Korean Actress Seo Woo

Cute newcomer Seo Woo could easily be taken for being Japanese here in this commercial for Lotte ice cream. The 162cm, 20-year-old actress is fun to watch, but when it comes to dancing, she’s no Jeon Ji-hyun.

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  1. I second that! I have no idea what she’s going for, but damn cute definitely!

    What is that thing she’s holding in the first and last 30 sec or so? It looks like a bar of deodorant!

  2. It’s not often that I can point to a woman who is both simultaneously gorgeous and cute – but Seo Woo is clearly just that.

    Travis: Props for the awesome gallery link!

  3. good god damn this girl is annoying. seo woo is cute, it’s just too bad she has a voice only a mother-effer could love.

  4. ^I resent that.

    Anyways, she’s beautiful, but I don’t know what the hell is up with that commercial, it’s just stupid.

    @….. : what is a corky type of face?

  5. I think Mr, or Mrs …….. was implying she look’s as though she has down-syndrome, like the TV show character back in the 90’s corky, who also had down-syndrome. He or she’s just being silly. 🙁

  6. She is cute, but I find something odd/unusual about her eyes – particularly, the shape of the skin folds underneath them. It’s concealed by make up in some photos, but look at the fourth picture in TS’s gallery, where she’s posing with some kind of snack food.
    Doc, is this a natural conformation?

  7. I can tell you right off the bat that she’s got double eyelid fold surgery. That’s not unusual in Korea though, and I’m not taking points off for that.

    arf, I can’t believe thats what was meant, because it’s not true at all, she’s beautiful.

  8. corky face : very funnyyy !!!

    yes she looks like a bit

    their eyes look like a boxer who had receive many punch .

    change the head and keep the body !

  9. I wish these chicks would leave their eyelids alone. Her eyelids do look bad, but eyelids are at the bottom of things I look at. Slap some makeup on her and she’s cool.

  10. Is this really because of surgery gone bad or just the way she was born? She really doesn’t look all that bad to me.

  11. I think this commercial deserves cult status. Am I the only one who finds it addictive to watch? I know it’s goofy but every time I watch it, it makes me smile from ear to ear.

  12. I think she is very cute. Without makeup, it does look like that she’s been boxing for a few rounds and lost. I really don’t get the corky vibe from her. And I have been watching this vid everytime I come here. It’s also puts a smile on my face because of how goofy she looks trying to pop lock and slapping her own ass.

  13. lol watermarking pics that you lifted from others is LAME seetojoy. They aren’t your pics, so don’t stamp your logo all over them. If anything, that is just copyright infringement.

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