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This is Kara Tai. Rarely do I feature adult actresses because… quite frankly… few of them are that pretty. But Kara Tai drives me wild, especially for someone that solely does adult movies. She is new to the industry, starting in 2007, and thus far she has done such raunchy scenes that I can’t even post them on this website.Stats:

Age: 24 (Only date I found was 10/15/1984 – may not be accurate)
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Korean/German/Dutch
Born: Michigan
Currently Lives: Miami


















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  1. Interesting background she has – it’s like someone put mismatched pieces of different ethnicity together – worked great!

  2. Looks exactly like my girlfriend. Strange how a picture like this suddenly revives my sexual interestst in someone I’m already with.

  3. Holy crap! She does look like Flashpoint’s girlfriend! Only skinnier and decent looking. Nyuck nyuck nyuck…

  4. LOL… I got a bunch of her videos and nothing is off limits. Anal, lesbian, toys, etc. Only thing I haven’t seen her do is a DP yet.

    Funny enough, I saw her at a restaurant in Tampa last year, but didn’t recognize her because she was hella fat. She had a kid or something, but glad to see that she lost all the poundage.

  5. She has her moments where she looks really good. Of course, her petite figure is always a plus. I certainly don’t mind when I stumble across one of her vids 🙂

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t know Flashpoint’s gf?

    Kara is a hot babe and with all she puts up, even makes me forget her small boobs. She’s quite pretty for my taste.

  7. Love the REAL boobs, great body, smile, minimal tats/piercings. Naughty and nasty, yet playful and fun. Guessing she’s 30, not 24.

    And no, dennist, you didn’t “run into her” at a restaurant, you didn’t go to high school with her, and she didn’t use to date your best friend.

    Pretty girl. Stupid name. We have Kobe Tai, Lucy Tai, etc etc. This is the modern equivalent of the 80’s when we had Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Portia Lynn…

  8. Yeah…I was fortunate enough to have seen her when she first came on to the scene (no pun intended) she is beautiful and I think she could of been a success with out doing porn but….

  9. Hey Dazn, if you don’t know Flashpoint’s girlfriend then you OUGHTA know Flashpoint’s girlfriend…if you know what I mean…wink wink nudge nudge….

  10. “Funny enough, I saw her at a restaurant in Tampa last year, but didn’t recognize her because she was hella fat. She had a kid or something, but glad to see that she lost all the poundage.”

    It may be me, but I don’t understand this at all. You did not recognize her, she was fat and had a kid – she wasn’t even an adult actress at the time (and thus there was nothing to recognize) – but somehow you know it was her? I’m curious to see how that’s possible.

    I suppose I could say “Celeste Von lives somewhere near me. I have never seen her before or met her, but I bet I have seen her before and possibly even met her” but I doubt that is true.

  11. Kara is a hottie who I love to look at, but on film she is a snoozer. She brings nowhere near enough excitement or enthusiasm in the scenes that she does. I would expect to see a little more excitement from a chick that does anal but I guess not.

  12. Well I understand it Travis. I had the same thing happen once. I actually slept with Yumi Lee but at the time I wasn’t aware of it because she was white and chubby. But I later read that she was in the same town as I was so I put two and two together. It’s good to see she got back into her fighting shape again, can’t believe I didn’t recognize her though.

  13. I took it and never saw a score.

    The #4 “Lady in Red” looks like a dude, and a non-Asian one at that.

    With vastly multi-ethnic nations such as Philippines, China, Malaysia, & Indonesia, it’s certainly not easy to peg their “ethnicity”.

  14. The score is pretty hard to see. Got a 5/10.

    And speaking of implants, I don’t want to see Kara with them. I just want to see her act like she is enjoying herself and show some enthusiasm because it just seems like she’s going through the motions on camera.

    Here’s another gallery of her wearing glasses which I like.

  15. Hey, she’s from Michigan, so maybe I went to high school with her. Except:

    a) We didn’t have any hot Asian babes
    b) We didn’t have ANY Asian babes
    c) I would have had to have been held back more years than I care to admit

    I did bang her once, though LOL

    BTW, you mean to say you don’t think that Kara Tai is her real name?

  16. Yes I’m skeptical that is her real name. Sounds fakey. And besides, how many pornstars use their real name?

    I bet in Ann Arbor there are tons of hot Asian babes. I mean really…U of Michigan?

    After seeing more photos am guessing she’s 34. A hot 34. Sad to hear that some find her lifeless on film. But I’ll have to judge for myself. I prefer a more naturalistic film presence instead of the ridiculous over-acting and constant unending screaming/pleading for their lives that seems to pervade porn these days.

  17. Here’s something funny.

    I really do know her. Her name isn’t Kara Tai and she’s originally from Wisconsin near Appleton.

    She’s a sweet girl. A bit of a sex addict… as if you couldn’t tell.

  18. Hi, and I appreciate all the comments about me. I happened to stumble across this blog. First of all I never go to Tampa so that wasn’t me, second I don’t have kids, Third I named myself Kara and old agents from about 3 1/2 yrs ago thought it would be good to make my name more asian…lol So instead of changing my name a million times like most porn girls, I just stuck with it. Hope that helps a little. Thanks for the love and support. Now ive been directing for the past 3yrs and got several Dvd’s I produced. “Love Kara Tai”, “Love Kara Tai 2”, Tights and Ass”….and many more to come! 🙂

    Kara Tai

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