Kini Lee


When I was asked to feature some of the women from Imagine Models, I noted Kini Lee specifically before I completely forgot to feature her. My bad. Luckily, I can feature her now, and while I don’t have any Imagine Model photos to show you, at least I can feature what I found in random places around the Internet. Enjoy.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’7
Ethnicity: Korean/German
Located: Las Vegas




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  1. Nice body (though the implants are pretty obvious). Very pretty face, reminds me a little of Miranda Kerr.

  2. I find her really attractive apart from the eyebrows which just need a little grooming. Her body is very tight which I love. I have a feeling that some here will find her jaw line too masculine though.

  3. damn… what is the inflation capacity of her funbags? must be a couple of hundred PSI at least…..

    if the eyebrows are anything to go by, i reckon you’d need a weed wacker to explore the tassie regions. Could be fun.

  4. For me she isn’t the prettiest girl we’ve featured, but she’s certainly pretty enough – and boy, what a body! Fabulous breasts, and her stomach – wow! Such a beautiful form, and such perfect muscle tone – very “cut”, but still very feminine. The only thing harder than her abs is my reaction to them. 😀

  5. BTW, the main thing making her breasts look fake is her push-up bras – I think her boob job is actually very good, especially considering how little body fat she has.

  6. A fabulous body to be sure but her extremely wide and square jaw just doesn’t do it for me. Also, I’m not a fan of her eyebrows which look slightly cartoonish.

    Slamming body punctuated by a stomach you could bounce quarters off of. Damn!

  7. SPECIAL THANKS, Travis, for featuring Kini, even tho she is very ‘un-Asian’ in appearance. Thanks!

    When was the last time we saw External Obliques, Serratus Anterior and Rectus Abdominus that look like those on this beauty?! (Not even DK, tho she was close!) This is what the Femaleus Americanus body should look like! <:-)) American women with a taut body like hers has become an ‘endangered-species’! I avoid going to the Mall these days and being ‘visually-assaulted’ by obscene-obesity (women…AND men)! Quite a contrast with the Malls in China where obesity is rare.

    Kini ‘walks-the-line’ between the too-skinny and the too-muscular. What a knockout!! (wish there were some nude shots in her portfolio…darn!)

  8. AND ANOTHER THING…or two: “Bushy” eyebrows are not ‘fashionable’ in Asia, but my 24 year-old (non-Asian) thanks me frequently for the bushy-eyebrows I passed to her!

    Amusing…the negative comments re Kini’s jawline. She received a ‘double-dose’ of square-jaw…a gift of her heritage! FYI…square-jawed women are bedroom-tigers! What saye ye…Outback-kroos?? There must be many ‘sqare-jaw-gals’ in Gympietown?

  9. I hate to be the odd man out but I don’t like her much beyond the first photo. I find her unattractive and too muscly for me. I like her boobs though.

  10. This girl is very pretty, but isn’t ‘styled’ properly.

    She’s actually got a very ‘soft’ look, but appears very ‘hard’;her jaw line, brows, her push up bra / tits, her muscle tone cut, etc. are all very ‘hard’ edges.

    In the silvery bathing suit, you can actully see some ‘drop’ in her breasts which suggests she’s artifically pushing them up in the other shots.

    If she was 15 and her tits stuck straight up like that – okay. But at 25? C’mon…they need to have a more natural look to them.

    If she was dressed / styled differently and let those tits loose and drop down a bit, she’d probably look soooooo much better.

    I’d prefer to see her in softer, looser linen beach wear. Or swim wear tops that are just ‘looser’ so her breasts don’t appear to be so corsetted!

    Her nose is a big blockish too, but not to the point that she’s ‘fugly’. She’s got so much going for her…just needs to appear a bit softer and allow her hard edges to refine her, instead of define her.

  11. Pretty girl but very LA look to the photos and the boobs. There is such a difference usually between Asians in the USA and Asians in Asia.
    I think the USA kinda screws it up. The “artistic” sensibility is all wrong. And that phony off-the-rack school girl outfit? Just silly.

  12. WoW! Kini’s body is hot enough to make me shiver all over. If I were to ever see this woman in person, it would probably hurt me in a good way. I might even cry.

  13. Looks like I hit the nail on the head when I predicted many would not like her jawline or eyebrows. I think a lot of the posters on AS like much more soft body lines. As for me, I wouldn’t be able to get enough of this girl.

  14. If there was an IT girl that ever existed, then I would say Kini Lee is THE ONE. Consider me a fan for life.

  15. She is average for me, I’m afraid.
    Saw much much better in Hangzhou and Shanghai last 4 days, everywhere!

  16. To me, hr jawline looks like a triangle, not squarish. Despite that, and her somewhat large nose, I still find Kini attractive.

    I like pics 3 and 4 the best. And Doc, I think you came close to breaching our posting guidelines, but it’s HARD to say:-p

  17. The first pic is the best for me. Some of the others look as though she’s holding her breath and tensing her stomach muscles too much. She has a great body, but I’d like to see her look more relaxed.

    Very pretty though.

  18. Oh Doc, your comment is fair. So I take no offence. I know many of the 40 something Chinese women wear corsets (but many don’t too), but I WISH I could show you the pics I took of the GORGEOUS younger 20 somethings in HZ and “Shaghai” – I chuckled when I made that typo recently too, and thinking ‘how apt’.
    And yes, no doubt at all about the wonder of Kini’s taut stomach.

  19. Super hot body. Almost perfect, love the abs.

    The eyebrows however, gotta go!
    But she has such fantastic proportions, I wouldn’t mind.

    Square jaw? Common guys, no excuses if you can’t have her…. 🙂

  20. wingsfan, I’m trying to unscramble what you said.
    Scrolling, I see that ‘harder’ was your word, not Doc’s.
    Perhaps Doc meant ‘harder’ instead of ‘hot’ in relation to stomachs. So you, and maybe I, took him out of context. I thought he meant she had a flatter (and harder) stomach than on the women in Shaghai [sic] and Hangzhou. And I disagreed, preferring not to generalise all the women in those cities.
    So I believe I WAS referring to the right Doc-comment.

    Not sure if that clears it up.
    It’s all semantics (I think I’ve got the right term), and whatever it is, in the end who really cares? hot = hard =taut = sexy and kini is a sexy woman, sort of.

  21. Doc..oh THAT comment!
    hmm I see now. And now I know why I had a HARD time unpicking wingsfan19’s comment.

    So, describing your physical reaction in that way goes towards breaching guidelines does it?
    Must keep that in mind.

  22. Yeah, I once was chastised here for saying I’d like to have a particularly long-legged lass featured here wrap her legs around me.

  23. lol Wingsfan. Seems you can think it, but don’t dare write it!

    I don’t think what you were chastised for was all that crude. I’m sure I have seen cruder comments posted – with NO subtlety at all – on AS.

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