Asuka Kirara


I spoil you guys. Asuka Kirara is Asian Sirens example number 5 billion of women that would look better if they smile. She has a great smile, perfect teeth and as an AV star she has great photographers. I would call it a waste, but if you look at the 16 photos below, you’ll see that nothing on Asuka is ever wasted.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’4
Weight: No idea
Blood Type: A
Located: Tokyo, Japan

According to her website she is good bridge. Impressed? You should be.



















Asuka Kirara 1
Asuka Kirara 2
Asuka Kirara 3

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  1. I don’t agree with you Travis, I prefer her when she’s not smiling, like on the pic in the garden.
    She is good looking but I personally prefer girls with smaller eyes, she probably had an eye surgery to look like this.

  2. Yes she is gorgeous. Nice post sir. I like her smile. You don’t need eye surgery to make your eyes like that either you can do it other ways. Who knows… shock horror maybe they are really her natural eyes.
    Anyhow, I’m a new member but have been a lurker for a while. Hello everyone.

  3. Doc will say he sees prettier girls everyday in Oz, yadda, yadda, but I would definitely notice this girl on the street. Lovely smile, beautiful big eyes, and – most remarkable, if photo 2 can be believed – not butt-less! I have to say, Travis, your J-girls (Risa Kasumi and Asuka Kirara) top my list in the recent hit parade. Bravo on a great string of ASs (<- note the capital letters BTW).

  4. Outstanding, Travis. Beautiful body and a great face. Great boob job…if you are going to get one, this is how they should look, IMO.

    As far as the smile goes…I love when these models smile. Her smile is just Ok, though. Her teeth do look perfect, but her smile seems less than natural, in most of the pictures with her smiling. Maybe it has something to do with the shape of her face (narrow near the mouth) and the size of her mouth and teeth (rather large).

    Still, that’s a minor quibble, as she is pretty fantastic…and I still prefer the, at least occasional, smile from these girls. Asuka has allayed my fear from looking at the pictures of Kiki.


  5. I am extremely picky when it comes to Japanese models. Hopefully that works out in AS’s favor when I do feature them. I have a list of 15 or so, but I’d like to spread them out over the girls from model mayhem and other modeling sites. As of this moment, my list of women to feature has expanded to over 140. If I ever give this up, I’m going to have to send that list to someone, because it is too good to pass up.

  6. Welcome here Basho!

    Travis, you mean more 140 sexy fine asian ladies? You’re the champ!! 🙂

    I also love her legs in that photo you mention. She is great, beautiful and sexy. And in some pics she seems even frightened. I’d volunteer to protect her.

  7. No doubt about it, she’s an angel. Love the body, love the smile, love the face, love the hair… there’s not much else to say about her. Now to find some of her videos.

  8. In Japan and some other east Asian countries, blood type is given importance similar to zodiac sign.

    Some of you have an exaggerated perception of her pubes. In typical J-porn the genitals are blacked out, thus giving the illusion of far more pubes than there really are.

  9. I’m with Stripes, keep the bush! Outstanding. If boob jobs can look that good you wonder why all surgeons aren’t using the same techniques.

  10. Dr. Lee has a real good thread on the various methods for boob jobs and why doctors in some countries tend to prefer one, over the other.

    You should check the archives, Luke.

  11. She is truly amazing, easily a 9.5+. I’ve seen plenty of AV Idols and very few of them could match her thanks to her pretty eyes/smile and amazing chest.

    Thing is, her chest doesn’t look fake at all. Even if they are fake, they might as well not be. Her nipples are cute and perky.

    According to what Dr Lee has written, japanese boob jobs are supposed to be underfilled so they bounce better, with the drawback that they feel faker but if that is true, why can’t we see the ripples that US doctors overfill in order to avoid?

    I just don’t understand it.

  12. See my article here: Breast Surgery 101

    Japanese surgeons leave a large space around the implant (which makes them even bouncier), and usually prefer a submuscular incision, which helps to prevent the appearance of rippling. I also think underfilling can actually make rippling less obvious, as the implant can change form more freely.

  13. Oh BTW: the US style of overfilled, smooth implants is both the most fake looking and the most fake feeling type of implant – I really think that the traditional “wisdom” of US surgeons in this area is just plain wrong.

  14. good Gosh…she is so cute and amzing boobies 🙂 and a nice tush, rare for jgirl 🙂 the bush is not so bad

  15. She’s amazing. And it’s definitely a boob job and a very good one (and I’m laughing at ‘Dr’ Lee’s anti-US rant – think Sakura Sena). But the bush is scary – there is no practical reason to have a forest down there – not like anyone needs help finding the ‘door’.

  16. Clearly a boob job. I don’t think that’s even a question. They’re ginormous, and while their shape is great, there was not one moment I questioned their falsity. Don’t care, though. She is also 5’3.

    By the way – clear way to tell if it is a boob job:

    1) Are they really, really big?
    2) Do they sag?

    If the answer is “yes” to 1 and “no” to 2, they’re fake.

  17. @WestCoast: Sakura Sena had her last boob job done in the US! It was the only way she could get the seriously over-inflated look she wanted. And I have to say I love it – they’re perfectly fake round balls. She’d had an earlier boob job in Japan, but they were much smaller and more natural.

  18. Travis, I rarely log-in, but I really must commend you on this most excellent string of posts as of late. I love the variety of your posts and the different flavors you bring to the table. I especially loved Kiki; I didn’t think I would, not usually my type, but that goes to show you that you never really know…

    Also, great commentary for Asuka Kirara btw. You gave quite the introduction for this hot lil number. I agree with naso on the eye bit, but I can definitely get over it. I knew a girl who had eyes like that once, similar look too (both face & body)…Ya, could get over it mos def.

    Thanks again TT. You have made AS my one-stop shop for Eastern beauty once again.

  19. Other than the fact that she needs some clippers for that hedge, she is very nice with what appears to be a shapely caboose.

  20. Those eyes are contacts.
    Do a google search on “japanese big eyes contacts”.

    They’re the latest fashion craze. I saw a girl at a bubble tea shop yesterday with them, and thought they HAD to be contacts, so I did a search. They look much scarier in real life.

    The obsession with big eyes is going a bit far. There are reports that these contacts are causing serious eye problems for many girls, because some of the cheaper imports don’t need to meet Japanese standards for contacts, as they’re labelled “cosmetic products”.

    All this for a look that looks seriously off putting.

  21. Wow another Japanese girl, thank god for all the non japanese girls that Travis posts. This one is cute, nice body and I actually like her when she doesn’t smile but then I like that little gangster girl attitude.

  22. it’s not a craze. wearing contacts to make their pupils/eyes “seem” bigger is not a new thing here in asian. it’s been going on for at least the last 8+ years. it’s all over korea and japan.

  23. One look at her muff and…I’m thinking Arbys!!
    Then…reviewing her JAV products: Kiara was ‘on her back’ most of 2008, producing hard-core film monthly.

    Viewing the tiny AV stills with swollen male appendages stickin out of her face or getting slimed by dozens of male ‘actors’….takes the edge off for me.

    I am continuously puzzled by these ‘otherwise-beautiful’ Japanese women subjecting themselves to public humiliation??? The Japanese social-culture remains a personal mystery.

  24. I honestly can’t deal with the bush. She’s definitely gorgeous, but if I was with this girl I’d be most definitely asking her to trim that forest. ^^;;

  25. “One look at her muff and…I’m thinking Arbys!!”

    I’m sure that’s meant to be funny, but I don’t get it. How does hair/fur/etc translate to a roast beef sandwich?

  26. Taco Bell hits closer to the mark (because of the shape of the taco), but still seems to be unrelated to the hair.

    I wasn’t attacking you N-Hawk (you are quite sensitive, aren’t you?), I really just didn’t get the joke.

  27. Yeah I didn’t get the Arby’s joke either but then I’m not really a customer there. Maybe they have a Japanese muff sandwich? Don’t know.

    Anyway with a body and face like Asuka has she could have pit hair and I’d still worship her.

  28. Ohhhh…I get it, Arby’s. That one went right over there heads. Bigfoot…I guess you just don’t get it, do ya’. It’s alright…just breathe. 😉

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