Kim Ok Bin

Kim Ok-bin (born in 1986) is a Korean actress and model who was voted Hottie of the year 2006 by M-net. When she won the honor of being the co-host for the annual M-net music festival, she decided to do something in the opening of the festival as a host. While supporting her, M-net put some of her moves on the air to help promote the festival.

After the dance there is a ‘making of’ where you get to see her close-up. Check out more of her videos at YouTube.

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  1. The music isn’t good, but she moves nice and she have really nice long, black hair. The outfit isn’t too bad either.

  2. To me she is perfect with them hot legs, long hair and pretty face. I just love a girl poppin’ a squat when she’s dancing, also. Let’s watch it again, shall we.

  3. now THIS girl has her moves down. not the best hip hop movies, but this is sooooo MUCH better than the other dance video we featured with that chick from Myspace dancing to “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. she was so stiff! i like her soft features, btw, i think she looks great. she looks like she has some meat on her bones and that’s awesome. i don’t really dig the waif look on anyone, and it seems like so many asian girls don’t have any t&a, curves, hips, or whatever. at least this girl has a really sweet set of toned legs and i’m glad she’s considered beautiful in korea!

  4. Totally OT: Did anyone watch “Entourage” tonight? Hiromi Oshima had about three seconds of (uncredited) screen time as a restaurant hostess.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  5. MoonLight, if you’re a woman, how about a youtube video to certify that? 😉
    If you’re not, I’ll believe you and let’s keep it at this. 🙂

  6. Interesting, but why not post this in one of our many Hiromi threads?

    Because old Hiromi threads are not exactly timely. Such is the weakness of the blog vs. forum format: No way to throw out new information that won’t get lost in an old thread (without, you know, getting slapped by the Doc).

  7. I do believe she is my future wife in my next life, if it’s at all possible. What I would give to have them legs wrapped around my neck and me…nah, I’d better not say it. G’day.

  8. Curtis, I have found that when someone comments an old post, other people do to – it seems a lot of people check out the “recent comments” page. Anyway, please keep your comments on topic.

  9. 🙂 For those of you not familiar with the real punk bands of the late 70s/early 80s (not the commercial rubbish they call ‘punk’ these days), The Clash did one of the better versions of “I Fought the Law”.

  10. suprise she knows about the clash doc…i thought she is much younger and from vn…
    london calling….:))

  11. Christine is much younger than her taste in music and intellect/wisdom would suggest, but she isn’t Vietnamese – she’s Chinese.

  12. After watching this video for the twenty fifth time now, I’m beginning to think she is one of my all time favorite asian-sirens. It’s them long legs and that perfect face that’s got me all crazy about her. Is she single?

  13. It’s getting crazy now. I’m like totally obsessed with this girl. It’s that hair and legs.


  14. i knew someone would guess i was from vn. my dad’s from canton, but his whole family looks more vietnamese because canton’s so close to vn. i think i look viet-chinese

    arf, do you live in a city that has no koreans whatsoever? i’m so baffled by your picks sometimes. like, this girl beats out that tiang fang chick from a few posts back? really? i agree she has longer legs than most, but i don’t really think her face is that much above average? maybe it’s because there’s a video of her shaking her butt like beyonce and with tiang it was just metart photos?

  15. I dunno, Lee. You seem hard to please. This woman’s pretty attractive. And I’ve got to agree w/ Christine, a little meat on the bones is a good thing.

  16. she is attractive but like i said not exceptional..and she seems to have a tad too much padding for a model…or a performer

  17. I don’t think she has too much padding, but I just find her totally bland – neither particularly attractive or unattractive, and devoid of any special character.

  18. Ok, I’m back. I feel bland is kind of harsh in describing Kim Ok-Bin. Maybe it’s the hair and them legs. Oh yeah, I already said that before. And Christine, I live on Okinawa which doesn’t have a whole lot of Koreans, but I have been to Korea on several TDY’s for my job. I’ve always seen hot korean chicks when I’m there. Are you saying Korean girls aren’t that hot? I guessI am a leg man. I also like a nice ass too.

  19. Also I think her face is just a step above Tiang Fangs face. To me Tiang Fang is much more on the bland side than Kim. She’s attractive too, just not on a Kim Ok-bin level.

  20. The video is exceptionally boring; I tried twice but couldn’t get past more than a minute or so. Her legs however are beautiful.

    She’s not a smokin hottie; but I wouldn’t say she is bland. In one of arf’s pic above she looks cute–she’s got that Ryo Mori-smile going on (Ms Mori’s best quality)–the dimples with sort of a straight lip–whatever it is I’m still working off the crush I got on Ryo from a couple of months ago.

  21. I would say Ryo Mori is a little more on the sultry side than Kim for sure. It’s them eyes and what they say in that photo of yours Bubalabobo. Kim has more of the nice girl next door look to her. Not quite bland to me though. I would most certainly love having my way with both of these girls.

  22. Oh yeah, BlueSkies, I just now caught your reincarnation comment above. Funny, ha. That’s would be a crazy and exciting experience being Kim’s wife…Did I just say that out loud. Kim would still be a female though…right?

  23. what if kim is a stationary bike in her next life? then you could have your legs wrapped around her at any time. be careful what you ask for?

  24. Or Christine, maybe I could be Kim’s stationary bike in my next life with my tongue as the seat. Whoa! I need a shower now.

  25. arf’s reincarnation plan: commit some murder, then suicide, and hope to God that you land in some gym in korea which gets frequented by kim ok bin?

  26. What’s that? Who told you? What else do you know about me? And where is that gym that you speak of?

  27. Wow she was born in 1986…thats the same year I bought the shirt I;m wearing…???She has held up much better..

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