Charmaine Glock


Charmaine Glock is one of several Asian models that I had the pleasure of meeting last November at eXXXotica NJ. I hope that I will get to meet Charmaine again this year because the first time that I met her, my jaw was on the floor from how sexy she looked as she rocked a white lace top which showed off her tattoos, and black glasses.Stats:
Age: 23
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 115 lbs
Measurements: 32-26-24
Ethnicity: Filipino
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA









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0 thoughts on “Charmaine Glock”

  1. Am I just gonna have to “deal with it”…about this tatt thing? Another “needle addicted” pretty girl…ruined. Please make it go away.

  2. Tats are supposed to be a form of expression on how you truly feel inside, and most people take a long time deciding on the right art…but guns?! and directed to her vagina?! is this revealing a propensity for self-destruction, like cutting, probably the result of abuse?
    That does not make it sexy for me. In my eyes, she would be very pretty without them, but what they imply turns me off.

  3. Does her right chest tattoo say?:

    1) Ride and Die
    2) Ride a Dic
    3) Ride and Pie
    4) Ride a Pic

    I like her natural breast shape.

    Gun tattoos give new meaning to the line from the famous 1979 movie, THE WARRIORS -“The chicks are packed!”

  4. I think STRIPES and I are gonna have to set up support group for those who find it extremely distressing seeing an otherwise very sexy asian lady do the equivalent of sticking a large gaudy hello kitty sticker on the back of a new BMW.

    The guns confuse me too. Is she trying to indicate that “loaded guns go in here”?

  5. Although I much prefer it if women don’t have tattoos, for the most part I can live with them. But whether you like tattoos or not, I think you’d have to admit those gun tattoos are really tasteless, and having the words “Ride ? Pie” written on your chest isn’t much better. It’s a clichΓ© to say people will regret their tattoos later in life, but I think it will prove to be so in this case.

  6. I actually like a few small or 1 large tat on a woman. This girl has gone overboard and doesn’t quite pull it off like Levy Tran or Ruby Rose. Probably because the tats themselves are both aggressive (colour and content) and do not fit the natural contours of her body properly.

    Without so many tats I would be a drooling mess because she is just the type of girl I would like. Especially with that white lace and heavy black glasses look.

  7. BTW, I assume her stage surname is a reference to her gun tattoos – personally, I find her reverence toward guns even more off-putting than her tats. Nice tits though. πŸ™‚

  8. In the first pic I thought the gun handles were her open jeans. And I was trying to imagine what lay below.
    Avoiding any gun and tats comments, other than to say a certain gun maker (Glock perhaps?) might consider offering her a lifetime modelling job. Are they Glocks or Colts?
    She is devastatingly sexy in the last pic! Wonder if there’s glass in the frames. One of my students wears glassless glasses like Charmaine’s. And my word she looks hot! Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses? Not any more.

  9. Sorry, in my first statement, I meant the 3rd pic. And can I add she has a stunningly beautiful face and body – under the ink, which, strangely, seems to suit her ‘outlaw biker’ persona.

  10. They are Glocks….but Glock works hard to get contracts for law enforcement and military- so I doubt they would hire a
    “rebel” image.

    As for glasses, VERY hot.

    “Ride or Die” can also be a command from a Dominatrix πŸ™‚

    If you like enhanced Filipinas (tits, not ink), check out Genevive Valente:

    …a somewhat similar “look” but without the gun show.

  11. She’s really sexy IMO. I think Like Candyman, to see her in person I would be sold.
    I think the gun tatts were probably a funny idea taken too far rather than anything malicious. I can see how over a few drinks the ball might start rolling, and it probably appeals to the crowd she is working in. I’ve seen other tatts that I find much worse.

  12. For me, the tats are a little much
    To each their own, it is as such.
    Don’t mind a few, but it just seems
    Just a little too extreme.

    Yet, there are two that do intrigue
    Maybe say could cause some battle fatigue.
    So much that she’s called herself Glock
    Not a dove, I suppose, but truly a hawk.

    I do not judge her choice of tat arms
    They certainly are a part of her charms.
    Her craft, in a way, I can share of her view
    For I, myself do own quite a few.

    β€œThis is my weapon
    This is my gun.
    One is for fighting
    The other for fun.”
    Full Metal Jacket, 1987

  13. I love Glock. My favorite firearm of all time. I do not like Glock tattoos or any tattoos on ladies.

    She’d be fun to go shooting with….maybe she’s a squirter.

  14. @ French lol
    I was thinking of things like Jin Mei Xin and her ‘Chris Cheung’ tatt. Also I think all the Aussies would have seen the girls in Picture with devil eyes above a shaved vagina. I would search for an example but it’s a not a pleasant task.

  15. Tattoos on ladies are pletnty fine and so are all asian women named Charmaine…such as the Star! Oooops! thats Charmane I think? Still hot.

  16. I have to ask about this trend of incredibly attractive Asian women trying to impersonate road maps?
    Honestly I think the ink is being vastly overdone to the point of being a turn-off.

  17. I still can’t get over the fact that the “e” in “Ride” and the “e” in “Die” look so differently.

    Her tattoo really looks like “Ride a Dic”, to me at least.

    But that is me….always reading those Playboy interviews and articles when I was a lad. Always reading the fine print on contracts- and always missing the big picture.

  18. ive seen some beautiful women who happen to date a guy who is into tats, and thus influencing them to start getting tatted up..
    Kinda ruins them for the next potential nice guy to get with them that might get turned off by the tats.

    I personally am not into them, seems like a sign of masculinity and a trend.

  19. I’ve gotten used to some well-placed tasteful tats, one has to to change with the times and appreciate new things… but this is tragic.

  20. I don’t think the guns are pointed at her vagina intentionally, but to simulate being holstered.

    Not a fan of tats, but her gun tattoos are better than the one my son has:-(

    Moving on, she is my kind of Filipina (at least in the looks department — I’m too boring for her).

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