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When travelling to Asia, I usually fly with an Asian airline company like Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines. Is it because of their good service? Because of their fares? Sure. But how about their stewardesses? There always are a couple of beautiful ladies part of the cabin crew that help to make your flight more comfortable.I did not fly with Korean Air yet, but I did fly with Singapore Airlines:

and various Chinese Airlines:

Singapore Airlines has high standards. I found their rules and regulations:

– Hair must be black or dark brown. No highlights allowed. Long hair must be coiffed neatly into a bun. Short hair should be above the collar line. Fringe should not touch the eyebrow.
– No fanciful, dangling earrings allowed. Only studs or pearls.
– No chains and necklaces allowed.
– A spare kebaya must be brought for every flight, even short one-hour flights.
– Safety shoes, or covered sandals must be worn during takeoff and landing. At other times, she should wear the batik slippers. Toenails must be of the bright red color prescribed by the company.
– Eyebrows must be shaped, and cannot be the fake drawn-on or tattooed types.
– Eye shadow must be of the color prescribed by the company – either blue or brown, depending on skin tone.
– Lipstick color must be among the few shades of bright red prescribed by the company. Pink or plum colors are not allowed.
– Nail polish must be of the bright red color prescribed by the company. Nails should not be chipped.
– Only simple bracelets and rings can be worn







Feel free to comment about your own experiences with Asian stewardesses… eh… airlines or send in some photos! 😉

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  1. My korean friend always raves about the korean airlines and how I should fly them when I go to Japan. His main reason is the stuardesses. Fresh post, Robin!

  2. I’ve flown a lot and from my personal experiences, the staff at the Asian airlines are much friendlier and customer service oriented. Not to mention, the stewdardesses (a word that I like, but I think has been replaced by “flight attendant”) are all absolutely beautiful. Whereas the staff at many of the U.S. airlines seem to treat passengers more like cargo and the flight attendants are a little more, uh….motherly in appearance. Maybe because they want to stay away from that “coffee, tea, or ME” stereotype from years past?

  3. One of my trips to Japan I took Air Canada. Outbound most were Japanese: polite, friendly, great service. Returning they were doughy fat rude clumsy white Canadians: bumping me, dropping things, and just generally graceless rude & coarse. Welcome back to N. America!

  4. Hmmm, familiarity breeds contempt. I live in Singapore and fly SQ all the time. I am totally over their stewardesses, with their brutal buns (hair I mean) and OTT make up. I only see dragon ladies now. With the exception of the odd Japanaese or Melayu stewardess. Would love to fly more Japanese airlines. Also found Cathay a nice change.

  5. PS the only airline whose stewardesses made me “break the journey” as it were was Thai. Nice. Thought I would share that.

  6. I’m old enough to remember the last time U.S.
    air carriers had hottie stewardesses.It was the end of the DISCO ERA.Deregulation hit.High fuel prices hit.Unions hit…too often…from too many angles.Air travel became affordable to most everyone.Hot chix only flew because you stood a good chance of meeting an “eligible” man.(a guy with some STAMPS) Even in coach.Sadly I was but a child.But if you managed to be a pilot or a stewardess…or anything in that business from 1960-1980 you lived THE LIFE.I lived in Miami through the 80’s & 90’s.I saw a neighborhood-one of the more envied ones next to the airport-turn into a total ‘HOOD in 5 short years.’83-’87.Pilots & flight attendants took paycuts…lost jobs…could’nt keep up …got old quickly.It was ugly.

  7. JD:

    The A-380 is a piece of JUNK.No I don’t work for BOEING. Airbus tried to do too much-and had input from tooo many people.Collaborative design is sooo overrated.The result was a 3 year delay to market.It is said they will NEVER make money on the plane because of BILLIONS in cost overruns.It’s only cost effective for long haul (ten hr.>) flights.This is what happens when too many people collaborate and BIG GOVERNMENT gets involved.You get WHITE ELEPHANTS that are obsolete before they sell even one.
    Besides…I’m not interested in being SARDINED onto a plane with 500-800 other breathing coughing people for 10-16 hours.I’d actually be more comfortable if you put me on a plane with 200-300 other souls and got me ANYWHERE ON EARTH in under 6 HOURS. Supersonic flight…or lack thereof…is a REGULATORY ISSUE…not a technological one.The TREE HUGGERS held big sway back in the ’70s and got overland SS flights banned forever.I guess the LUDDITES assumed that the technology would stand pat.WRONG.With composites-the technology exists to make a SS plane thats flies faster carries more people and uses LESS fuel than something bigger & slower.With minimal or NO sonic boom.
    Boeing got it half right with the new 787…a plane they will MAKE money on.It’s not supersonic…but it will fly further using less fuel.I love the way they deeked Airbus into building the A380.They threatened to replace the 747 right up until Airbus started tooling up.Then went 180 the other way.Gotta love it. Oh…my bad.This sight is about chix…right?

  8. i know… i am an airplane freak, i agree with you. i just like the fact that its really shiny. you like aviation? it seems so. the 787 is nice. I cant wait till the rollout… i think it is july 8… woo!

  9. What was that lady saying in that third video? It seemed she wanted him to stop filming. Anyway, China Airlines is nice and the non-stop from LA to Taipei was the best 13 hour nap I ever had. Sorry, but 13 hours of sitting still and not being able to smoke is, to paraphrase Lewis Black, like a stress-test that is out of control! That aside, imagine being tapped gently on the shoulder by an oh-so-cute Chinese girl, who is at best 25, just to wake me up and let me know we had landed. Oh, the memories.

  10. The A380 could land Airbus out of business. I wonder if the managers were sleeping……

    Anyway, Thai Airways seems to accept only single women, at least 5’2, with proportional weight, educated.

  11. I flew on JAPAN AIRLINES (JAL).
    The women were BEAUTIFUL – first time I’d been around that many ethnic Japanese women.

    I can understand why the company’s are so restrictive on dress codes – makes it so each flight is memorable…

    …in the male cheuvanist, sexist kind of way.

  12. As an avid viewer of some months I have just joined up to the site because I would love to add my experiences to this particular thread.

    I flew to HK with Singapore Airlines earlier in May and could not stop watching the Flight Attendants (the female ones I hasten to add, lol, although the two male Attendants would have had their own followers I am sure.) All were cute and one was quite beautiful, shame she usually worked the other aisle. I stayed in Shenzhen and took Shenzhen Airlines to Lijiang. The Chinese Attendants were also cute (of course) but on the way back, we (my Chinese fiancee and I) used China Airlines. Two of the Attendants were quite stunning. I must say, all had smiles that could melt hearts and I just loved their Chinese accents when they spoke to me in good English. Towards the end of the 2 1/2 hour flight, they lead all the passengers in some callisthenics. It was quite amusing to see everyone waving their arms in the air following the Attendants movements and their movements were worth watching and following, lol.

  13. I was waiting on a connection in Taipei for a China Airlines 747, and the attendants came in about two hours before we left; this big pack of stunners all parade in to board. I’ve never seen so many good looking attendants on one plane. The ladies were clearly selected for beauty, unlike US carriers.

  14. ranking

    1. japan air
    2. malasia
    3. singapore
    4. thai air

    did i leave any others out? this goes for service too….i would never fly anything but JAL…:)

  15. Remember when..USA had great flight attendtnnts… Most of the time I fly on Asiana Airlines, and I usally have 5 to 7 hour layovers in Seoul. I am always in the Transfer part of the airport….

    I have spent many hours watching the Flight Attendents…..
    To me Asiana Air hands down has the prettest woman in the Air, On the Ground, or anywhere…..

    One question: all the USA carriers have Flight Attendants that are in the 50’s and 60’s…. I don’t think you can be 30 and work for a Asian airline…. WE need their union in The US

  16. luvjgirls…I only fly Asian airlines just for the reason youy said…There is no comparison on the service, also the food is better….

    off: north american airlines

    on : all asian airlines

    I also do a lot of China domestic flight. all thw woman on all the chinese airlines are beautiful and very friendly…

    they also serve a hot meal on almost every flight, food is ok….not bad..pretty good.

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