Dr. Lee’s Talking Point: What If Your Partner Got Tattoos?


It seems that every time we feature a model with tattoos here, we have a discussion as to the merits or otherwise of body ink. And in our previous post, one of our readers asked the intriguing question: if your girlfriend/wife/significant other got a tattoo, would you still be with them? That discussion was off-topic for that post, so even though we’ve had a discussion on tattoos before, I thought this question put an interesting enough slant on the topic to be the subject of one of my occasional “talking point” articles. Here’s your chance to have your say on girls with tattoos without personally insulting any of our feature models.Oh, and before anybody asks, the girl in the photo above is the breathtakingly beautiful Levy Tran – and I say that as someone who doesn’t like tattoos myself (but who loves beautiful Vietnamese women).

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  1. While I find the extent of Ms. Trans body art a little much for me, even that wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. Odd thing is I’m not sure I would say the same if I had an American girlfriend/wife as I am so prejudice against and less tolerant of American woman and the things they do. I’m much more of a pushover and tolerant of Asian womens behavior…even tiger Mom’s. They’re just sexy as hell. But that’s a whole other story/post so before I get too far off topic here…

  2. I think tattoo’s and piercings looking good on a woman really depends on the woman. I personally wouldn’t mind if my girlfriend/wife was to get or have tattoos.

    In regards to Levy Tran, she is in my honest opinion one of the most beautiful females in the world. Her smile, with its visible laughter, and joy could melt the heart of any man on the planet!

  3. I strongly question the mindset of someone that would leave their partner because they decided to get a tattoo, and in some ways I find it troubling. There are those that are attracted to Asian women as a simple attraction, and there are those that are attracted to Asian women because of stereotyping. I’m concerned that some of the people that would honestly consider leaving someone because they got a tattoo may be those that are attracted to Asian women because of the erroneous belief that they’re delicate, and that the tattoo defiles that notion. That would be problematic, in my opinion.

    Not that people have to find tattoos attractive. There are many things I don’t find attractive, like gauges, and certainly if my significant other got a gauge in her ear I would likely be less attracted to her. But the idea that a tattoo could be such a dealbreaker that someone would actually leave their partner because of it troubles me, because to me it implies something about their attraction to Asian women that I find disconcerting.

  4. And personally I don’t care one way or the other about tattoos. I barely even notice them as an issue or distraction in most cases and I’m surprised many people do.

  5. I’m really in to the beauty of the natural body. So a lot of piercings is a real turn off. as for Tattoos. I have not seen a lot in America that are very good. The best I’ve ever seen was in Japan and southeast Asia. It seems most people don’t really think to plan their tattoos and just toss them on wherever.
    Small tattoos are alright but all in all tattoos just seem to make the model less beautiful. Even when the tattoo is the best I’ve ever seen, it is all about the tattoo, the model just fades into the background.

  6. I personally do not like tattoos at all. On myself or anyone I would date. I like earrings on a girl and that’s about it. Tattoos distract from the natural beauty of a girls’ soft, lovely skin. I agree with Zorkster, the tattoos do make the girl fade, the tattoos stand out taking away the true beauty of a lady. Very distracting. Imagine what they will look like when she’s elderly. Totally unattractive.

  7. I don’t really like tats on girls either. a small discrete one here or there doesn’t bother me but i’m not a fan of the massive inkjob levy got. It would really depend on the tattoo (size, location, etc) if i’d break up with her. Like if she pulled a mike tyson then i’d run like she’s on fire

  8. Hey folks, the central question here is would you leave your partner if she..wait a minute, we have, I assume, hetero women AS members here..HE..got a tat?
    Which in itself raises what might be considered a gender power relationship. Would the woman leave her (male) partner if HE got a tat?
    Avoiding that question seems to me to be going off topic a bit.
    And it isn’t restricted to Asian women getting tats; it’s ‘partner’ in general.
    I would say, too, there are 2 kinds of tats. Some are works of art – think Japanese tats; others are trash – you know them when you see them.
    A full Japanese body tat, such as a swirling fish or dragon (on a beautiful woman) is much sexier than a body covered in meaningless ‘cheap’ graffiti.
    So, would I leave her? A strong ‘No’ to the first kind, and ‘possibly no, but with strong disapproval’ of the second kind.
    It wouldn’t endear me to her unless she had a wonderful personality (or be great in bed) to compensate.

  9. Oh and I neglected to mention, with the exception of Travis and to a lesser extent Computerbuddah, all the others are seeming to be avoiding the question.

  10. ahhh dots, I include you with Travis and buddah. You jumped in while I was writing my comment. And as long as noone else jumps in before I post this..

  11. Travis, I hear what you are saying about the common stereotype (and more often than not erroneous) view western men might have of asian women. And I actually agree with you, despite my answer to the question in the previous post.

    My issue with tatts however is not to do with any failed misconceptions I might have about Asian women. I don’t personally subscribe to these stereotype views. After having had been with a farting snoring psycho-when-pmsing Chinese girlfriend for two years, I am more than aware that Asian women are not necessarily delicate :-).

    I do however admit to a certain biased (and i know erroneous) view of tattoos themselves. To me, they belong to old-time sailors (cool), pirates (cool), wharfies (cool), truckies (cool), bikies (cool), uneducated bogan tough-guy-wannabes (not cool), and hipsters trying to be cool and just looking retarded.

    As i don’t belong to any of these groups (as much as I wish I was a pirate truckie), I don’t have a tat. It’s just my opinion, and of course it might be a stupid view to have. But it IS my opinion, and would be enough to affect my feelings about my partner if she went out and got a tat. Of course, it does depend on the tat. Something small and meaningful might be ok… especially if it was something significant or traditional to her… But a chain of kittens chasing butterflys with bats wings down her t*ts…. or some other trashy image….that would not be cool.

    If she did in the end decide to get a tatt, I would also get one in the end. A tattoo of a $50 note on my penis. That way, next time she drains my credit card, she can inflate my budget and blow my finances one more time.

  12. Soooo… from 60 (approx) comments there were 25 (approx) Negative comments regarding Levy Trans tats. Interesting?

    I guess I should post here cause I asked in previous post. Ive dated few women, and none have tattoos. Ive got a few tattoos myself, so it seems the girls ive dated don’t mind that ive got them…

    I would LOVE it if my current gf got a tattoo, even small one. But when tattoo’s are nice and “tell a story” or has some meaning. Its beautiful to look at.

    To ME it displays hmmm… A strong willed, confident person and are completely comfortable in their body – which is a very big thing for me in a women.

    Good post and some really interesting replies 🙂

  13. my wife is an ex Singapore Airline hostess, with a couple of discreet tatoos which i find enhance her hotness…just saying..

  14. I happen to find myself growing fond of implants and tatoos on Azn girls; between Kitty Lee, Levy Tran, Linda Le (do an article on her if you haven’t), etc. I guess I’m totally down with the tuner model look…

  15. Would like to have a psychologist chime in on this. One discrete tat, or two, is not a big deal, but it makes me cringe to see a beautiful body covered in “ink art.”

    Thank you to Dr. Lee for a thoughtful post and opportunity to read comments on this polarizing topic.

  16. Probably extending the discussion, but within the bounds of the topic I think, badnews, your ex-Singapore Airline ‘flight attendant’ wife got her tats while she had the position or after? If during, then they’d HAVE to be discrete, possibly hidden. I guess I know the answer already, but I’m going to ask it anyway, because it applies to bosses who might dismiss an employee, in such a visible, front line job, for having visible tats. Would they? Or have the times changed?
    I have a mate who gets tats, and he makes sure they are covered when working (he’s a teacher) by always wearing l/s shirts.
    oh and lol kroos.

  17. My wife did get tattoos. The main issue I have with this blog is the constant harping on tattoos. It isn’t 1950 anymore: tattoos are a normal party of society globally. The bias against tattoos that I see EVERY TIME THERE IS INK really frustrates me. I am a part of a tattooed community, & it makes me feel a little awkward when I always see: “she’s pretty, but tattoos?” I find it analogous to any other ism: “She’d be so pretty if she weren’t [insert prejudice here]”.

    Please, keep your bigotry to yourselves. It is unsavoury to watch. I understand that tattoos are a choice, unlike most bigotries, but at a certain point GET OVER IT. Hot people are hot, with or without tattoos. I find them incredibly sexy, so stop pissing on my parade.

    For the record, the model here: delightful.

  18. Here’s the problem with geetting major ink like Levy has.

    It reduces your options as a model.

    Clients look through your book or online portfolio and think… can they cover that with makeup so she can play “New mom with baby #3”? Why take a risk with a $20,000 an hour crew standing by… pass.

    When she gets work where they don’t want her to be the focus of the ad she’s got to show up two hours early for body makeup, it transfers to the clothes, etc.

    She’s probably top two percent in terms of face and body and she’s even tall for an Asian girl.. but the ink is going to kill a lot of easy money bookings.

    Gorgeous girl though.

  19. It’s alot of “depends.” Did we talk about it first? Will it affect her job/career (noted above)? How much will it cost (they’re not cheap)? Is it something spur of the moment or has it been fomenting around for awhile? Is she looking for something meaningful or just to have some “art”?

    Redd Foxx used to say that “beauty is sking deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone.” A woman with a wonderful personality will always be far more attractive than any of the stunners on this site that either cannot put three coherent words together or have Kim Kardashian as their personal hero. A tat here or there (or maybe everywhere) is less of an issue.

  20. I think it’s fascinating that there are still people who it bothers to be honest. Maybe it’s where I live, or that I’m an artist or very liberal but it’s such a non issue that I find it funny that it continues to even be a topic of conversation here. While full body isn’t my thing, I find a tattoo or two pretty hot actually and find that people who get tattoos are strong and independent. I never got one because they sound painful and I couldn’t think of a meaningful one, but I’ve always wished I had.

    If someone was to leave a partner because of a tattoo it would certainly speak to the character of that person and show that the relationship was built on nothing but superficiality.

    I always love that youre going to hate them when your old argument which has to be the stupidest argument ever. When you’re old and wrinkled, tattoos are going to be the least of your problems and you won’t care.

    Most models have tats at this point, it’s a non issue, they just cover them up in shoots. it’s not going to stop anyone from hiring them and in fact generally makes them more street.

  21. women with tats r sexy as tattooed women can turn me on big time almost as much as an asian

  22. My wife has openly stated she would leave me if I got a tattoo, while in reality I don’t believe it would happen it underlines her disapproval.
    I find that it is more the tattoo itself that changes my opinion, although unless it was someone else’s name I can’t think of any tatt she could get that would make me leave her. A facial piercing would be harder to deal with IMO.

  23. I don’t like tattoos in general. The fact that are pretty much a permanent adornment bothers me, plus they often fade to less desirable colors than the original art. Seeing faded blue tattoos is really a turnoff for me.

    I have always thought of them as a “guy thing” until women started wearing them so commonly. I still have trouble viewing them as feminine.

    That being said, I find myself being more tolerant of them as I see good examples of them on pretty woman, and I guess I am getting used to seeing them and as a result only find the “unfortunate” tattoo really negative.

    I would be upset if my partner got a tattoo but it certainly wouldn’t be an issue for leaving them. If it became an obsession it would bother me much more. And yes, Levy is beautiful.

    I really dislike piercing also except in places where it’s more standard and not that painful, and obviously contributing to the appearance, like ordinary ear lobe piercing. The painful and weirdly located piercings are a turnoff to me. Every time I look at a piercing that was obviously very painful it makes me grimace. I don’t want to grimace when trying to enjoy a woman’s beauty.

  24. I’d be willing to bet Levy Tran herself would tell you differently.

    “it’s not going to stop anyone from hiring them…” – Slackerking

  25. I’m gonna jump into this again just to sat that Levy is incredibly beautiful…. despite the tats… but certainly not because of them…

  26. From dbldipper: “beauty is sking (skin?) deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone.” A woman with a wonderful personality will always be far more attractive than any of the stunners on this site” – Like some have said, Levy has one of the best personalities ive seen.

    One of my (male Asian) co-workers from Taiwan, said that some Asian girls get put off with tattoos on GUYS cause they think they’re part of a gang/yakuza (lol- yeah I know)

    Its just interesting, if your with a girl (or if there is girls here with their guys????), if they just rocked up with a big tattoo – big back tattoo or a “sleeve or half sleeve” – honestly, what would you do?

    From slackerking: “I always love that youre going to hate them when your old argument which has to be the stupidest argument ever. When you’re old and wrinkled, tattoos are going to be the least of your problems and you won’t care.” 100% agree on!!

    From Td9m: “tattoos are a normal party of society globally. The bias against tattoos that I see EVERY TIME THERE IS INK really frustrates me. I am a part of a tattooed community, & it makes me feel a little awkward when I always see: “she’s pretty, but tattoos?” I find it analogous to any other ism: “She’d be so pretty if she weren’t [insert prejudice here]” – I also agree 100%, thats why I did original comment in previous model post

    One thing I don’t like is girls who smoke. But I will respect a women enough to let her do what she wants. She can give up smoking, cant really give up a tattoo (unless laser surgery)

    I myself am Dutch/Indonesian/Australian, and i’d love to get a half-sleef tattoo (already have 2 tats) and if a girl doesn’t like it then, everything happenes for a reason ya know.

    I think men with tattoos are more attracted to girls with tattoos, and men without tattoos are generally attracted to those who don’t have them? Yes?

  27. If you’re living in Japan with a half sleeve, you will get followed around by security in retail stores and old ladies will cross the street to avoid you.

  28. I honestly do not have a problem with people getting tattoos. I think it is their body and they can do whatever they want and it is a work of art. Even though I never had tattoos before (because they seem painful, would not look good when get old, too expensive, and what if they don’t sterilize the needle…hence HIV haha), I wouldn’t leave my man if he get his tattoos covered up (he got a couple meaningless ones when he was in his teens and 20s). I think men with tattoos is hot but not toooo much. I like the bad boy look hahahaha

  29. oh and Levy is hot by the way. She’s hot for a Vietnamese American. Too bad there’s no girls like that in Texas. It’s usually in California.

  30. @ the_collector. Wow really?!?!! I thought Japan is liberal. I guess they are just liberal about sexuality. lol

  31. Depends on the tats and girl. It seems to me some tats look better on a particular girl.

    The only reason I would leave my wife if she got a tat would had another man’s name tattoed on her. Of course it probably would be time to go before that anyway.

  32. @longtack : she had them done while she was on active duty…one is quite small but the other is about the size of my hand.

    Those of you who know the Singapore airline uniform or “kerbaya” which endorses the female figure in the most flattering of ways , ultimately is a very modest piece of clothing as well which doesn’t show a lot of flesh….more a hint of whats beneath…

  33. I have been marriage to my Asian wife who I dearly love for 27 years, when we got married in 1986 tattoos were not that big in Korea, since then she has gotten a couple of tats, I would never leave her because of a tattoo or a piercing she has three. I have three beautiful daughters one is a tattoo artist and has numerous tats; her mom loses her mind with each new one (which I find funny). If you are in love with a lady (wife or girlfriend) and a tat is going to make you leave then you have serious issues. Some people like tattoos some do not, but to judge a book by its cover is really stupid, if I have said something that offended someone I am sorry but it is just my thought. I do love this web site; it has everything that one could ask for Asian Women.

  34. I think the other point in this is that the girls featured here are all judged on superficial features. I think that whether it is breast implants or tattoos or anything else for that matter given that we really have no contact with the models to judge personality these features become the focus of discussion. I don’t think you should be offended by people bagging tattoo’s as Doc would now expect the negative comments about implants. I think this is highlighted by the general positivity when a model comes on to add to the discussion.

  35. i dont think the thought of a spouse getting a tat would be the deciding factor in leaving them, it is the idea that they might be changing.. If i meet a girl and she always talks about getting a tat some day, I have to accept that.. If Im with a girl who does not ever mention or say anything about tats, just one day shows up with a big moral on her back or something, kinda makes be wonder where is she getting the influence from if she wasnt talking about it before.

  36. @zif21 what if ur wife got a piercing somewhere sensitive ie nipples or clit then what would u do

  37. I think Ms tran is beautiful and I love girls with tattoos. the wifey has 4 small tattoos on her but im trying to talk her into getting more,its working since she said recently she was willing to get a full back piece done.My wife is a very pretty asian woman,as for me Im a not so typical asian male with multiple head tattoos as well as on the neck and basically covered from the waist up as well as leg tatts.Im not japanese but I do get alot of yakuza remarks about the way I look

  38. As a tattooed filipino woman, id be pissed as hell if my partner decided that he didn’t want to stay because of my tattoos. But then again, I’d hope my partner would be tatted up as well.

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