Hong Wang


31 years old and still beautiful, Hong W (whose “last name” makes it exceedingly hard to find photos) is number 4 on my list of unknown models. Hailing from Los Angeles, Hong W is an experienced model whose works include something, somewhere, but again, without a last name, there is no way to know.Here’s to Hong. May this free publicity help her receive a number of new modeling gigs.

Age: 31
Height: 5’4
Weight: 115
Shoe: 6.5

Some photos:






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  1. If she’s a professional or even semi-professional model, she’d probably be glad to know she’s featured here.
    Where did you first spot her Travis? If you got any kind of contact info on her and send her a message, she might just give you her last name as well as some other personal info on her. Never know.

  2. Damn, I hate these hypocrites who pose in a bikini and such, but then say they won’t do anything sexually suggestive! Wake up – you already have!!!

    As much as I hate to say it about such a hypocrite, she is HOT! Cute, classically Asian face (Chinese?), fabulous, trim and taut body – even the sun tan works on her! And she really knows how to pose too – i.e. she knows how to be sexually suggestive. 🙂

  3. I guess posing in a ripped up tanktop with your titties hanging out or in a real tight dress with your nipples on blast doesn’t count as sexually suggestive. Whatever she’s smoking, I want some. 🙂

    But whatever, she’s hypocritically hot!! Thanks Travis.

  4. Maybe she just has enough of those in her portfolio and wants something else. She looks powerful and sexy. 116lbs at 5’4″ is nice combo of petite and thick. All muscle and attitude. 🙂

  5. I guess posing in a ripped up tanktop with your titties hanging out or in a real tight dress with your nipples on blast doesn’t count as sexually suggestive. Whatever she’s smoking, I want some. 🙂

    Absolutely! 🙂

  6. Her breasts look too much like Victoria Beckham’s? ie too fake looking?

    She kinda looks like she’s got 2 grape fruits stuck to her chest.

    This doesn’t bother anyone?

  7. Yes they bother me a lot.
    And the “nipples” you guys are flipping over in photo #1 are photo-shopped, as are contour lines around the breasts in all photos.

  8. Hong is hot. Cute asian women with ripped bodies will win me over every time.

    Maybe she’ll show up and tell us how she loves/hates us for featuring her here. We can only hope, right?

  9. WOW.Tight little athletic body…sassy ‘tude.I’m in love.Why she hafta’ go & oil down like that?
    Talk about retro-sexual…?!

  10. you guys are too easily impressed!! she is not ugly, but nothing to write home about either. she has a nice body, esp. after turning 30 years old, but her face is average at best.

    the hard implants are a turn-off. I am willing to bet that she is of Chinese descent.

  11. How long have you been on here vpower? One thing that those who do comment regularly are not is easily impressed. People hear can be very critical at times. I don’t see how she’s nothing to write home about. She’s cute and has a hot body, not to mention great abs. What more are you looking for? Ain’t no one saying that she is a perfect 10, but she’s hot.

    On her, I like the hard implants. They look good and go well with her frame. They’re better than having some itty bitty titties to look at. Plus how often are you going to see an American model with great implants? As long as they don’t look ridiculous I am happy.

    Not to be overlooked is the fact that she looks this good after 30. That’s something to write home about.

    To APL, I say wank away. She put those pics up. How can you say you don’t sexually suggestive photos when there are a bunch on your profile? Plus you have implants and posing with your boobies smushed together all sexually suggestive like. Come on. If that was the case, then she wouldn’t have got implants and would pose in a burqa. She needs a spanking on her hypocritically hot bottom 🙂

  12. How old are you guys anyway? 17? Sagging doesn’t start at 30. I know tons of people over thirty who still look great. It’s all about taking care of your body.

  13. Love her physique, fantastic body. Pretty face too.

    And I’m kinda sexually attracted to conservative women who look this hot, but still don’t want me to be sexually suggested (or so they say).

    Too late, I’m sexually interested from the 1st photo I saw. And I think that’s healthy and natural for a man. Hong W should actually appreciate the attention.

  14. Of course there are a ton of beautiful women over the age of 30 but for more than most I’d have to agree with these guys that 30 is almost like a clock-strikes-12-for-Cinderella’s-posse kind of birthday. There’s a hell of a lot more Drea deMateo’s in the world than Sung Hi Lee’s (That is hot chicks that had their looks expire when 30 rolled in).

  15. and yes her boobs bothers me…it bothers me that my face is not in them :))) sorry doc.. 🙂 i just couldnt passd that one up 🙂

  16. I have zero problem with her implants.They are proportional.Ms.Hong…the least you could do is invite me the next time you decide to get messy with oil.

  17. Now that her nipples have been adrressed then I can say what I was going to say.

    Is she hot because she is very physically fit or because her nipples have totally destroyed that shirt! (which is a very very good thing in my book)

    The thing about her is that she is fit, very fit but not so much as to come off manly. Her breasts don’t come off as too fake but I don’t think they could pass for natural but here in the states its a matter of who cares, it could even be her fitness that creates that. With all that said I’m surprised we don’t fine more of her for things like water, gyms, sports apparel etc etc.

  18. Wow. Definitely hot! Implants or not she has an incredible body and a relatively cute face. I’ve seen better, but I’m still impressed!

    That said, I totally agree with Doc with respect to the hypocrisy some models have. As if dressing up in extremely revealing bikinis in suggestive poses isn’t overtly sexual – I find it quite laughable. With the exception of the volleyball shot, each photo is clinically suggestive and is selling sex.

    Sorry girl, but your actions and your views aren’t quite aligned…

  19. I wonder if vpower would have made his ridiculous comments if he hadn’t known her age.

    She is incredible. The ‘sexually suggestive’ stuff makes me think the brain cells aren’t fully engaged – or she just takes herself a bit too seriously.

    Merv, if you don’t like implants, that’s cool. But don’t suggest from these pics that she got a bad job. They look great to me.

  20. she is hot
    yes ok

    a little bit too athletic for my taste (anabolic girl look like)

    it’s the california syndrome !

    perfect body before !

    i prefer more feminine girl in the silhouette !

    if you go out with this girl : who is the man ! (i am joking)

  21. I have to agree with sevendeuce. Smokin hot! But definitely out of whack with what she says and what she does.

    The only thing I don’t agree with is the volleyball pic not being suggestive. I think that’s her response when someone asked if she’d like to model in sheer clothing with her nipples poking through every piece of fabric and imply a lot of sex and nudity. And just seeing that pic of her made me think of her nude and in a sexual way, so its all suggestive and its all good!

    I won’t go so far as to call her a hypocrite since she doesn’t explain further about what she wants (or doesn’t want) AND what she’s done so far. Maybe she’s wanting to get out of doing all the nude, sheer, implied stuff but that’s all she’s done up to this point. Short of an update on her profile or coming on here and clarifying, we’re never going to know.

    Personally, I think she should do all the nude, suggestive, implied sexy stuff as much as she can. In 10 years, its going to be very difficult for her to do that and in 15-20 years no one’s probably going to want to think about her being naked. She should do it all now while she’s got the body and the face (and the nipples) for it! Make the most of it and then when her hotness starts to cool down, then she should move into something else!

  22. Candyman and Westcoast,

    I am entitled to my opinions, just like you are to yours. once again, I said she is not ugly, but my “standards” are different from you guys. is that alright??? she does have a great body for any age, but for someone over 30, is it fantastic. why does my comments have to be ridiculous because I don’t agree with your views? pleeeese…!! she has a “girl-next-door” look and that is all good, but I don’t find it appealing enough to considered her “hot” despite having a nice physique. if you guys on this board find her sexy, more power to ya. let’s agree to disagree. happy wanking!!

  23. Her declarations and protestations are certainly laughable, considering how the lead photo has her nipples drawn (photoshopped) on. Nipples like that don’t exist in nature or the plastic surgeon’s office!

  24. vpower: if you read my comments on this site, you will know I’m not easily impressed. But I really do think this girl is hot – I really like such a trim and fit body, and she is a very good model (she really knows how to pose and pout). I can see what you mean about her having a girl nextdoor face, but it’s still pretty cute anyway, and no girl nextdoor has a body like that! What you talk about here is not “standards” – it is taste. By saying “you guys are too easily impressed”, you’re suggesting your standards are higher then everyone else, which is just plain wrong.

  25. As an example vpower, placeboy was able to express his opinion that he didn’t like her without having to say he’s better than everyone else. If you use wording like that, expect a hostile response.

  26. You’re entitled to your opinion vpower. But you can’t call us easily impressed without someone challenging you on it. Many people here are not easily impressed. I didn’t call your opinion ridiculous, but it is ridiculous to comment on someone who’s nothing to write home about. If you feel that way, then why worry what others feel about her? And it’s not like people are saying that she’s the hottest thing on the planet, she’s just hot. That’s all.

  27. luvjgirls: “Nipples like that don’t exist in nature or the plastic surgeon’s office!”

    I’ve got to disagree with you there. My wife has nipples about that big and they’re completely natural. I’ve been with plenty of girls with nipples like that! So I can honestly tell you they do exist like that…naturally or otherwise–though I’ve never heard of nipple enlargement surgery. Dr. Lee?

    Even if these nips are photoshopped, I wouldn’t be surprised if she really did have large nipples–which is all the more appealing to me!

    Something I’ve noticed is that usually the less body fat a girl has (and the smaller her breasts are naturally) the larger her nipples seem to be–kind of an inverse proportion thing. One of the only exceptions I’ve come across was a black girl I went out with who was thick and curvy and had nipples even bigger than my wife’s!

  28. Thanks LawBoy. Not bad for a guy working for free, yeah? ;-). You won’t have a lot of nudes from me for a while (with a few exceptions) but once this new model thing is over, I have a list of Japanese AV models and you’ll get your wish.

  29. After the over-whelming positive comments about Hong, I thought I’d take a longer look.

    I don’t mean this in a mean way. I say this honestly. She’s got a bit of a transexual vibe about her. Probably because of the large implants (which make her hips look too small) and ultra fit body.

  30. Merv – The entirety of your explanation of why she looks like a transsexual confuses me to no end. You’re essentially saying she looks like a transsexual because she looks too much like a woman. If she has a vagina does that mean she’s a dude?

  31. a real woman (no enhancements), normally has breasts about the same width as her hips (hour glass shape). Or, breasts less wide than her hips (pear shape).

    Men’s chests and shoulders are wider than their hips. More like a triangle.

    Hong’s breasts (because of the enhancements) AND shoulders, are wider than her hips (like a triangle), making her look slightly manly.

    She’s also very fit, almost with a 6 pack. Making her look slightly manly.

    One hint that a hot babe was once a man, is if the lower body is smaller than the upper body.

    I’m not suggesting that HOng IS a transexual, because her upper body is not much larger than her lower body….but it is larger.

  32. Yes, i must say, that it is just *a bit* of a transexual vibe that I get from her. For me, it is very subtle, but it is there.

    But it makes me think she would’ve been much more attractive without the enhancements….actually MORE feminine, rather than less feminine.

    At least with natural breasts, you can be sure!

  33. Reply to Travis: haha yup that’s me .. aww sweet! I was on your list? Yup I was featured years back .. I don’t think most ppl round here really liked my tattoo hehe

  34. Ah, well, don’t listen to them. If I ever run into you downtown, your tattoo is not going to stop me. Send me an email if you want another post. I can plug your new website or something. As long as you have images that are not already on AS from your first post.

  35. the only thing hotter than a stunning fit asian chick is a stunning fit asian chick thats been oiled up!

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