Kyuri is a model that could easily have been an alternative model but I don’t think she qualifies. Still, I kind of like that hair. I don’t know why. I’m a weird person.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Japanese?
Located: LA







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  1. She is beautiful, looks really nice in the video thanks Big Foot. Interesting photos too, nice one!

  2. Funny, kind of alternative but no tattoos so she really couldn’t be an alternative model. She’s just alright for me, nothing special.

  3. Yeah, while the floating up dress is unusual (alternative means tats slackerking? maybe alt = arty?)and shows off her nice legs, the car pic is a cliche – but a nice, hot cliche.
    Looks vixen-like in the closeup portrait – very sexy eyes and seductive partly open mouth. Extremely kissable red lips!

  4. Sassy…and tall…and leggy. I like it.Just keep her away from the inkers & the piercers.

  5. Love the 1st n 5th pick… Also.. I LOVE this site, its really well run and everything.. But I mean this is every respect – some people need to let the “tattoo” stuff go. I liike tat’s on girls myself — No offense to those who don’t like it.

    Interesting question – if your gf/wife/other got a tattoo, would you still be with them or??

  6. Love the first photo, but not so much the others. My experience with the ‘arty’ types is they seem perpetually confused… So busy trying not to ‘fit the conventional mould’ that they end up being exactly like every other ‘arty’ type. Can be lots of fun however… often with a touch of psycho with daddy issues thrown into the mix….. Good times.

    In answer to your question MrJason, i admit to tats being a turn off for me. I find there’s just something unattractive about putting other people’s art on your own body. Kind of like having a nice new car (or even better, an old restored classic) and then plastering it with trashy stickers. Yeah… It would be enough to end the relationship. Not so much because of the tat, but because I would lose respect for her on account of her wanting to deface her own body.

  7. Lots of obese Rocky chicks with tats might be colouring your thinking kroos? Thinking of the 2 or 3 sq mtrs of their upper arm with some dubious redneck artwork on it. THAT’s a turn off for me!
    Kyuri with a tat wouldn’t turn me off.

  8. Interesting question indeed MrJason.
    Something I hadn’t considered before or been in the position to have to consider.
    If I had tats – I don’t – it wouldnt be an issue. We’d match, so to speak, as in having similar lifestyle choices, being wary of stereotyping here too.
    It goes both ways too. She might object to me getting a tat.
    Would I leave them? Again, tough call. My 1st shot would be to say – no, especially if I loved her very much. And understanding a tat is only skin deep; what’s underneath is more important.
    And yeah..good site eh? Not too many places have pervs discussing issues as well as the attributes of hot asian women.

  9. Okay guys: this tattoo discussion is off-topic for this post, so I’m calling a halt to it here. However, it is a good discussion, so I’ll put up a post dedicated to this subject shortly.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliments on our site. 🙂

  10. Attractive: yes; Foxy: yes; Asian: yes; 5′ 8″ YES; in the US: closer to me; IF SHE ONLY HAD MUSCLES IN HER THIGHS!!! I don’t know what you have to do woman / spend a month in the mountains? {it would take a year actually} just another hottie sittin on her but 23 hours a day. what’s the human race comin to. {?}

  11. Been a fan of Kyuri for years. She has some interesting back history. She went to the same high school as Evelyn Lin in Diamond Bar, CA. With her DreamDolls/GlamourShow shoots happening shortly after High School, people were saying that she did porn (wasn’t true). Evelyn actually talks about this in some BTS porn interview of how she got started.

    Anyways, here’s some links to those older DreamDolls and GlamourShow pics. They’re much hotter than anything else she’s done (guessing she’s regretted doing them every since, and even had them removed from their site).


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