Lana Violet and Bella Ling


Photos only today as I do not have time to look up the stats, but at least you get a 2 for 1. This is Lana Violet (right) and Bella Ling (left). Stats on both of them will be updated later, so consider this a placeholder for now with photos of both of them. Both are adult models, mostly for low budget sites at the moment.

I am hoping the guest posters and new team members will be posting soon. Any ETA?


Both of these models work for some of the lower quality websites, however when a good photographer takes a photo of them, they look so much better it is almost scary. Bella Ling, for example, has a professional photograph here (strict copyright on it, so I cannot post it here) where she looks great, IMO, and I assume the same would be true for Lana Violet if I could find any. These will do for now.





Bella Ling:


Lana Violet:



Links (Very Explicit):

Lana Violet and Bella Ling
Lana Violet
Bella Ling

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  1. Bella has done some hardcore.Both are do-able…but neither would stand out in a crowd.I would expect to see these chix working in some store on Melrose.

  2. There both not bad, though I like Lana a little more. Man oh man do their thighs and butts looks thick in some of the links though. I’ve seen them both on other sites where they don’t look that thick. Doc’s gonna think they’re CJ wannabe’s.

  3. Lana has been known to SQUIRT!!

    there is a great scene with her and Shane Diesel (Blazkzilla) from “I can’t believe I took the whole thing #16”. she gushes like a geyser! LOL!!

  4. Actually, Dr. No, I am pretty sure those are both the girls in this article. I cannot quite tell from the preview, but I know they did videos together and it looks to me like that is one of them.

  5. I wonder if she’s a virgin too? 🙂 We had a guy where I used to work who was sending money to a “virgin Thai bargirl” – I always thought “virgin” and “Thai bargirl” were mutually exclusive terms. 😉

  6. You got to judge pornstars by the work they do on video and not so much by the pictures that they do for these sites.

    Bella Ling is okay but I really like Lana. She is sexy. But I don’t know how can someone not like either chick or not like the both of them at the same time at least. I need to see the dime pieces that you are bagging if you would pass on them. And if they did stand out in a crowd then they wouldn’t be in porn, and I rather see them in porn.

    Anyway, here’s some clips of Lana and one of the both of them from that download link. Good times. 🙂

    Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4

  7. Obviously this does not relate directly to Lana and Bella, but there are many Japanese women in porn who stand out in a crowd (big, big crowds).

  8. Are you kidding me? some of you guys are turning down Lana? I’d take Lana any day… Bella being there would just be a bonus!

  9. How can you say that there are many Japanese women in porn that would stand out in big crowds and not have that directly relate to Lana and Bella in an article about them? Yes Japanese pornstars are hotter, but I feel that it is unfair to compare the two and they wouldn’t stand out in a crowd full of other Japanese people. As for me, I choose them along with the Japanese pornstars. Why choose one over the other when you can have both?

    All I am saying that it’s nice to watch them on camera. And you may be crazy for turning down Lana. 😛

  10. I’m am totally enjoying Candyman’s contributions above, at this very moment. All I have to say is, please give me a turn when you’re done, daznlover. I’m not even gonna be picky about what cold night of the week it is.

  11. Candyman:

    You said: “And if they did stand out in a crowd then they wouldn’t be in porn…”

    I assume you meant that REALLY attractive women are not in porn–that they could find some easier way to make their money, etc. My point was that there ARE extremely attractive women in porn–the best example being Japanese porn, which is filled with many incredibly hot women that would stand out in any crowd. When I said that my example did not relate to Bella and Lana I just meant that they were not Japanese. I too find Lana attractive, as I said early in the thread.

    I enjoy your posts, this one included.

  12. I’ll TAKE TWO !

    that fat assed one is HOT. Not alot of breastmeat, but that’s ok – she’ll fill out after she’s impregnated.

  13. I’m just referring to Lana and Bella. If they were extremely hot, they most likely wouldn’t be in porn unless they really loved having sex on camera, and that it is unfair to bring up Japanese porn since there aren’t that many Asians in American porn.

  14. l would bang either of these beautiful women. l like lana better because of her nice tits and body. Bella is also nice too and her beautiful ass makes up for her flat chest. Anyone who woulden’t bang either or both of these perfect girls is just messed up!

  15. Your comment is a bit too crude kevlar 56, and there’s nothing ‘messed up’ about not having any interest in these girls – some of us just have more refined taste.

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