? Hot geek girls get so much sexier for me. And I know I’m not alone in this.

  16. daznlover, certainly agree with you, hot geek girls are certainly sexier!

    Love Italian food but Thai is certainly my favourite!

  17. @Dr. Lee I agree, she’s got the perfect SoCal Asian look. Great boobs with legs/ass toned by many hours on a stripper pole. Thumbs up!

    @Leilani Your content is GREAT [drool] but the all-flash site can be a problem. Many times the flash doesn’t load (depending on user’s connection or a busy server) and then the entire page ends up blank. Also when people hit the back button on their browser they end up leaving the site cause all the clicks happen inside the flash. Not to mention SEO concerns. You can use a more conventional html set-up while maintaining the same look/design.

  18. Think it is worth mentioning that there is at least one (maybe two) other women who use the same name (Leilani Li or Lee). I was doing some searching of my own and was a bit confused at first. They are adult entertainment actress’s, and nowhere near as good looking as the Leilani posted here.

  19. @IRIS Media: I hear you on Flash. With my web sites, I take the approach of always using the most primitive technology that will do the job, as that will maximise compatibility and speed. As such, I never use Flash – it doesn’t do anything useful that can’t be done via other means, and it introduces a lot of serious issues.

  20. That was one of the serious issues I was referring to. Then there’s all the security problems, the aforementioned speed and compatibility issues… Suffice it to say, there are very good reasons why Apple hasn’t allowed Flash on the iPhone, and I salute them for it (I’m hoping it will kill Flash off).

  21. Good point Dr. Lee, flash may not last. The only real reason to use flash is for video. There’s no better solution for instant-play videos online [right now] but with the new HTML 5 standard, media such as mp4 streams will be handled right in the browser.

  22. Not to get into a programming debate, but Lee, just because technology is primitive does not mean it makes the site more reliable / faster. 😛

    Flash is fine when done right, it’s just abused beyond all possible explanation. It is designed for small applets, not entire websites. The reason Apple doesn’t have it on the iphone is because the older iphone just can’t handle it (processing power), and because the company as a whole likes to hold on to features for as long as they possibly can.

    Oh, and noscript and Flash don’t get along.

    IRIS Media, Flash video is pretty horrid. The codecs are inefficient, and it’s a CPU hog (10.1 addresses this). H264 streaming is much better.

  23. Actually jd, Flash isn’t on the iPhone because it requires a level of access to the OS that would break Apple’s tight security (this is also why all iPhone aps have to go through Apple’s ap store, and why the iPhone does not have unrestricted multi-tasking). There is also no doubt that the most primitive web technology (HTML) is both the fastest and most compatible way of doing things. HTML 5 should (hopefully) be the final nail in Flash’s coffin.

  24. Damn, just when I was about to bring Silverlight to the table. 🙂

    I agree with Doc on the most compatible and simple way of doing things, the better.

    Ok, back to sexy geek Leilani. 🙂

  25. No, not everything can, but seemingly a lot more than many people think. And if HTML can’t, then JavaScript or PHP probably can. Flash isn’t needed.

    Alright – that’s it! 🙂

  26. I’ll say this, it’s rare I watch a preview that I’m not looking to jump to the end. It’s hard to deny an ass like that. But now after looking at Jayd’s site I notice that a lot of these girls lack personality in their videos. But to be fair I have not seen her members content… yet 😉

  27. Sorry. Damn, we need a tech talk section on this site. 😛

    ok ok back the the subject at hand. Leilani congers up something deep inside me when I look at her. You can call it the x-factor. She just has it, period.

  28. I’m pretty sure jd means that H264 (for example) works a lot better without the Flash wrapper (this is how YouTube works on the iPhone), which I would certainly agree with.

    Now can we please get back on topic? I don’t want to have to start nuking comments. 🙂

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