Holly Woo


Holly Woo (sometimes referred to as Kimora Lei) is an Japanese-American pornstar from California. She stands at an intimidating 4’11.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 4’11
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: San Francisco area














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  1. This is one of those girls who makes me wonder if there’s any kind of standards applied to Asian American import “models” and porn “stars” at all. Her face is okay (but unremarkable), and her body, well… surely the standards for even a porn “star” should be a little higher than this? No offence to this girl – I just don’t think she’s model material.

  2. I guess this is the super naked that was promised, with all the glitter, and while appreciated I’d pass on this one.

  3. i love short girls. she could stand to work out the belly a little bit, but I would still be able to have a fun evening with her.

  4. Now Travis, I very much appreciate your emphasis on variety. But it is possible to take the concept too far. 🙂

  5. daznlover, according to her reviews on the popular bay area escort service website redbook, she’s not so bad.

    so if anyone really finds this girl attractive and happens to be in the bay area, well… you have options.

  6. I like the first pic and then….that’s it.

    I do appreciate the natural nose, however. Seems it’s been a while since we’ve seen one.

  7. Well, at least she’s natural all the way. That’s gotta count for something these days, right, ESPECIALLY for a porn ‘actress.’

    From some angles she looks like Avena Lee.

  8. I don’t post often But I could not pass this one up. Call me odd, but I think this girl is far more attractive than the last 7 listed before her. Personally I prefer shorter and darker women, including those that some call thick. Those women are far more realistic to me when compared to the plastic looking or medically enhanced versions. I am not a big fan of “fair skin” either. I think this girl has some very nice features. Her build is nice, her face is wonderful, especially the lips. I know everyone has their own preference but I really like this girl, thanks for posting her!

  9. I quite like this girl as well. She scrubs up quite well as can be seen from the first pic, and has nice legs. Would be interesting to see if she is a good performer in terms of the hardcore she does.

    I have to say I think its a bit hypocritical when people enforce civility in some threads and then jump into the slam dunk contest in others.

  10. christine, so you know that site too! 🙂
    You know how the theory goes: the less perfect they look, the more they have to make an effort. Usually it becomes true. 😉

    And Holly / Kimora can be quite attractive, with her curves, her pretty pussy, her face. Some little belly fat won’t be a problem. Would be if she was a fashion model. It’s good to see some less frequent posters coming out and showing some love!

    Doc, regarding the athletics part. Maybe it’s a marathon reference. 😉

  11. @mystikiel: “I have to say I think its a bit hypocritical when people enforce civility in some threads and then jump into the slam dunk contest in others.”

    There’s a difference between valid criticism of a girl as a model and rudeness. The former is allowed here (indeed, encouraged), but the latter is not. You will see I call out rude comments just as much on models I don’t like as on models I do.

  12. I just dont find the SoCal look or sensibilities attractive at all. Again same as the last lady she comes across as to low class or maybe cheap and trashy would be a better way of expressing it, for my taste.

    I love her diminutive stature and like her all natural appearance nonetheless.

    On a side note, she does not give me the impression she is a J-girl as well – odd…

  13. what i want to know is…what is that stuff on her body in the nightclub shots? did she do that herself? looks like it might’ve been professionally airbrushed onto her. 🙁 it looks fun, though, and it seems like it would be useful for costume parties.. if i ever (a) got invited to costume parties and (b) once invited, had the time to go :”'(

    basically, if i threw a party, i would tailor the theme just so i could paint myself with glittery purple body paint. with silver stars! and shimmery blue streaks! unlike her though, there would be a lot more paint and a lot less nakedness.

  14. @daznlover, yeah i actually heard about that site a few months back. when i found out about it, i think i spent a few hours combing through the prostitutes forum for international blvd just so i could see pictures (since i’ve never been there myself — i don’t see any reason to go unless i have business there, you know?). anyway, that was an eye-opener. i guess i didn’t know what a genuine hooker looked like until then, and i honestly thought they’d look a lot more trashy and drugged-out than they did.

    so, basically i have my eyes peeled for them now. like, i’ll be in AMPM and see some girl with giant hoop earrings, long acrylic nails, and booty shorts and think to myself “anyone could be a hooker! ARE YOU A HOOKER?”

    anyway, sounds like this girl’s main hardcore scene is with mr. chew’s asian beaver. i really really detest that site.

  15. Holly’s face,stature and presentation are practically identical to a Vietnamese lady of my acquaintance. (??)

  16. christine hookers are real people, just neighbours like others. Yeah some can be your neighbours too. 🙂
    Glad you cleared that up for now! 😛

    Many escorts are hot girls dressing well, nice attitudes, even educated. You wouldn’t take them for what they do for a living.

    What’s down with mr. chew’s?

  17. I’m not sure why you’ve recently acquired this fascination with hookers Chrsitine, but they’re just people like everyone else. It doesn’t have such a stigma attached to it in non-puritanical Christian countries – in other words, pretty much every first world country except the US – and is legal. In fact, in Australia, working in a brothel is the most popular job for girls putting themselves through uni. Just imagine – if you lived in Australia and had to pay your way through uni, you might be one. 🙂

  18. it’s moreso the way that people talked about the hookers on international blvd here in oakland, which is infamous for a prostitution busts every day. the way that people talk about it here, it’s kind of like you’d expect every hooker to be a crack-smoking wart-ridden woman with six kids, dangly hoop earrings, and clowny makeup. so, i guess when i saw candid pictures of what “goes down” on that street, i was a little surprised, since a lot of them just look like regular college-aged kids.

    i mean, a lot of them were the really ghetto ones i described, but from the descriptions i had heard i wouldn’t have really expected the other girls i saw.

    i just got onto that site from a news story i read on prostitution busts on that street – the story linked to the website, so i checked it out out of my own curiosity, having never ventured down into the shadier parts of oakland before. i don’t check it regularly or anything.

  19. The illegality of it in the US does attract drugs, gangs etc., but make it legal like it is in pretty much every other first world country, and it becomes a job just like any other.

  20. Doc I gotta say I’m surprised about a brothel being the most popular job for college girls in Australia. Are you sure you don’t have McDonalds there? 😉

    Gotta search more about that.

  21. I’m not talking about high school girls, I’m talking about university graduates – once people reach university graduate age, they’re usually too old for McDonalds. 🙂 We don’t have college as such in Australia.

  22. prostitution the most popular job for Aussie uni students?? from experience I would have put my money on bar work, where the girls are much sluttier 😉

  23. Doc, colleges and uni are roughly the same. Maybe not there. 😉
    People going to university still work at McDonalds.

    I think it would be weird to hear ‘hey mom I’ll pay for the books, that brothel around the corner has class, good working conditions and benefits’. It really happens there?

  24. I don’t know if they tell their mums what they actually do! However, the report I heard on this is a few years old – apparently, since the economic downturn, brothels have cut their staff by more than half, so perhaps they’re back in the bars now. 🙂

  25. She looks much better in some of the porn shoots I’ve seen her in.

    christine: why do you detest Mr. chews so much? It’s certainly much better than Asian Street Meat and the like. Of course no one really believes the storyline (at least no one with any common sense).

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