Happy Slip’s Dance Audition

Filipina comedienne Christine β€œHappy Slip” Gambito recounts her failed audition for Dancing with the Stars. Fortunately, she has her new YouTube revenue shares to console her.

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0 thoughts on “Happy Slip’s Dance Audition”

  1. So is this Gambito girl famous? I did read about her on Asian Sirens a couple of times before, but probably wasn’t paying enough attention, cuz I have no idea why she is funny… or even ‘hot’ for that matter.

  2. She seems smart and that’s hot for me. For sure she is very good looking & charming in person. πŸ™‚

    It helps if you know about the filipino culture too, it has some cute traits about it.

  3. Hi Mike. I think we’re going to have to impose an embargo on any more posts about this girl. I did one, and you’ve done about half a dozen! That’s way more than an enough for such a short period of time I think.

  4. Once again, while I found the ‘Mac beautiful’ vid I posted about absolutely hysterical, I find this video (like everything else I’ve seen of her’s) to be quite tedious and self-indulgant.

  5. i think the doc will over look this over posting of this girl….if she gets naked :))

  6. yup, I agree there. Better more Miss China. More fun commenting than looking around at most of the girls on this website anyway

  7. Alright greatt2, I’ve given you more than enough chances already. All you seem to want to do is bad mouth this site and anything to do with China. So seeing as you hate this site so much, I guess you won’t mind the fact that I have now suspended your membership.

  8. Waaaay too much coverage of a girl who doesn’t even do implied nudity. And her videos didn’t hold my interest either. Congrats and all, but let’s see some boobies!

  9. Is she a real comedienne? I thought she was kinda cute too but I am slightly partial to Filipinas. I do agree that we should disallow the China bashing. There are plenty of political sites for that. Let’s just appreciate asian women here from all lands.

  10. see Mike i am not the only one….we all here would like to see more boobies…how about talking to happy slip to get her to drop her slip:)..i like her looks too…very exotic in a filipina way…bet she looks good nakie:)

  11. She’s pretty, she’s (sometimes) funny, I don’t think she’ll ever show any skin…. and I hope this is the last post about her we’ll see here.

  12. She is pretty, and makes some really great facial expressions–funny. But the videos are self indulgent (not a Youtube exception) and demonstrate the weakness of the unedited forum.

  13. She should stick to the Seinfeld “observational” kind of humor. This is a weak attempt at sketch comedy. I think her appeal was her sincerity, but looks like the money has corrupted her. haha

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