Leah Dizon Slideshow

She recently announced her wedding and pregnancy, so we won’t see her in a bikini for a while. While we toast to her happiness, enjoy this photo slideshow of Filipina-French-Chinese J-pop idol and import model Leah Dizon.

Note this lyric in her recent song Step Into My World: I’ll spend every day, the rest of my life, to bring you the happiness you brought to me. Spoken like a true newlywed.

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0 thoughts on “Leah Dizon Slideshow”

  1. Can you post where she annouched her wedding/pregnancy?

    thanks for the slide, leah is fine fine fine!

  2. married her stylist..thats very..odd
    i guess she likes metrosexuals?
    Well goodluck to her, and here goes another import princess 🙁

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