Hannah Landan


Hannah Landan is a model from the Philippines. She’s young, she’s tall, and she doesn’t model full time. Based on her look, I can see her being big on the runway, because her type of look seems popular in that area.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’8
Located: Philippines
Ethnicity: Filipina






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  1. Holy crap. I think that look would be popular anywhere.

    If I had to find a nit to pick, it would be with her thighs. In the pic with her wearing a hat, they seem a bit splotchy. Maybe it is just the photography/lighting. But they don’t look spectacular in any of the photos where they are bare. Even in the shot below, they aren’t bad, but are probably her weakest feature:


    Still a great find. The last shot in the post is fabulous.

  2. She looks like the hot model chick who marries the Beverly Hills doctor…then becomes a wildly successful real estate broker.
    As American cliches go-she could fit it.

  3. In spite of the fairly obvious nose job, I think the results are very attractive indeed (at least with makeup), and she has class. Good photography too.

  4. Not that I don’t find her attractive (I do) …but is there some reason a 21 year-old girl in modern times…with her natural height & metabolism…can’t seem to find the inside of a gym? “Slender Flab” does less for me than “Tight & Toned”. Ah…the arrogance of youth.She probably eats as she wishes too.

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