Pepe Yau


I don’t have any idea who Pepe Yau is. I don’t know how I found her. I had a name. Then I searched for that name on The Google and still didn’t find anything interesting. So there you go. A model named Pepe. Why not.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’8? Really?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?








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0 thoughts on “Pepe Yau”

  1. Cute but not much wow factor for me. The 3rd pic is early evidence of what she might be capable of in a few years.

  2. Ok a little digging and I found quite a few pics of Yao Pepe [攸佩佩] here:

    Including some bikini shots, just to see what’s under those clothes!
    Seems she was a hostess at the Beijing Olympics, an occasional race queen and car show model.
    I don’t doubt she is 5’8″ (174 cm/50kg is listed); her long limbs suggest that height.
    None of the pics seem to be later than 2009. In some pics she looks very sophisticated and mature while in others, (see above) she looks quite young.

  3. Yeah, I am revising my earlier opinion – raising it to a wow too! and xie xie ni Doc! (bowing). now who’s for a pun?? lol

  4. im racking my brains to rise to your pun challenge Longtack (sorry Doc), but coming up empty.

    Does Pepe sound like Peh peh or Pee Pee or Peh Pee????

    whatever the pronunciation, she’s cute. Maybe a little bit TOO cute. I feel guilty lusting over this one…

  5. I wish I could put my brains on a rack sometimes too kroos. And I wasn’t issuing any pun challenges. ;-0
    I’m wondering about the Chinese characters that translated into pinyin for Pepe. Shouldn’t it be Pei Pei?
    lol and yeah, my 19-22 yr old students come back next week, so I know how you feel kroos. I’m wracked by lust, so better to rack that lust now!

  6. @daznlover. Except teacher/student relationship ;-(
    there’s a line you don’t dare cross.
    But hey I can look 😉 as I do here.
    lol imagining them naked is a nice hobby.

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