Kim @

Kim @

A friend tipped me about this beautiful Asian model at fashion site Naketano.

The site is filled with photos of her in various outfits. Unfortunately they don’t seem to sell lingerie… 😉

Kim @

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  1. You’re right about that LawBoy – I delete spam as soon as I see it, and spammers as soon as they post. I have ZERO tolerance towards spam!

  2. She looks so cute and athletic and with such sexy shape. And I’m hardly seeing any skin. We need more now… sad (?) but true. 🙂

    Common Robin, who is Kim?…. Seems you know more than you tell, lol.

  3. A German manufacturer, no less, displaying its wares on a sweet Asian girl. Are Asians as popular in Deutschland as they are here in USA?

  4. I don’t think so ’cause we haven’t got many
    An asian girl in an ad here is still sort of an
    unusual eye catcher. Should tell people
    “we are something special”.
    By the way, are there any cute asian girls
    in my area (SB), please speak up.

  5. sorry guys, I have zero info on her. And the name Kim just isn’t enough for me to do some research… But if anyone can spare some free time and find out more about her, be my guest. My guess she is just a hired model of maybe even a friend of the clothing company.

  6. I tried to search but no luck.

    Regarding the germans, as far as I know quite a few have a thing for asians. Like mangia said, asians are not so many there, so the exotism and different beauty catches on.

    Btw, I heard there are plans to build a chinatown some miles away from Berlin, it’s some sort of plan for a nearby city to Berlin, to put itself on the map for tourists. Kinda weird, since they want the chinatown but there aren’t many asians living over there, from what I read in the reports.

  7. Yes, she is Vietnamese – or at least her name is! I must say though, she does look Vietnamese to me, so I have no reason to question it.

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