Tila Nguyen in Stuff Magazine

Tila Nguyen in Stuff Magazine

It was already mentioned in the comments here but Tila Nguyen aka Tila Tequila is featured in the new Stuff Magazine. Didn’t know but according to Stuff Magazine Tila has the world’s most popular MySpace page!

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  1. Wish there were more/larger pics. Tila with a katana, and an authentic looking one (not a cheap wallhanger). Hawwt!
    Cant save the video though, only wants to stream grrrr.
    If you look in the gallery of all the girls, there is “exclusive” pics taken of Sung Hi Lee taken in 2004. She’s hardly aging. Gotta luv her too! brought Korean women into the spotlight..

  2. We don’t get this mag in Australia dont suppose anyones willing to purchase and mail it to me for a fee? bleh

  3. What is the significance of the star tattoos? I think some tattoos can be nice and interesting, like mitsumi’s but the stars… I just dont get. and the placement is on Tila’s wrists or maya simone’s elbows. Doeas anyone have a clue what they mean?

  4. From the tv segment on Tila it appears that they picked her to be on the cover to capitalized on the popularity of MySpace. Tila’s says for the first time that she’s 4 feet 11inches.

  5. great caps rob, but would you be able to put the extra feature up on megaupload or rapidshare?

  6. Tila’s MySpace page was hacked Sundaynight. I tried calling her home phone but i guess she’s still out of town. Someone had posted her cell phone on her page and deleed ll of her photos and posted up other images.

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