Sofie Garrucho January Desktop

Sofie Garrucho

We’ve had her here before, and I’m glad she’s back with more. Filipina FHM gamer babe Sofie Garrucho welcomes 2009 with a January calendar desktop wallpaper.

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  1. FHM in the US sucks. We don’t get nudity or even many hot girls for that matter.

    Thats one sweet wallpaper.

  2. I like the orange/blonde hair (it’s unique) but she does look great with dark hair. Most if not all of her MM pics are with her natural hair color.

  3. its not unique..its trashy.
    Theres alot of asian girls with orange hair and it just looks like trash trash trash. The only chicks ive seen that can pull it off it probably ayumi

  4. I disagree w/ melodylee’s statement. Sofie’s hair color here suits her skintone. Her looks is not the typical asian. She’s absolutely stunning in this photo. I actually like this more compared to her darker haired photos.

    Great post Mike!

  5. Damn, I didn’t know that Vin Diesel liked Asians 🙂

    The dye job does look trashy, but I love it. I’m not looking for her to look classy or elegant, just sexy. Plus it goes well with her skin tone and the exposed titty that I would love to put my mouth on.

    And I do not understand how pedestrian the American versions of magazines like Maxim and FHM are compared to their international counterparts. But that is because more people will make a fuss over a boob than violence. And the hotties that are in the Asian versions blow my mind when I see them.

  6. her smooth butt hide under the mini pink and yellow skirt,and her hand just float it up~~wooooo,kick ass

  7. Hello everyone! Thank you very much! and thanks of course to Mike. 🙂 Trashy or not I still love giving beautiful photos to everyone! 😉 You all inspire me! Have a happy, sexy, naughty and fun 2009 to all!


    Sofie Garrucho

  8. Arf, I thought for sure I was a dude as well. But for Sofie I might consider switching:)

    Sofie, the part about going to school with you is a running joke on the minority of posters here who claim they KNOW some Asian Siren posted here. If we went to school together, you would have been in the pre-pre-embryonic stage.

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