Tia is a lovely model from Los Angeles. Born in the Philippines, she spent a lot of her time in Italy. She has several photos below, but the photo editing appears to make her look worse, not better, so I was hoping to feature a video on this site instead, but then then the video apparently is not allowed on this site according to the site it came from, which is weird. That’s weird right? That seems weird to me.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: LA







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  1. OH MY GOD!…I just about let out a howl that would surely have woken up my family when I just saw this woman. Delicious and brown and leggy and nice.

  2. The ref to Italy makes me think she might have Italian blood in her. Tia sounds Italian too. Judging by these pics, it’s a nice mix if she is part Italian, part Philipina.

    Gorgeous figure! and that bronzed body!mmm
    Damn..arf saw her first! And he’s howling too!

  3. My wifes friend from the philippines was previously married living in Italy and her daughters do have a certain similarity to this beauty. You could be on to something longtack with the Italian thing. Yum!…a little italian does sound good right about now. Raviolios anyone?

  4. TIA could benefit from some decent photography. She has lovely natural skin tone…the dude that layed-on that skin color in photos 4 & 6 should be punished!
    (“…all should be California Girls…”)

  5. I would love to see more of Tia. She has an *outstanding* body and is drop dead gorgeous. Definitely awarding her a 10! I think she’s one of, if not, the hottest filipinas ever featured here.

    Need more pics of her! And I would like to see some candid photos, but great find Travis!

  6. She has a certain Beyonce quality to her…..and here i thought this site couldn’t get any better….consider me a TIA fan for life.

  7. Wow…a 3-peat! Nice roll we’re on.

    Tia is definately HOT…very sultry and exotic looking.

    The only adjustment I’d suggest for her is to cut that shaggy hair.

    Totally agree with Nighthawk about the overly processed images. I think she’d look much better with some softer lighting and less contrasting backgrounds.

    Imagine seeing her spread out on some Calvin Klein sheets in the early morning or late afternoon sun???

  8. She’s a real treat. I love her wide smile and long hair.

    I agree with NIGHTHAWK, the photoshopping of her natural skin is a big mistake. Her natural brown skin is wonderful, should not be messed with.

    I wonder how she got to travel to PI, Italy and so on. Filipinas have a hard time going abroad unless they get married (or engaged) or have some foreign parents. Well if they get some work contracts that may be an exit way, of course.

    Real sexy body.

  9. Ciao, la mia bella Tia! Io amo tutto di te! Soprattutto la tua pelle di bronzo e vivace seni.

    Hello, my lovely Tia! I love everything about you! Especially your bronze skin and perky breasts.

    In German, not so romantic: Hallo, mein schönes Tia! Ich liebe alles an dir! Besonders Ihre Haut und Bronze perky Brüste.

    And finally in Tagalog: Hello, ang aking mga kaibig Tia! ibig ko lahat ng bagay tungkol sa iyo! Lalo na iyong bronze balat at masigla suso.

  10. Thanks to Google translate for that — I can only imagine the trouble I would have gotten into back in the day when I was single and living overseas if Google translate had been available then!

  11. I see she has been around a while but definitely a keeper! Sexy nature-made body and a heck of a smile.

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