Krista Kim Nguyen


Krista Kim Nguyen has a lot of untapped potential. There are few photos of her online, even fewer related to modeling – but if you look at her picture above and a few of the pictures below, you can tell there is something there, so hopefully we will see her more often.


Age: 26
Height: 5’6 (tall for a Vietnamese woman)
Weight: 115
From: The OC, California

I read somewhere that she owns Mecca Cafe in Los Angeles.








DSport Interview

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0 thoughts on “Krista Kim Nguyen”

  1. Wow, a Vietnamese American model who actually looks Vietnamese! Nice one Travis!

    BTW Mary, you seem to like writing about Asian babes. Are you interested in joining the AS team and doing your own posts?

  2. i am really charming by Krista Kim Ng !

    holala, she is very beautiful and classy….

    i have to go to California or….Viet nam…
    no really, she is the definition of what i like in asian woman (in term of esthetic and outside aspect)

  3. Hi Mary,

    You can see the sort of stuff we do here already. If you’re interested, I’ll get Robin to send the info to the email address in your Asian Sirens profile – there isn’t much to it.

  4. I wonder if anyone is going to find fault with her, but shout out to Travis for continuing to find these dimes that I didn’t know about. Krista is gorgeous and has a great body. I’d love to tap that untapped potential 😉

    And you looking good too Mary. Can’t wait to see what you have to write. I’ll probably write another article once I finish a few projects first.

  5. What a CONTRAST: the soft-sexy look of Ms.Nguyen alongside the primitive, ‘take-no-prisoners’ look of Hong W!! Ah..”Beauty is in the eyes of….etc.”

  6. While they are opposites in a way, I appreciate both of them. What they do have in common though is that they both look classically Asian (as opposed to SoCal or islander).

  7. Candyman: She has a pretty smoking body, but the face really doesn’t do anything for me. Then again, I’m not into the Vietnamese look so much.

    Woohoo! I’m the first to express my “not impressed” pretension in this thread! ^__^

  8. +1 to what what sevendeuce has said.

    Mary Grace, I see we live in the same town. Ever looking for a photographer to just shoot around with, gimme a holler.

  9. What? Face doesn’t do it for you? Blasphemy!!! 😉

    Well if you aren’t into the Vietnamese look then she’s not going to do it for you, but she is beautiful and can do alot for me, like give me her number for starters.

  10. Concur with your “broad (excuse please) appreciation” of the Asian female form Doc! “Variety IS the Spice of Life!”

  11. Not into Vietnamese look? that’s funny. And there’s 1+?
    It’s like me saying I like white guys but not into the English guys.
    Anyway I think she has a prettier face than some models.

  12. She is fantastic! I can’t find any fault with her except the wardrobe (there’s too much of it!) 😛

    Krista is really attractive. The more I see, the more I want to see!

    One thing I like about her is that she seems approachable, friendly. And there’s even a shot of her smiling, a genuine smile not the “I’m too hot to smile” smile. Hong looks like she’d shoot down anyone just talking to her unless they were offering her a job and Krista seems confident but not full of herself.

  13. kimnguyen: Come on. There is definitely a difference between Vietnamese girls and, say, Japanese and Koreans. I would say a very obvious difference in many cases.

    Krista looks classically Vietnamese to me and while I don’t find her as attractive as other girls, I can definitely state that she IS attractive. Just not my cup of tea.

    And just for the record, there are differences with caucasians that can be quite evident. As an example, compare those of slavic heritage to Irish. There are distinct facial characteristics that can be observed.

    I’m not saying it’s blatantly obvious to determine one’s specific ethnicity – but, in general, I just have a personal bias towards Chinese/Japanese/Korean women (no offense!).

    And for the record, one of my longest relationships was with a very sweet, cute Vietnamese girl. Personal preference and bias go out the window when you meet someone who you can completely connect with on every level. 🙂

  14. “There is definitely a difference between Vietnamese girls and, say, Japanese and Koreans. I would say a very obvious difference in many cases.”

    I agree. What baffles me, is that anyone would find fault with a beautiful woman, simply because she looks “Japanese” or “Korean” or “Irish” or “Italian”.

    I understand preferring a particular look, or nationality or woman, overall, but I have never understood it the individual level, I guess.

  15. Bigfoot: It’s simply personal taste. And who’s to say that beauty can’t have flaws?

    That said, there are always exceptions to the general rule/bias/preference. Of course, exceptions for me would be Vietnamese girls who don’t have that “classic” Vietnamese look.

    Krista is NOT one of those exceptions (for me), though her body is, admittedly, absolutely incredible.

    In the end, this is a website where we critically analyze models from behind our screens. I suspect if I met Krista in real life I may have an entirely different reaction. 😉 And of course, as I alluded to in my last post, there is always the X-factor of personality that can elevate or destroy one’s attraction…

  16. sevenduece pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s not as if I don’t find her attractive, she is. I just have a personal preference for the Korean/Japanese/Chinese [in that order, often] women over others generally. Also, yes, this woman is very distinctly Vietnamese.

  17. Yeah, I really don’t like the Vietnamese look, or the Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Filipina/Thai/Islander look either.

    Oh wait, this is ASIAN Sirens, right?

    She’s the total package for me.

  18. It is cool to have a preference, but I am trying to understand what specifically turns you off about her and to a whole ethnicity of people, unless your preference to one turns you off to another.

  19. I like my asian woman light, This, Wow!!!I must say I can’t even get past those jeans let alone color. Nice Mr Lee. Nice work.

  20. I would like to crown her A-SOY award for 2008 without seeing Novembers and Decembers entries.

    Not since Ingrid from Adam’s site have i seen someone so special in every way.

    “In the name of My Most Royal Majesty, I knight thee. Arise, Madame Krista Kim Nguyen of VNdessert.”

  21. Bigfoot &7deuce: You guys are getting close to the TRUTH…so hang with it!
    Stand-by for a blast in the next round!!

  22. “+1 to what what sevendeuce has said.
    Mary Grace, I see we live in the same town. Ever looking for a photographer to just shoot around with, gimme a holler.”

    Was this just another neg comment or someone trying too hard to promote themselves?

  23. Candyman: I never said I was “turned off” by her or by Vietnamese women in general. I just have a preference for other Asian ethnicities.

    I’m not even sure if I can put it into words why I find myself more attracted to C/K/J girls. There’s just something about the (general) facial characteristics of V girls that I don’t find as appealing. They can certainly be very attractive, but it’s a rare case indeed when I find one who I consider drop-dead gorgeous.

    I’d rather not get into nitpicky specifics about bone structure, skin tone, or whatever it is that I find less appealing. I’d prefer to just admit to having a preference for other ethnicities. ^_^

    Some guys like blondes, some guys like brunettes, some guys like Asians, some guys like Japanese, some guys like Ainu.

    Sometimes it’s specific, sometimes it’s more generalized. What can I say? (evasive enough?) lol…

  24. Turned off wasn’t the right words, but you got what I was getting at. I was just curious as to whether it was something specific, but it’s cool to have a preference. I have my preferences also.

  25. she not bad, she does look good in the pictures. i seen her outside. she the owner of mecca cafe insanta ana she look alright nothing stunning

  26. I would have to disagree with that last comment. I’ve been to her coffee shop and have actually spoken to her she is incredibly beautiful inside and out. I honestly think she looks even better in person. She is truly the whole package beauty and brains.

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