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Jayd Lovely also emailed Asian Sirens requesting a post, and we were happy to oblige. Here is Jayd with her own information, while more photos and my own commentary can be found after after the jump.

I’m an Internet Model with my own site @ www.jaydlovelylive.com and reside in Phoenix, AZ. I’m quite the exhibitionist and enjoy getting naked in public places. It excites me to take risks and makes for great content. What I’ve found is that most people are so into their own little worlds, that they often don’t notice me, even if I am nude. When I’m not modeling, you can find me working out, hiking, biking, running, drinking lots of coffee (I’m addicted to it), and eating. I’m a foodie (they call me the human garbage disposal) and enjoy writing food reviews on yelp.com as a hobby. I’m also completely drug-free and don’t smoke. My site is where my members and fans can interact with me. I’m constantly on my forum where I answer questions, joke around with them, and return emails. I absolutely love my members and getting to know them.

– Jayd Lovely
I also had an opportunity to visit Jayd’s website. Very user friendly and intuitive, no glitches. One thing you will notice is that Jayd has a very likable personality. One video of her being chased by a goose was especially enjoyable. Her photosets are also fairly high quality and unique. She has one photoset where she is hiding her underwear (I’ll let you guess where), as well as outdoor photos, pre/post breast implant photos (some pre-implant examples are below – the lower resolution images), and other variations. Overall I was impressed, and since I think I would like her if I met her, that gives her extra appeal. Enjoy.


Height: 5’2
Weight: 110
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/French
Located: Phoenix, AZ












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  1. Very “Lovely” indeed. I like her fake boobs better then the previous girl. I don’t mind boob jobs as long as they are not too fake looking. Either way I would not mind taking either home too mom, just have to keep dad and brother at a look only distance.

  2. I think if she was taking nude photos around here there would be so many people gathered around i wouldn’t even be able to see her.

  3. Thanks again Travis – I was getting ready to do a post on Jayd myself! She may not be the prettiest model I’ve seen, but I really like her body – her boob job is fantastic for my taste, and she has a really nice amount of muscle tone to her body. And like Travis, I really like how her personality comes across in her videos – plus I like exhibitionists. πŸ™‚ Strangely, I feel bleached hair suits her – she seems to look prettier in her older shots. But her body is much better for my taste now.

  4. Interestingly, there’s a lot of parallels between Jayd and our previous feature Leilani: very “SoCal” but attractive for me nevertheless; perfectly fake tits; trim and taut bodies. I much prefer how Jayd’s personality comes across in her videos, however. That is to say nothing of what Leilani’s personality would be like in real life though, which I suspect would be quite interesting. πŸ˜‰

  5. I’ll have to give my critique of Jayd later, but it’s good that these models are taking advantage of the free publicity that Asian Sirens has to offer.

  6. Very nice.Mature face.She would rake big doing “Asian MILF” hardcore.Keep the dark hair.DO NOT go on a tattoo binge! I see the beginnings of a tragedy with the little ones on her wrist & butt.Find another hobby that does’nt involve ink…or drugs…or bad food.
    Nice find Travis.

  7. I don’t know what Stripes is talking about as usual. Jade is very young looking and gorgeous. She looks like she’s around 23. Been a big fan for a bit now.

  8. Been a fan of hers for a while. She’s even my Facebook friend πŸ™‚ She’s done some really great shoots and her exhibitionist videos are always fun to watch. The guys are always clueless. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when a hot girl is around, I’m always watching her out of the corner of my eye.

  9. Travis’ last two posts of Jayd and Leilani show how even perfection can be improved upon. Mind boggling hotties right here.

  10. Huge fan of Jayd, talk with her on facebook and I’ve met her in person. She’s one of those girls that is everything you imagined and wanted her to be in reality. Super super sweet and not shy about what she does and really likes meeting her fans.

  11. “The pre-boob-job photos are way more attractive to me.”

    I second Dongbeiyemer on this.

    And I agree with Dr. Lee about her face.

  12. She looks familiar.. I’m also positive she’s done porn. Maybe under a different name? I could be wrong though but I’m pretty sure.

  13. That fantastic body… Jayd, whatever you are eating, it’s working, don’t stop! πŸ™‚
    Body like a temple, my kind of girl.

    I like exhibicionists too and unlike Doc, I strongly prefer the dark hair on Jayd.

    That said, Jayd is so athletic now, such great shape. The green dress photo is a winner.

  14. Great shoulders, arms, and good jawline, this girl could probably stay pretty busy doing print modeling even if she stayed clothed

    Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I like the SoCal look (great chest on a slender girl). Probably also why I live in Socal, of course.

    Dark hair color looks much better on her. Green dress photo is the best, final few photos of “black bra with attached lacy wings” makes it look like here beautiful arms have been moved in photoshop or surgically shortened.

    Thanks Jayd.

  15. Wholy crap!…sing just made me sing like a rabid dog with that photo of Jayd squatting down wearing pink stockings. Hope I didn’t wake the wifey. I seriously think Jayd may be sent from above. πŸ˜›

  16. I agree that she was sent from above. When God created women – Jayd is what God had in mind – she is PERFECT.

  17. For the record, I find the reaction to this girl to be a little over the top – like most JAV girls, she’s certainly attractive enough, but I don’t see anything particularly compelling about this girl. Her body’s certainly nice, but she just doesn’t grab me.

    (thanks for the quote, Doc)


  18. Alright guys – we’re getting into serious hyperbole here. Of course, arf thinks every girl we feature here is the hottest thing ever, but it worries me when other people start to agree with him. πŸ™‚

  19. Met her in person at this past weekends Glamourcon. Very nice and sweet. Great looking in person.


  20. Ok, Doc and sevendeuce. Leave her to the rest of us here. πŸ™‚

    ‘but I don’t see anything particularly compelling about this girl’ – I hope you guys are joking. πŸ™‚

  21. Actually, I do find her quite compelling in many ways (great boob job, great muscle tone, great personality on video), but comments like “When God created women – Jayd is what God had in mind – she is PERFECT” are I think just a little over the top. πŸ™‚

  22. Attention everybody…I have an officiial announcement to make. I have just placed the sexy and beautiful Jayd Lovely as another one of my all time favorite Asian-Sirens. Maybe even a real close second place to Miss FD. :p Gosh, I’m so over the top sometimes. πŸ™‚

  23. I know she’s the hottest women that ever has or ever will exist!

    Seriously, though, pic 3 is rrrowwwrrr!!

  24. Very nice in deed. The blond hair is not tantalizing however. Frankly speaking it looks cheap and cheesy at least to me. She looks far more elegant and attractive with dark hair.

  25. Wow! What a woman. She strikingly resembles my close Thai friend, who unfortunately remains happily married. Same, small fit body, same strong jawline, same expressive eyes. And both are my facebook friends & both love food. Where do those calories go?

  26. I think she would look better with bigger breasts, 1000cc should do the job. No point in being a nude model if you are not going to turn heads. Sakura Sena is what I have in mind in terms of close to perfect breasts on an Asian.

  27. Good to know I’m not the only one around here who admits to liking big fake tits. πŸ™‚ I agree that Sakura Sena is perfectly proportioned.

  28. I met Jayd here in Scottsdale several months before and had some drinks with her. She is very sweet and I had great time with her. We talked about shoot together, but I became very busy and this never happened. It is nice to hear all nice things about her here. She is very pretty and sexy and in great shape! I know she will do very well.

  29. Jayd is hot! Have a few sets of her from the Foxes site, I fell in love with her eyes and face… then in lust with the rest! I will have to look into her personal site, I had never seen her pre-op photos… she looked every bit as sexy natural as she does enhanced.

  30. Strange – I went to her web site, and it just comes up with a page saying “membership is full”. What on earth does that mean? Whatever it is, it certainly doesn’t sound genuine – one of the beauties of an internet based business is that you can theoretically take an indefinite number of customers, provided you have the bandwidth. And if you’re having so much business that you’re running out of bandwidth, you have plenty of money to invest in extra bandwidth!

  31. Shoot!…her vid clips don’t work anymore either. Hope she ain’t gonna hang it up on us. No one likes a quiter.

  32. I checked her blog – there’s a Christmas post, then absolutely nothing about this turn of events. I know it’s hard to make money out of personal web sites these days, but they usually just gradually die off, rather than being suddenly closed off like this after being very active (and just after she asked to be featured on here too). She’s also removed all her MySpace friends, yet she’s still posting status updates! This is very strange indeed.

  33. Her other member site jaydlovely.com is still alive and being updated. I previously had the impression that this was her Foxes (corporate) site, and that jaydlovelylive.com was her “real” personal site, but perhaps not. Whatever the case, I suspect legal action from Foxes here.

  34. This is really weird – she approaches Asian Sirens to promote her site, then she shuts it down a few weeks later? I guess she didn’t get the spike in memberships she was hoping for. Plus it’s a very strange (and dishonest) way for her to close it. This is especially so given how much emphasis she placed on how much she loves her fans, as well as interacting with them.

    Oh yes: if you’re reading this Jade, it’s “formerly known as a nude internet model”, not “formally known”. πŸ™‚

  35. If it is just temporary, then she’s gone about it in the worst possible way – how will people feel safe to spend money on her site ever again?

  36. Foxes is not updating they are still recycling content.

    Jayd loved what she did and loved her fans, you could see that plain as day. Christmas she’s doing free webcam to promote and by first week of Jan her site is gone. How does this point to her being dishonest or some scheme?

    Has anyone ever considered that her dropping something she loved so much over night was do to a personal situation and completely unavoidable? I mean she’s a women and no one is tossing out unexpected pregnancy as an option here.

  37. What I mean is, just putting up a “membership full” sign on her web site and nothing else is dishonest. For one thing, it is a lie. For another thing, she led her fans to believe she was committed to her site when in reality she just killed it at the drop of a hat, and completely without warning. And she hasn’t offered any kind of explanation at all. She clearly isn’t experiencing any medical emergency or anything like that, as her personal blog is still active. If that’s not dishonest, I don’t know what is.

  38. …does she have a chin implant? in some pictures it looks kind of weird. maybe it’s the photography though. i think i’m just suspicious of people’s faces now after seeing that people mag cover with heidi montag’s 10 plastic surgeries. some of them i didn’t even know were possible (wtf neck liposuction?!)

  39. One thing about Jayd – and it’s what I don’t like about her face – is that she has a very strong jaw line. Her face looks more delicate in her earlier (bleached) photos, which I suspect is why I feel she looks prettier there. But I don’t think it’s surgery – it doesn’t have that “stuck on” look, and her whole face has become quite robust. Some women just become this way as they age. It is very unusual for a Vietnamese girl, but I guess it’s the French side of her ancestry.

  40. “Formally known as a nude, Internet model, I shut down my site to pursue my deepest desires. The missing link to finding my life’s purpose and complete happiness. This is my journey, love, passion, friends, family, and the moments that make living my life worthwhile and beautifully delicious.”

    From her new website.

    Too bad. Some of her videos were the most erotic on the net for her genre. Maybe if she gets low on cash, she can sell them to foxes.

    No one here faults a decision to leave the business – it’s a short term proposition anyway as models age & new talent hits the street in an already crowded field. Additionally, many of the glamour models end up doing some kind of hard-core to keep the interest up – she mentioned that such a move was not a direction for her.

    Fully concur with the board – it would have been nice for some explanation about whatever business move precipitated the retirement. Invested a C-note for her site, unfortunately, down the drain.

    Tons of Lovely-upside. Only downside for me is that she looks and sounds just like my former sister-in-law. Wish her well.

  41. It seems like she’s been doing more of this kind of stuff lately. Maybe the food critic thing isn’t working out for her πŸ™‚

  42. Wylde – you just made my day and ruined my night. IMHO, Jayd was one of the hottest Sirens to grace this site.

    The intervening 2 years away from the camera seemed to have gien her an additional smokiness to her look that almost irresistable.

    I love vimeo but can never seem to easily find the hot ones. Any tips?

  43. Just glad to help out the cause dbldipper.

    Unfortunately, I got the link from a posting on Facebook so I don’t have any tips on searching through stuff on vimeo.

  44. I’m with dbldipper on this one. Jayd has been one of my favorites. And one mysterious gal, just disappearing.

    Nice one arf, brings me good memories of Jayd!

  45. I’m not sure how I missed that spectacular video back there from mr. wylde8. Just glad I had the chance to see it…she was pretty spectacular.

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