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Kiki Her (Her name may also be Kiki So) is also one of the Hmong Hotties. Just to quash these comments right off the bat, modeling is not about being thin or anorexic – it is about pulling off what you do have. Kiki has tattoos, piercings, and is not as thin as your average model, but IMO, she pulls off what she does have very well, which is what makes her a modeling success.That is not to say these women need to be “your type” – they don’t – and you are welcome to say so. But let’s lay off the insulting comments and try to keep it about what you like, if you like, and what you think could be an improvement, rather than just a straight insult without a justification. Cool? Cool.


Age: 21
Height: 5’1
Weight: 117
Ethnicity: Hmong
Located: Sacramento, California















Hmong Hotties

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  1. Of course you all are welcome to your opinion. I CERTAINLY do not take anything you say against the models personally – but there were a few people (no names named) that were a little too insulting in the last thread, so I’m hoping we get less of them in this thread.

    Also, I do like Kiki and Anissa. But I do not always post people that are my type, because if I limited it to women that I am really attracted to, all you would get are tan Chinese women and the occasional Vietnamese woman and no one else. So of course you are welcome to say that you are not fond of a model, because occasionally I am not fond of a model. Only make sure that if you make a joke about the model it is limited to something that is not just a straight insult.

    Very few people crossed the line in the last thread IMHO, but there were a few of you that made disparaging comments that may have been too far. Maybe. So just make sure that what you are typing contributes.

    Cool? Cool.

  2. ok, if we can be honest here, very nice headlights, but modeling, not so much :))…
    1. tats
    2. eyebrows
    3. maybe about 15 pounds away from goal. 🙂

    just a few suggs for her to take into consideration. 🙂 shut up Bill 🙂 don’t even think about posting that :))

  3. LayBoy, I’m with you. And you missed the nipple piercing. TS can try to sell the ‘do your own thing’ angle – but it doesn’t fly in the shallow world of modeling where looks are your currency – the scrutiny is intense. Food is fuel and you should exercise your mind and body every day – words to live by.

  4. I’m not necessarily trying to sell anything. Only that the comments that were straight insults and not productive or conducive to conversation were probably too harsh. I’d hate to be the model and happen upon that page. Ouch.

    RE: Who can model

    Anyone can model. It is the type of model that is affected. There are models for just about anything. That does not mean they cannot receive criticism, of course they can and should. But “can never be a model” to someone that is quite clearly currently modeling is just a weird statement to make. Not necessarily too negative. Just… weird. It’s like telling you that it is impossible for you to comment.

  5. And I agree with Travis – as I said in her thread, some of the comments about Anissa were too much, and I don’t want to see them repeated here either.

  6. Styles Change: Not so long ago, voluptuous women(e.g. Jane Russel,Marilyn Monroe,Mae West, were the rage. The style continues in the most popular “mens mags”. Evaluating beautiful women,of any ethnicity,thru the tiny window of “today’s fashion models” is narrow-minded.

    Further back in time: Rubens would have turned-up his nose at today’s skinny-minnies!! He would love to have painted Kiki!!

    a-s members who cannot fantasize about meeting Kiki on a deserted beach are really missing the boat!

  7. They may not be fake.My wife has a body like that and she’s 100% all natural. My wife ,however, at 21 was skinnier with breasts that large. Yes, I’m a lucky guy.

  8. This model is a little heavy but the breasts and beauty far outweigh (no pun intended) that. Her largeness is distributed in the right areas making her sexy. Anyway, again Fantastic funbags.

  9. Please give us a little technical analysis of the boob job signs, Dr. Lee. I assume the give away comes from the pic where she is up against the tree and the one where she is on her back.

    Hot girl.

  10. My motto is:

    “If you can’t say something good about someone, sit right here by me.”


    Anyway, let me just say that her girth, and overall look, scares me a little bit.


  11. i agree with dean…she does look a bit scary in some of the pics…i think the eyebrows are a major factor

  12. I like alot. I wonder if the belly tats are hiding stretch marks, which could also explain the juicy knockers.

  13. @ knarf: you are absolutely correct: these pics are the giveaways – the way they stand up against gravity, and the way they hold a consistent shape regardless of pose. For example, if they were natural, when she lay on her back they would flatten out more, and move to the side (instead of having the nipples pointing directly up at the sky as they do). If it wasn’t for these two pics though, I wouldn’t have known if she was natural or not, so it is quite a natural looking job – I suspect she had pretty decent sized tits to start off with anyway.

  14. I’m getting good at this too. Soon enough I’ll get popular with some women, telling them how I can tell if they are real or not. Exams required, but free of charge. 🙂

  15. You guys don’t know me at all! I never said I like stick figures. This woman is hot, and you know what? Curvy asian women are usually hot.

    Look at that last pic. She still has a waist, and doesn’t have a gut. So she isn’t overweight. If her breasts were natural, well, that would have made her really impressive.

    Personally I really don’t like nipple piercings, but that’s just my preference.

  16. This girl looks nasty. I like that. All those piercing and tattoos makes her more attractive not to say about those really nice tits.

  17. She’s too … and … and I don’t like her … and …. On the other hand, her … and … are awesome.

  18. Love the Hmong Hotties, I’m very biased towards Viet girls, they’re my favorite looks wise (filipinos are close) and by far the best in bed:) This girl looks downright dirty and I mean that in a good way. Don’t see any Kelly Hu in her though, but cute none the less.

  19. I realize tattoo artists need to make a living like anybody else. But do when a nice looking young woman comes in to the shop and says “I’d like giants cursive letters and a series of stars drawn over my box” don’t you think they should talk them out of it?

    In 25 years somebody is going to rich doing laser treatments on old Asian women who grew up in SoCal.

  20. This woman’s body is amazing. Substance, while in proportion, is really attractive. I hate the anorexic, zero-definition body types (read Japanese AV idols).

    It’s unfortunate, however, that those tats are the way they are. I like tattoos, but those add nothing and only draw attention away from her beautiful body – really a shame.

  21. Her face has strong dominant features. I love her eyes and nose.

    Her boobs would keep my hands busy for months at a time.

    5’1, 115lbs?
    too small for me.

  22. The fourth shot down, her up against the tree in the open white shirt and boobies hanging out in that fashion, is just so hot and makes me happy.

  23. To this day I can’t see why beautiful women ruin their bodies with those obnoxious tatoos. Fantastic looking woman until we see the tats.

  24. Well said at the start Travis. Its pretty bad to read how harsh some of the comments get.

    Each to their own with their opinions, but some just read plain hateful.

    Lets just appreciate the common ground on why we love these beauties & have constructive threads, rather than post hate.

    As 4 Kiki, she’s got awesome curves & has a comfort & confidence in her body which I reckon adds to her sex appeal.

  25. Well put ADAN. I could see if this was your sister:|, or your mom:( or your girlfriend:) or something, but an internet chick/model…I can get over the tats.

  26. This lady is known as KK and Diamond Pink. She is also an escort in northern/central California. I, too, do not care for tats or pierced nipples, but I do like her facial features. She get the very highest marks on reviews from a local website. She is reputed to be as sweet as she is hot.

  27. As Photoshop touch-ups have falsely led me to believe a model had implants in at least one other case, I’m now beginning to wonder if that might be the case here too. The really “conclusive” shot is the one where she’s lying on her back, but as that one is so heavily touched up, I don’t know if it is truly representative of reality. And she sure looks natural in all the other shots, bar the one where her back’s against the tree (and that one isn’t conclusive). So it’s possible my initial conclusion she has implants may be wrong in this case – damn you Photoshop!

  28. first of all she does not look like kelly hu at all.being married to a hmong they are not all thick as some may think

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