Kitty Cee


Kitty Cee is an import model from California. According to her profile, she is taking a break from modeling to enjoy her pregnancy, but that does not have to stop us from admiring her sexiness.Stats:
Age: 22
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 104lbs
Measurements: 33-26-33
Location: San Diego/Pasadena, California











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  1. Cute but she lost me with the tattoos. Sorry, but I absolutely hate looking at walking comic books. And Honey, you will be 50,60,70 & 80 one day. That Phoenix is going to look like fried chicken.

  2. @ warchief… Let her future husband worry about what the tattoo looks like at 60,70,80. Right now it looks good and would be wonderful look at and admire as you take her from behind.

    I would like to see a little more color in the back tattoo ala Jandi Lin.

    I’d be fine having a few nights with this one and then letting her move on.

  3. Ditto what WarChief wrote…

    She is pretty, but “expressionless”. The photography is VERY good, but again, those tattoos…

    She has a nice natural body, and is light on the make-up. These are very nice qualities.

    She doesn’t look like she works out, so I don’t know how she will look post-pregnancy.

  4. …dont mind ‘some’ skin art ona particular girls…but the tramp stamp isnt working for me here…she looks like a kowloon ‘tong girl…

  5. The stars above her breasts will one day be “falling” lol!

    I dunno. I just feel tattoos are nothing more than one allowing their bodies to be drawn on by somebody else who is expressing THEIR artistic talents. I’m not prudish or “conservative” by any means… just that my body is not a canvas or a cave wall for somebody else to use.

  6. everyone has their own opinion, but I think the tattoos look great and I think she wears them well. That being said… I like the orange crush photo the best. 😛

  7. AsianWomenAlways: while agree that this girl’s tattoo is very unfortunate, it is not acceptable to simply call somebody “gross”.

    As for my opinion of this girl, her body’s quite nice, but she has yet another OTT nose job, and apparently a little too much collagen in her lips too. Her eyes look a little odd to me as well.

  8. Her lips seem natural because Asian girls tend to have natural full lips…and I do agree that she got a nose job which is very obvious.

  9. By the way, Candyman, are you featuring ModelMayhem models? I have a list of like 300, but I don’t feature them anymore because they kept sending me angry emails. If you like, I’d be happy to send it to you. I don’t have the balls to do it anymore, but if you do, you should go for it.

  10. Travis, I am clueless as to nose jobs and to why models would send you angry emails if you feature them here…what gives?

    I love natural Asian noses…

  11. ModelMayhem models are not necessarily models. They are women that are thinking about modeling because some boyfriend that calls himself a professional photographer took their photo and they thought it was fun.

    Some of these women are actually quite pretty, and so I featured them here. But those same women never thought to themselves “Hm… if I model, and post it on a website in public, people I know might see my photos.” And then when they got posted here, they got really upset.

    It’s hard to explain. But it happened like 10 times. I got tired of dealing with it. I still have some 500+ other models I can feature, so I decided not to bother with MM models. They are often women that didn’t bother to think about the consequences of their actions.

  12. On the one hand, the massive tattoo is rather off putting. On the other hand, that is DAMN good work. She got her money’s worth.

  13. @Quyen: while south-east Asian girls can have very full lips, the aren’t normally quite this full naturally – or more accurately, not so protuberant. Pics 4-6 in particular look very suspect – interestingly, in the other photos here, it looks like they’ve been Photoshopped down.

  14. Regarding ModelMayehm girls, I would strongly advise not to feature them if that’s all they have available. But if they have pages elsewhere too, they are more likely to be serious about modelling.

  15. A So Cal import model who has actually evaded the breast butchers of Beverly Hills? (Please note that this is not a general slam of implants. In fact I would like to start a collection for a fund to send the Beverly Hills surgeons on a field trip to Japan where they could learn a lot from the talented Tokyo technicians. But wait, the BH guys have all the money…)

    I think Ms. Cee is very sexy. Love the body and the face. The tats–I can take or leave.

    Thanks for the post. I hope she enjoys motherhood.

  16. Not bad at all, no implants (yay!), nice, slim body, is very sexy. I like.

    But pregnant already at 22? Dayum!

  17. I think Kitty is several steps above the average Import Model. Very nice, indeed.

    Still, I anxiously await some nudity (super naked, if possible) from one of these higher end gals.


  18. She looks fantastic, I could only wish she smiled a bit more. She has an incredible body and I for one love the tattoo!

  19. Absolutely phenomenal tattoo! Unfortunately, that’s where my fascination with Kitty ends. Her face just isn’t doing it for me — the lips are unfortunate (I actually don’t mind the nose job). She has some sex appeal, but I dunno…

  20. I of course find her very very sexy. Them lips, those eyes, her butt, and them sexy legs. Even the tattoo’s hot to me. Sultry.

  21. Usually I hate tats, but her back tatoo is kind of artsy and in my eyes just fine. But her front tats are those boring ones you get in any tat shop around the world.
    Too bad!

    PS: I presume she will regret the tats very soon, because she will learn that she will get less bookings.

  22. Not really doing it for me. She’d be allowed to eat crackers in bed, and all that, but not my type. i think Ray Bradbury was going to write a sequel about her….

  23. Love that particular tat on her but overall she comes off as to low class for my taste if that makes sense.

  24. Stunning body but I have to agree with the Dr, those lips are in no way natural.

    As for the Tattoo, it’s always such a big topic on here but who looks great naked at 60,70 or 80 anyway LOL… At least it’ll spark a few memories of younger times.

  25. Can’t remember the last time I took a girl home and kicked her out of bed for having a tattoo.

    Every time a girl on this blog has a tattoo people go on and on about it. Does anyone have anything to say about tattoos that hasn’t been said here before? Let’s move on!

  26. Sir Wankalot, good point:

    I agree that the Great Tattoo Debate never ends (“It will take years and cost thousands of lives.” – Animal House reference), but have you noticed that every time a model has that large of a tattoo, the comments are overwhelmingly about the tattoo, AND NOT about (in this model’s case) her lips, her light make-up, her lack of implants, her photography, etc.?

    My quick count: 19 of the 35 posts above mention the tattoo. Granted, the first post was about the tattoo, and that tends to frame the debate for a many subsequent posts. But it also becomes the thing many people focus on, at the expense of her other qualities. I too am guilty- so I tried to focus on the other things.

    She has a very nice body, light make-up, and no implants. Nice variation on the SoCal theme…but what I find most interesting about her are:

    1) Why did she get the nose job?
    2) Really, how did she evade getting lousy implants? I thought it was becoming the law or something in SoCal?
    3) If this nose job trend continues, must French travel to a remote village in Vietnam to find his naturally-nosed bride?

  27. Pregnant?? Before pregnant her pictures are no problem, she has a great body. Let’s see what’s happened next.

  28. @Niners, at her young age her supple body will have shaken that off in no time. Lets hope she continues to model afterwards though 🙂

  29. Don’t you enjoy the sexual braggadocio? One brother says he would agree to bed Ms. Cee for a few nights, but then would have to be on his way. I picture a morning scene as he tells a weeping Ms. Cee, “Sorry babe, but that’s all you get.” Another says he “can’t remember the last time” he kicked a tatted woman out of bed. No doubt it was a strain to mentally review all the previous conquests, trying to remember. And maybe it did occur, but there have just been so many that he cannot remember. No harm meant here. 🙂 Just an observation. Certainly not meant to just pick on these two guys. Happens all the time. Just the way guys often are with each other–especially when safely behind one’s computer. Many of the initial comments are half said in jest anyway. But it is interesting. Anyway, I’m confident many here are quite charming, brutally handsome, and expert swordsmen–in other words, unnaturally successful in the mating game. 🙂

  30. I think she is gorgeous, my wife has similarly full lips so I would have assumed they are natural, however with models I guess you never know..

  31. Her tats kind of jump out at you so much that I think you almost have to comment on them.

    knarf: En garde! Touche!

  32. I really do wish them tattoos would jump out at me…out of my bedroom closet that is, along with them full pouty lips of hers.

  33. Haha wow, you guys are so hard and critical on me.

    Thank you for posting these and both the positive and negative comments. Can’t please everybody!

    For those that aren’t really into tattoos, I respect that. Hopefully but the time I’m 70…no one will want to see me naked anyways so I don’t think that is too much of an issue for me.

    Also, I’ve never had any work done. My lips are big naturally. I got them from my dad and my sister has the same ones. So is the nose.

    Live long and prosper!

  34. Hi kathryncee, thanks for stopping by. In spite of the criticisms here, it seems you certainly have the right attitude for some one putting themselves out there in the spotlight – you have to be able to take this stuff on the chin, and it seems you certainly do. I salute you for that!

  35. Thanks! =) I think its funny you thought my nose was fake and my lips. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment. I always thought my nose was kind of big and awkward.

  36. Hey kathryn…why’d you wait so long to visit the old Asian-Sirens post on you? You’re awesome by the way.

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