Betel Nut Beauties


Betel Nut Beauties (also known as Betel Nut Girls) are young women in Taiwan that sell Betel nuts, cigarettes, and other types of goods by standing behind a clear glass window wearing very, very little and bringing the foods to customers when they need them. To an outsider, it can appear to be public prostitution (the women bring it to the cars of men and they showcase themselves like goods) but it is a completely clean business with beautiful women and very little fabric.

More after the jump.There is of course controversy behind this idea as it appears to exploit women and, again, many people do not realize that they are actually performing a legitimate task. But the reality is that these women get paid fairly well, and are essentially just saleswomen dressed sexy.







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A Dude That Incorrectly Thought This Was Prostitution

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  1. Interesting “tradition”. Anybody know when this started? Perhaps by the time Taiwan is part of the PRC again, the China will already have such girls of their own. Things are moving pretty quickly over there on the mainland in the cities.

  2. Thanks Travis – this was the second most interesting thing I expereienced when I visited Taiwan (the most interesting was being chased up the street by a group of schoolchildren in a village who had never seen a white person before). I thought it was really quite bizarre and funny – why was this tradition established with betel nuts in particular? Very odd!

  3. I seen video clips of customers excercising their fingers from the vehicle window during a sale transaction.

    If and when China takes over, it just adds another dimension to the leisure trade.

  4. They do come from the countryside, and low income families. But again, they actually make a very decent salary all things considered. I think either the wikipedia page or some article I read (I can’t remember and don’t feel like looking) said they make more than most university graduates (for the first year or two after graduating). It’s not “high paying” by any means, but to be fair, they’re not really doing much. So the pay is pretty accurate in my opinion.

  5. Here’s a video I found on YouTube of the betel nut girls featuring of all people Dr. Lee at 1:25 of the video timeline. Dr Lee so cwazy.

  6. First time post, long time reader. I lived in Taiwan for a couple years and these betel nut stands are all along the highways and close to industrial complexes, primarily for the truckers/laborers to pick up some betel nut on their long haul. Some stands are even in residential areas although the girls manning these stands tend to be oba-sans (more elderly in normal wear).

    The betel nut is from the palm family, I believe, and grows these nuts that are fibrous that you don’t eat but chew and suck on like tobacco leaves. The effect is like nicotine/caffeine/whiskey all in one as its addictive, gives a short high and creates a warm feeling. I’ve never had the stuff, as it’s a disgusting habit, but it’s what I’ve been told. The betel nut’s “innards” are reddish and needs to be spit out like tobacco chew, thus the plastic cups that you might see the betel nut beauties handing out with the pack of betel nut.

    The beauties are required to prep the nuts during off peak hours. The preparation requires wrapping the nut with paste and paper and packaging into a set to sell. The set is pretty lucrative, I believe profit margin of 20-30%, and competition is fierce thus the neon signs and beauties in next to nothing lining the stands to attract the truckers/male population. And as they say, competition is good. 🙂

  7. Oh yes, in regards to China taking over Taiwan and the fate of these beauties, betel nuts’ already taking hold in China with all the Taiwanese industrial plants in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Suzhou. The communist party will not allow this type of blatant overture on the main streets so you have to search for it in the back alleys and all. The places are not as flashy as Taiwan but it’s still manned by a beauty (without the next to nothing clothes).

    When someone posts about KTV girls I’ll be happy to provide my input. 🙂

  8. OMG, I LOVE the girl in the 1st pic.

    She’s definitely the type which I would fall hard for (and loose a lot of $ and heartbreak along the way).

    We need this type of service here in Sydney for sure…. at least the traffic jams on the major arterials would be more bearable.

  9. Most of these girls don’t see “scantily clad” to me. Sure, they are wearing short skirts, but that’s about it. I guess, for Taiwan, this is controversial.

    It seems no worse (actually much better) than girls in the USA who sell hot dogs, from carts, while wearing bikinis.

  10. Bigfoot, I take it you live near the beach? The only people I see selling hotdogs are greasy overweight bald men.

    By george, this is the best idea since strip clubs.

  11. on the first pic the silhouette is very attractive

    i understand “long man ‘ what he means !

    she can be my type of girl too !

    low res or hd res pics doesnt mean anything!

    it depends on the girls

    we dont need to be “chirurgical precision” to see a girl in a photo !

    nobody id perfect on a Hd pics or movies (unless make up)

  12. placeboy=wrong. Dr Lee=right. 🙂 In the A-S world at least. 😛 By the way, I thought she was hot too, along with all the rest of the batel nut girls.

  13. i thought doc Lee is a white dude:) doc you lied to us all. :p
    btw, lets get down to the nitti gritti…are they just selling the nuts or getting the guys the nuts ? :)) infor please 🙂

  14. Alright, I have to admit that Wingsfan19’s comment goes right over head – what does he mean?

    As for the girl in the first pic, she could have the ugliest face we’ve ever seen for all we know, because all we can see is an unrevealing pic of her back. What we can see does look kinda sexy, but there’s far too much that we can’t see!

    Oh yes, and apparently the girls will give you something a little extra, if you tip them enough…

  15. You got me there Dr. Lee !

    I saw the frontal shots in the gallery, and thought, “Oh….. what a shame…” ; )

    In truth though, it’s the tattoo thing.
    I love asian women, but there’s a certain type which I find v. v. attractive.

    Check out Shoko Tendo’s skin art. It’s the extreme end of the scale, but beautiful nevertheless.

    The Article

  16. Looking around, I learned that there are even betel nut girl action figures. I wish I could find out where I could buy them. One blog explains that they are sold in vending machines, and even at Blockbuster in Taiwan.

  17. I think girl number one looks better from behind.. Then again, you could say that about a lot of hot babes as well:-)

  18. the tat girl looks good from the back, the front, not so much :))
    doc, dont lose the haircut, i have the same style 🙂

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