Beach game

I have nothing to report on this clip, besides that I think it’s Japanese and it makes no sense at all. Enjoy the Beach fun!

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  1. I’m speechless.That’s is funny as all hell.I’m not sure how lucky the guy should feel about “package grab”…but the girlies seem thoroughly entertained.I could’nt get a read on the guy…but it’s something I’d fully expect some dorky fat TODD sex tourist to be involved in.

  2. Wow, that is truly bizarre.

    And, Stripes, you see a a very typically odd Japanese video, yet find a way to bash the round eye. Beautiful! :#)

  3. I’m not sure if the guys really enjoys that. Did you see how hard her hand came down on his package. Ouch.

  4. She damn near did a face plant right into his balls…OUCH! It certainly would of hurt in a good way.

  5. Yeah Stripes, a little resentment much? Nothing to do with white guys (or your derogatory use of the word TODD) yet you have to get some racial bigotry in there huh? Easy brother let go of your hatred.

  6. I’ll be laughing at Stripes tonight when I’m with my 34DD Korean gf. Guys like him try to make fun of us – but the ladies they wish they were with make fun of them for being so bitter. Oh, the Irony… 🙂

    Back to the clip: they are a whacky gang, those Japanese. Love Ninja Warriors (except the tranny they keep showing) and the new show Unbeatable Bunzake.

  7. I was just playin’, when I taunted Stripes. I didn’t really take offense to his statement.

    Should I?


  8. Excuse me, but a bunch of naked japanese girls, running through the beach in a race to grab my balls, makes perfect sense to me.

    Great theme for the next beach game I’m in. Let’s call it the warm-up beach game. 🙂

  9. How does one keep wood in a setting like that??? Oh, the nekkid Japanese girls, huh… who’da thought?

  10. Yeah, I was gonna do a head joke, but then I thought that might not fly. BTW, if you really were buried in the sand with these babes around, I bet there would be one thing still showing (unless you’re Edison Chen:-))

  11. i knew that joke was coming wings…consider it a freebie for ya….and btw…i am nothing like Mr. Chen ; ))

  12. Not that I really care (and as long as the joke was the only thing well, you get the idea). :-}}

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