Inflatable Boobs!

Although Paul Po already posted this in a comment on the Yu Hui thread, I thought it deserved a post of its own. I’ve often pointed out how we have to be very careful about drawing conclusions on a woman’s bust size these days when she’s always wearing a bra, and I think this video demonstrates my point very well. 🙂 Oh, and there’s lots of cute Taiwanese girls as well.

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  1. Although I’m doubting the product’s ability to work as advertised, this looks like it could be a good way to “increase” bust size while remaining natural (my preference). 😉

  2. Now this is really getting ridiculous – you want to increase bust size while remaining “natural”, so you employ something even more unnatural than an implant – a kind of external implant, in effect – which will disappear as soon as she gets naked! I think this comment demonstrates the outrageous hypocrisy of the “natural is always better” crowd that often dominates Asian girl fora. Admit it: you like big tits just as much as more honest men do, and are prepared to go beyond nature to get it.

  3. Some girls want to be big but are also afraid of the short and long term risks of implant.
    With padded bras, although the intimate partner will know the truth, at least the girl can wear more types of clothes when facing the public. The types of clothing is limited if you are flat-chested.

  4. Dr. Lee, I should have said, “this looks like it could be a good way for someone with bust-size-related self-image issues to ‘increase’ their bust size while remaining natural.” I was thinking about it from a woman’s possible point of view rather than stating my own. It would give a woman with these issues a way to appear to have larger breasts without taking the drastic and nearly-permanent step of having implants (similar to VX’s comments). Personally, I think this is a silly gimmick and would still prefer no modifications at all, internal or external.

    Sure, bigger boobs are nice, up to a point and with caveats. To me, there is a limit beyond which “big” is “too big.” Also, big breasts also usually means big areolas, which aren’t my cup of tea.

    In any case, my preferences are usually in the B-C range anyway, so implants — whether internal or external — are not generally a factor.

  5. I find I often prefer women with implants or push up bras when they are dressed or in bikinis, as it often makes the clothes sit better. The extreme example is the dresses from all those period films set around the French revolution which I find quite erotic. However when they are let loose I prefer the look of natural boobs and prefer smaller or medium sized boobs. The Japanese implants seem to be an exception as they sit very nicely. Either way I don’t consider them a deal breaker just a preference.

  6. @ohteddy That’s what’s great about this advert, it’s so funny how could anybody take it seriously. What’s next, sham-wow boobs?

    And yes, this is too obvious CG. Notice the surrounding areas (like her arms) bulge out too. The embroidered flowers on her bra get bigger too. If her boobs were being pushed up from below, they would spill out at the point of least resistance (above bra). It’s a cheap 2D filter. Asian advertisements are notorious for this kind of thing.

    That’s not to say the product doesn’t work… lots of girls use push-ups or padded bras. Same thing here.

  7. I have their penis enhancement product and it works great. Why should men be the only disappoint party when the clothes come off 😛

  8. I wonder if it would be possible to create an inflatable breast implant that can be inflated based on a wireless control system. It is time to move breast inflation technology to the 21st century.

  9. No, the wireless control is for the lady herself to control. The point is that she can have small breasts at work, medium breasts shopping, and large breasts at a club to impress, and gigantic breasts at home for her man that loves big breasts at playtime. This is what the ad in the video was trying to communicate with their bra solution. I am just thinking about the natural extension of the idea.

    That way, there is no need to have a debate on implant sizes as women are having now with their husbands and girlfriends.

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