Tila Nguyen Fetish

Tila Nguyen Fetish

For some reason it doesn’t fit: a cute little girl like Tila Nguyen in this outfit. Or is it just me?

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  1. I think Tila lost her cuteness a long time ago (unfortunately). This is also what I would call a bad boob job: not only hard and fake, but relatively small too. IMHO, if you aint gonna make ’em big, then keep ’em natural (so at least they’ll be soft).

  2. I thinks it’s just you Marco. What’s wrong with her kinky outfit? (Outfit? She is allmost naked! 😉
    I mean, it’s not SM or anything, just a little leather 😉

  3. Her kinky outfit is okay Robin but for some reason it doesn’t fit with Tila.

    Btw, I definitely love Tila and don’t agree with Lee. Her breasts are small but beautiful!

  4. Well have you read her bio? She’s clearly as much of a bad ass as a 90 lb girl can be. Reminds me of a chiwawa.

  5. I would harldy call that fetish. She doesn’t even use the cuffs or whip as a prop really. She does look great in the pics though.

  6. They must have airbrushed the hell out of her. Where are all the tatoos? She’s in Stuff Magazine this month as well–sans tatoos. She looks so much better that way. It’s a shame she decided that she wanted to look like a trucker instead and got those monster tats on both shoulders.

  7. Well, I agree with Dr. Lee, when she just burst out on the scene she did have some cuteness, but now boob job doesn’t look real to me.

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