Anna Kuramoto

Anna Kuramoto

Taking a long overdue change of pace from the countless raunchy photos of nude models that are endlessly featured at this site, here is the naturally charming and wholesome Anna Kuramoto. Looking younger than her 31 years, the petite clothing and fashion model has always exuded an endearing playfullness that’s a refreshing diversion from the implant-stuffed breasts, wide open vulva, and tattooed and pierced bodies, that I’m sure you’re all tired of seeing here.
You can’t see this, can you?
Anna Kuramoto
From an early swimwear shoot

Anna Kuramoto
Gracing the cover of her own Spring fashion catalog

Anna Kuramoto

Anna Kuramoto
This and above: Two of the cute cosplay outfits Anna often models in

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  1. a little disturbing how young she looks. I guess I haven’t seen enough of the stuffed breast, open vulva models yet 😉

  2. I’ve visited this site for years and I’ve never left a comment. But why oh why did you link these pics? Why? Why destroy the wholesome image I had for less than 30 seconds? Why? Why…

  3. I have been lurking for a couple of years on this site, and rarely comment, if ever. But I have to say, CEC, either you have a funny sense of humor, or you are definitely clever in pointing out a prevalent mentality here on Asian-Sirens, or both!

    Yes, if a girl is featured on here to have tattoos, vulvas, dyed blond hair, and/or models for cars/lingerie, she’s a “typical socal girl,” regardless of whether she’s beautiful or not.

    Yet, if a girl is innocent, pure, “kinda” young, or naive-looking (insert any other “Asian-like” qualities), she’s rated much higher and receives much nicer comments, even if she’s definitely not as hot or good-looking as some other girls.

    Thank you for the links in the pictures, your message has been well received.

  4. I’ll go with the stuffed breasts as well. Tattoos are always hot along with a little open vulva action…and more.

  5. been lurking on this site for about a year now an i find it a nice change of pace. hard to believe she 30 she looks way younger then that. oh also for some reason there’s an invisible link right under the last sentience in the post. send you to a message board. just thought i’d point it out

  6. I’ll second Luke. Not even going to the “invisible link’ – but I might be a party pooper for not doing so.

    Worst of all I missed opportunities to fool my students today (smacks head – totally forgot!)

    LMAO..and if arf says she’s hot, I am going to eat ALL my damn birthday cake tomorrow – and the flowers as well.

    haha it certainly brought out the lurkers!!
    ok next! some birthday raunch please!

  7. As good an April Fool’s joke as this is, I think I’ve been psychologically scarred by those links – there’s no way I’m watching the video!

  8. I am struggling even to dare to watch the video I downloaded. I’m scared I might enjoy it as much as the commenters on that site apparently did.
    And yes, I agree with Bigfoot Dean, wonderful prank.

  9. Like a moth to a flame I watched the entire video. Glad that the first part was cut out. There’s some scat videos on a JV site that I’ve wasted some money on, but I can’t bring myself to watch or download.

    Given the volume of puke, I gotta wonder if the women have taken ipecac or something.

    Finally, what kind of man would date or marry such a woman? I suppose at home she’s “normal” Japanese. Many question the self-esteem of porn stars as it is, but this genre seems to take that to the next level.

    Anyone notice how crooked her teeth are?

    Great post CEC.

  10. Holy Mackeral!…I’ve been had as well. Just now realized there were links above with filthy poop and vomiting. Just imagine how horrible that would smell if you were there. Totally unsanitary and unappealling. Barf!

  11. Well, I have to admit I never considered clicking on the photos for hidden links — yuck.

    April Fool’s Day or not, I don’t find Ana very attractive at all, even when she’s not puking.

  12. Eeeew! And to top it all off they start shooting snot rockets at the poor girl…as if puke and poo weren’t enough.

  13. Shudder. Not even worth a rhyme, even if I started one in my head.

    Two points – 1) smell. Skatole is an “active” odor causer in poo – a metabolite of tryptophan, which is a naturally occuring amino acid in proteins. It’s there for a reason – to let humans know that “poo” does not equate with “food.” It should not equate with erotica, either.

    2) Most here know that the stomach contents are acidic (ph~1). I assume that these girls just ate a bunch of food for this purpose, so there may not be much acid – but still, it cannot be very pleasant.

    On to the next Siren, please.

  14. A last thought..or 2:
    lol CEC, it was April Fool’s Day, not Halloween. Trick or treat?
    Glad to know noone reported getting turned on at all by the puking etc.
    Crooked teeth? lmao..too much covering her mouth to notice.
    I’m sure dipper you could come up with a very funny Ode to Puke or some Vomit Verse.
    Help us all recover guys with a stunning siren.

  15. i don’t mind cute petite asian girls that look younger than they r as long as they r naked in fact my idea of a perfect asian body is small boobs, tight hairy pussy, short height and slender figure

  16. It took me a minute to realize this was an April Fools joke, since I didn’t see it until tuesday. It is a joke right?

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