Leeann Tweeden

Leeann Tweeden

After Sung Hi Lee she was probably the second babe I enjoyed so much that I decided to keep an eye on her work back in the 90’s. I’m talking about Leeann Tweeden. Today I was checking my RSS-feeds and found this nice photoset of Leeann. No she isn’t Asian but what the heck, she is great!

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  1. What can I say… you are still da boss.

    Apart from the fact that she isn’t Asian, I don’t really like her facial features… too pointed and sharp.

  2. I remember Leeann having a joint website with Patricia Ford waaaay back when. Of course it went over like a lead balloon, just like all of Patricia’s websites in the 90s. 🙁 Nice to see Leeann’s still around though, for some reason I thought she was a little older than 33.

  3. I actually have to agree with Robin this time – not only does she not look Asian at all, I don’t find her very attractive either (for the same reasons Robin mentions).

  4. Man. She still rocks my world.

    But does anyone else remember when nudity (i.e., posing for Playboy) was still sort of taboo? You couldn’t really pose for PB and hope to have a mainstream career. Now you can get naked and then get famous, like Leeann; and when your career flags, you can get naked in PB like Tia Carrere and get on “Dancing With the Stars.” 🙂

  5. I doubt that very very much Marco 😉 And besides: One can’t argue about taste! 😉

    Will you continue to post this week during your vacation? I will go to Paris from Sunday to Wednesday next week… 🙂

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