Unknown Thai Model


Found her on a website. Doesn’t look familiar. Any ideas?Additional Photos:










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  1. I’m sure she will appeal to those who are not, unfortunately, particular fans of Thai girls in general. She has more eastern asian features than southeast asian features, almost westernized IMHO. That said, she does look nice, but I like all Thai girls even the Isarn darker ones with the heavy ethnic look.

  2. That is a Thai model who’s nickname is Guitar. Tha Thais very rarely use their actual name rather their nicknames.

  3. Like Strout, I’m a fan of the Issarns. But this thai model also appeals to me.

    I can see the asian eyes and she looks very sexy, great body. Kinda like a Maria Ozawa of Thailand.

  4. Not bad, Travis.

    But I have to ask, how many non-nude posts in a row do we have to endure?


    Just kidding.

    (Kind of.)

  5. Not sure what this girls name is either, but hello beautiful…I’ll take super naked too…and Isaarn of course. Not the picky type.

  6. She looks like Julianne Moore to me in a couple of shots.

    Maybe super naked means multiple naked girls all naked together naked. Naked.

  7. Va va voom. I love thai girls, and even though she lacks a lot of the typical features, she’s still gorgeous. She has enough european features on her that she reminds me a lot of the popular TV actresses in Thailand who oftentimes don’t look very thai.

  8. very attractive. I don’t care about the matter she is Thai or not, just curious about her name or profile 😀

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