Jarah Mariano in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Jarah Mariano in in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Although it has been mentioned in the comments (and user e-mails), I think it doesn’t hurt to mention it in a post also: Jarah Mariano is in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Check out the 53 photos!

Jarah Mariano in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

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0 thoughts on “Jarah Mariano in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition”

  1. Beautiful girl!

    My only complaint w/ SI, Maxim, Playboy… is the airbrushing, etc. It’s nice to see “perfection” but I like it more so naturally.

    This complaint is brought to you by…

  2. A top notch dime indeed. I wouldn’t say she is “perfect” but she is definitely out there. Her face is probably my favorite feature of hers.

  3. This how i wish all the heavily “made up” asian models looked. If you watch her video on the SI site you can see that she looks… so fresh (she’s so fresh)/ exciting (ting na ning ting ning)… Sorry, that song just popped into my head. I’m sure that at one point even Tila looked like her. I know Tila’s got freckles, why not let them be? I swear “Little Irish” (as I like to call him) would have serious issues if more asians kept this fresh look. On a less serious note: if I came home only to have Jarah lookin like that in my bed, I’d freakin’ soil my pants… and I don’t mean the back end! She makes me feel like a natural woman… oops I mean man, man, man, man…

  4. Come on guys, she’s cute enough, but I don’t think she’s that great! She’s also put on a fair bit of weight since we first featured her, so she isn’t as trim and taut as she used to be (I thought her body was her outstanding feature previously). This leaves me feeling she isn’t very remarkable.

  5. She’s not perfect but as far as Asian American models go, she’s great. If she isn’t then name me someone who is. And I think she looks sexier with that little extra weight on her. Look how sweet she looks 🙂

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I do think she’s attractive in a girl next door kind of way, and her naturalness is admirable in an Asian American context (and the little bit of extra padding suits that). But I just don’t think she’s really outstanding enough to justify all the gushing comments here.

  7. I guess this comes down to the fact that I see so many attractive and (mostly) natural Asian girls every day. For example, when you consider that the cover model (Mandy Chen) from our article on the Edison Chen photo scandal isn’t wearing makeup, and her photos aren’t touched up, have very bad lighting etc., I think she beats Jarah. And this girl comes from the part of Australia where I live, and is quite representative of how a lot of the girls look here.

  8. Yeah, she is pretty islander looking. This is both a positive (in as much as she looks very healthy and natural), and for me personally, also a negative (as this look isn’t really to my personal taste).

    And yes, given the lack of objections for our New Zealand readers, I’m going to make this the official term from now on!

  9. doesnt she reminds you of a native girl in hawaii, or tahiti? yummy golden skin 🙂 look at her stomach doc, how can you resist 🙂

  10. jeez…I want to call someone a moron, but I’ll bite my keyboard.

    She’s very hot…healthy and voluptious.

  11. you are out voted doc 🙂

    come on chocopie lets not get personal here, we are all entitled to our opinion 🙂

  12. chocopie, a veiled personal attcak is still a personal attack, and not welcome here. As I’ve already given you one informal warning, I’m going to give you a formal warning this time. There won’t be any more.

  13. As for LawBoy’s comments, I did find her stomach very attractive when it was trimmer, but once again I find it unremarkable now. I agree this girl is fairly attractive overall, but I really don’t understand why everyone is going so ga ga over her. 🙂

  14. Is it a personal attack to call someone blind? Excellent curves for an Asian lady, very pretty face (maybe a tad too wide) and I like her poses as well.

  15. Doc, i was only kidding. How about nearsighted? No seriously, just having a little late night fun. Asian Sirens is one of the best forums I have seen on the web in terms of not having all the outrageously stupid and derogatory flaming. (Check out any of the ones from Fox Sports for an example).

  16. I figured you probably were, but I thought I’d better make this kind of thing crystal clear for our readers. And just to make sure you aren’t misunderstood, I recommend you use smilies. 🙂

  17. LawBoy, Dr. Lee, tell me you guys are not serious. “Not skinny”? Have you seen 70% of America recently? “Not perfect”? …who is?

  18. mitosblog, we do not allow crude comments around here – please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page and comply with it.

    I’ve had a busy day today. 😉

  19. Personal taste is a mystery, but a fact of life. I, like most posters here think Ms. Jarah is incredible. IMHO, I think the much-plugged AS staple, Sachiko is MUCH LESS attractive than Ms. Jarah. What do you think, guys?

  20. You are entitled to your opinion of course SFP2008, but as I’ve said before, I think “this girl is better than that girl” types of discussions are asking for trouble, so I always try to nip them in the bud. Plus, talking about another model in a given model’s thread is off-topic anyway. If you want to talk about Sachiko, I suggest you post your comments in one of the threads devoted to her (although comparing her to Jarah in one of her threads would be off-topic there as well). Please restrict comparisons to models who are related to eachother in some way.

  21. Oh BTW, my earlier citation of Mandy Chen was in response to ProfAbe’s earlier question above, to perhaps explain why I have a different response to this girl than everybody else.

    Anyway, can anybody quantify why everyone is so nuts about this girl? Surely a girl has got to be a whole lot more than just healthy and natural looking to justify all these gushing comments?

  22. LOL…so it’s ok for a poster to ask YOU for comparison comments, but others cannot be asked for comparison comments? Gotcha, doc.
    Bottom line on the whole deal? It’s all about personal tastes ; )

  23. I was just trying to explain why I might have a difference of opinion from others here, in direct response to a reader’s question. It is okay to ask somebody specifically why they think what they think, but throwing the thread open to a “this girl is better than that girl” kind of debate is just asking for trouble (and is off-topic).

    For example, I have asked everybody to quantify why they think Jarah is so great. This is okay, as it is on topic, and isn’t flame bait.

  24. Heh, heh…save your “spinning” doc, you were busted and you know it. Your quotes below…read ’em and weep!
    The “spin”:
    “It is okay to ask somebody specifically why they think what they think, but throwing the thread open to a “this girl is better than that girl” kind of debate is just asking for trouble (and is off-topic)”.
    The truth:
    “For example, when you consider that the cover model (Mandy Chen) from our article on the Edison Chen photo scandal isn’t wearing makeup, and her photos aren’t touched up, have very bad lighting etc., I think she beats Jarah”.
    Don’t even try doc….LOL!

  25. You have taken my quote out of context – it was specifically in response to a question by ProfAbe, directed at me personally. This is a very different thing from asking everyone to participate in a debate about which girl is better than which girl, which is basically an invitation to start a flame war. If my comments did start a debate as to whether Mandy was better than Jarah, I would immediately call a halt to that as well.

    Can you get your head around what I’m trying to say now?

  26. Hello I’m new here. I might be stepping on some toes, but as the old saying goes” oh, well”. First off, Jarah Mariano is flat out beautiful. You don’t see too many natural beauties today with a wonderful personality. I think that’s the most attractive thing about her. Being modest and humble is not a trait you don’t see in alot of beautiful women today. I’m just speaking the truth here. Second, Jarah has a gorgeous body. Not everyone wants to see a skinny, fake body. I believe some called it extra padding? Some people just can’t see a good thing when it’s in front of their face. What’s up some people here? ” I really don’t understand why everyone is going so ga ga over her. :-)” Maybe everyone is going gaga because it’s nice once in awhile to see real, natural beauty instead of a hongkong sex scandal. I guess some people here want alittle more dirt… like a honkong sex scandal!!!
    Really, Jarah Mariano would wipe the floor with this mandy chen girl anyday of the week! (oops, I made a comparsion!!)
    Well folks, this could be my first and last post( like I said, I’m new). Take care and VOTE FOR JARAH MARIANO!!!
    Oh yeah, one more thing: 🙂

  27. SFP2008: the only point you’ve made is that you seem to be incapable of understanding what needs to be done to prevent flame wars around here. You’d better make sure you do understand though, otherwise you could be acting outside our posting guidelines.

    seoul86: unfortunately, it seems my comments have lead you to start a debate about which post is better than which post! This is a pointless, silly and off-topic discussion as well. Everyone is free to express their opinions on Jarah, but let’s restrict this thread to just that, shall we?

  28. ok i’m trying to track with you, Dr. lee. I just want to say that i also value everyone’s opinion here. yours, sfp20008 and everone else. It just somewhat bothers me how someone so beautiful, both inside and out, is being compared to a a skinny fake (both inside and out) girl. Now if i’m in the wrong for saying that, let me and it’ll be over. I’m saying is try to appreciate something good when you see it.

  29. Although Mandy definitely is fake on the inside (this girl is quite well known in the community where I live), I believe she is completely natural on the outside. Also, bare in mind that her photos are not touched up, and that she isn’t wearing makeup. I think you might be shocked by how ordinary Jarah would almost certainly look under the same conditions!

    Damn, seoul86 has led me into a debate on this! As I said, if my comments started a debate as to whether Mandy is better than Jarah (or not), I would call a halt to it. I’m doing exactly that now!

  30. ok let’s start new: what’s her best feature? Mine: Her hair and that beautiful face(her gorgeous body comes a close 3rd!!)

  31. it’s ok Doc. personally, I love women who look beautiful without makeup. Jarah would look the same to me: still beautiful.

  32. Doc: ‘Just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts in keeping threads focused and your impartiality in dealing with personal tastes. Face it folks, Doc shut down one of his favorite posters for cattily referring to a certain model’s face as a “train wreck”. And he didn’t even like the model’s features!
    For what it’s worth I agree with you about Jarah Mariano. Girl next door, yes. Goddess, no.
    Finally, I think that gratuitous swipes at Sachiko M are very bad manners. She’s our hostess for crying out loud!

  33. Thanks for your comments urgal. It is true that those who accuse me of bias conveniently forget (or ignore) the fact that I shut down my friends here when they do the wrong thing, just as I would anybody else. And I do apply the same set of rules to all the models we feature here, whether I personally like them or not. I am often amazed at how quick people are to attack those of us who make sites like this one possible (and for free too!).

  34. She is a pretty girl. The first shots I looked at made me wonder if the girl had any hips on her. These pictures do look a little too touched up.

  35. just wondering, who’s attacking who? at your request, i dropped it and just wanted to continue the topic of a certain Ms. Mariano’s bautiful features. If anything, you guys are continuing the subject!!! oh Fredf, thanks for pointing that out.i think she got hips which leads to that cute little bottoms of hers. Doc likes her tummy(somewhat). anyone else?

  36. Perfection, IMHO.

    Also, as I noted on another board here, based on the interview with her at SI and others I have read, she is a really down to earth woman not obsessed with shopping and stardom. That’s nice to see, and even more impressive given that she grew up in Orange County, one of America’s centers of shallowness and materialism.

    I disagree with those who say she wouldn’t look good without makep/airbrushing. If you search around the net or look at her myspace, you’ll see some candid pics and I think she looks great in them.

    Seems like a great girl and I wish her fabulous success and lots of easily-available, high-resolution, low-makeup photos. 😉

  37. You mean to tell me that she isn’t gushworthy? I think she is.

    Like I said before she’s not perfect. If I still lived in Asia, then I wouldn’t be gushing over her. But she is great and I can’t fault anyone for gushing over her because she is a hottie. I know models from other countries that are hotter than she is, but I can’t think of or have been given the name of an Asian American non-nude model that I should be gushing over. Plus there have been uglier models that have been featured on here that received more gushing than she has. And she is in the swimsuit issue for Sports Illustrated so she should get some love for that. But Jarah is worthy of being gushed over.

  38. Like I said before she’s not perfect. If I still lived in Asia, then I wouldn’t be gushing over her.

    As I say above, perhaps this is the key point of difference between myself and most of our readers. In the area where I live, I practically do live in Asia!

  39. Totally gushworthy although not a goddess. But I’d certainly turn my head if she passed by.
    What padding are you guys talking about, she’s fit and healthy and has some slight curves, athletic sexy body. That’s about it. 🙂

  40. i agree with daznlover! jarah just exudes health. she looks absolutely radiant, and she’s got a little more meat on her than the typical skinny asian model. to be honest, i hate that pale-skinned rail-thin look that’s popular among women in asia, and i would prefer jarah’s appearance as the standard for all asian models in the future. i felt jarah was too thin in her previous modeling work. she looks much more proportionate and well-balanced now. i would compare her to sai eew from a previous post, except jarah has the best skin ever. tans are perfect! too bad getting one also means putting yourself at higher risk for skin cancer 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    i believe that people reacted so strongly to her post, as well as that of all of the other SI models posted here, because most of the models we post do not have this sort of beauty; too often we post import models with 10lbs of caked-on makeup on their faces or gravure models with breast implants and the stereotypical j-idol look. the style of photography combined with the uniqueness of her look relative to this site really set this up for all of the gushing remarks

  41. Thanks for your insights Christine! I do agree a big factor here is the outstanding quality of SI’s photography, similar to our earlier Jessica Gomes post. These two models have quite similar bodies actually, although I prefer Jessica myself (she looks a little tighter and more curvaceous, and for my taste she is prettier). Although I prefer them leaner, it’s probably a good thing for SI to promote such a healthy, natural look.

  42. BTW guys, that’s an example of an on-topic and inocuous comparison with another model (as opposed to an open inivitation to start a flame war!).

  43. I’ve met her and friends before. She lives in NYC and one time clubbing at Home her and her girls sat at the VIP table next to ours. Really nice girl, no attitude whatsoever and I can tell you she looks just as stunning in person as she does in pictures. At this club which is known as a model/celeb hang out, she definitely stood out.

  44. btw is there a point to the SI swimsuit issue? if it’s to advertise swimsuits, i think that point got lost amid demand for hot athletic nearly naked models over the years

  45. I think Jarah is very pretty and think her body is great, however I think that she looks a hell of a lot better in some photos than in others. For example the first picture of this page is perfect, she is gorgeous the second I don’t find nearly as attractive. Overall I would agree she is gushworthy. Her boobs are great, are they natural?

  46. I suspect Jarah’s breasts are natural, and I agree she doesn’t look very attractive in the second shot here – her face looks too wide. In her earlier post, not only was her body more to my taste when she was slimmer, but her face was as well – as she has a naturally wide face, I think she has to keep the weight down to make her face look well balanced.

  47. I used to live in Asia. For a long time. I’ve also been to almost every single country in East Asia, many of them multiple times. And though I live in California now, I still find this model “gushworthy.” She may not be what is commonly called a “stunner”, but she certainly qualifies for gushworthiness, if I may coin a term. She is hot, plain and simple.

    And I find it vastly refreshing that she doesn’t look like the typical import model with fake boobs, a nose job, blonde hair, and a bucket of makeup. She simply exudes natural beauty.

    And Doc, what I think lies at the root of your lack of agreement is your well-known dislike of any look that even hints at “ethnic.” Given Jarah’s Polynesian look, I’m not surprised to see you less than thrilled. Your predilection for the lily-white Northeast Asian look precedes you. 🙂

    Furthermore, I have a question. When I visited Australia, I was not bowled over by stunning beauties of Asian heritage lurking around every corner. Now why did I miss out? Where are they all hiding? Since I didn’t see them in Sydney, are they someplace else?

  48. They are very localised. There are plenty in Sydney, but you have to go the right areas (Sydney is a huge city!). By the same token, the area where I live in Brisbane (Sunnybank) is full of Taiwanese stunners, as is the CBD (as there are a lot of Chinese and especially Korean students there). But most of Brisbane does not have many Asian girls at all. If you like Japanese, the place to go is the Gold Coast (it is their number one surfing destination).

  49. Oh yes, and I think you are right regarding my taste (I pretty well say as much above). And I definitely would take Jarah over almost any import model, which I guess puts the comments of our (mostly American) readers in context.

  50. Re the point of the swimsuit issue, the original point was to keep sports fans in a state of, shall we say, excitement, after the Super Bowl was over and SI had little to write about… that explains the timing of the issue.

    And did I say I think Jarah is perfect? Wide face and all…

  51. I could see why some people would not find her attractive. I personally enjoy the darker tanned look that some asians have as opposed to the very light/fair skinned ones. But then again that is personal taste.

    That’s one of the reasons why I think Jarah is very attractive, however, I will have to say that her face does look a little bit more square in these pictures compared to her earlier ones and I’m not as attracted to that as some may be. While I agree that maybe being skinnier would help that, I think the body she has now is just great and if it was too skinny it wouldn’t be as attractive. I guess it’s just a matter of a trade-off in that case, but I would say keep the body and go on with the face which although not as nice as before is still great :).

  52. i don’t believe that her weight gain contributed to the squareness of her face significantly. i don’t think her face looks that much fuller. her haircut, though, did change a lot and this contributes to the squareness of her face. i also have a round/square face and without long side-swept, face-framing bangs, my face can look REALLY square. she let her bangs grow out, so now there’s not really anything there to contour her face. additionally, most of the photos from her past were taken from an angle. SI chose to take face-front photos of her. compound this with the wind blowing hair away from her face, and yeah – she’s going to look a little square.

  53. so, i take it everyone’s favorite feature(or least favorite) is the face. interesting…. well i believe she has a unqiue face( did i spell that right?). she got a face some women(not all) would pay a fortune to have. like i said, natural beauty.

  54. That’s “unique” seoul86. 😉

    And Christine, although your face is quite angular, I would say it is still more rounded than Jarah’s, and your jaw isn’t as wide either, which makes all the difference. Still, I think what you say about the bangs is true (I think long bangs look better on you than your latest very short haircut, for example). And what you say about the angles is very true – Jarah looks much better at an angle than front on.

  55. 7/10 She’s pretty but personally, she’s not my cup of tea. Her eyes are nice enough, her nose is well proportioned to the rest of her face, as is her lips. The thing that kills it for me is the shape of her face. Square face girls always remind me of Domokoon.
    It’s just a very unattractive feature for me. Give her jaw a more acute angle and I’ll bump up her score.

  56. well in that case she might as well get plastic surgery to fix her, how i will put it,”her natural deformity”? gimme me a break!!!

  57. seoul86, i think he meant the ‘give her jaw a more acute angle’ figuratively, not literally. don’t be upset! haha 🙂

  58. Christine, I would agree about the face-on shots as opposed to being taken at an angle, although I do really like most if not all the SI shots.

    The shots I was talking about where her face was a little square were also front-on but were for her lingerie shoot that someone posted links to above. In the SI shots I don’t feel that her face is that square at all, I actually rather like her face in most of the shots by SI ^^.

  59. I dont think she should get any surgery done. My preference for non-square jawed ladies is just a personal thing. Many of the previous posters feel she is perfect.

    Conclusion, you can’t satisfy everyone. Just find someone who likes you for who you are and stop trying to be universally beautiful.

    Another example: I find Pamela Anderson hard to look at, but MANY people think she’s gorgeous.

  60. I’ve been gone for a couple of days and come back and it’s like ZOIKS…in my face with the little brown curvy swimsuit island girl who just about everybody loves. 🙂

  61. I find Pamela Anderson is gorgeous. I’d marry her for 3 months, maybe a bit more. 🙂

    Jarah sure looks a little more padded here, compared to the pics of when she first appeared in A-S. But still she’s in great shape, just sexy and hot as many women would wish to be.

  62. Her jaw may be a little too square, but that only keeps her from perfection. As far as the looks with/without makeup issue, since most of us will never see these girls up close and personal to a comparison, sigh!, how would we know how much how much of a particular model’s beauty is due to the skillful application of makeup?

  63. I like Jarah

    She’s cute but I don’t think she’s gorgeous.

    She has that innocent girl thing going for her.

    I don’t understand!!! There are so many good looking asian women in this country and yet all the models are always ok.

    At least she is better looking than Audrey Quock!!! I met her once in the Hamptons at a pool party…YUCK!!!
    Her body is gross. Absolutely NO ASS…I mean FLAT!!!!!! Her face is blah…
    Her younger sister who is really short was very pretty.

  64. Jarah was the best looking of the three in that video by far. All of their legs were very distracting though, so smooth and tempting. Very hot.

  65. Jessica definitely doesn’t look as good here as she does in the photos, and Jarah looks fairly ordinary as well. Without all the makeup and touch-ups, to me all of these girls look totally unremarkable.

  66. All women look less remarkable without the heavy makeup used on celebs/models. Take the makeup off all the women posted on this site and you’d probably think most were unremarkable.

    I think Jarah has great facial features, so I’ll give her the thumbs up.

  67. Once again, Sachiko doesn’t wear any makeup apart from lipstick, and I don’t touch her photos up at all either. Does anybody know of any other models who dare to be photographed this way?

  68. Sachiko looked like she had makeup in quite a few of those shoots. She’s not bad, but not my type.

  69. She does have tattooed eyebrows – is that what you’re seeing? I can personally vouch for the fact that she has no makeup on apart from lipstick on any of her web site photos (apart from three in the “What’s New” section, which are clearly marked as being with makeup on).

  70. I’d take Jarah over her myself. I’m also a fan of no makeup or at least less makeup as well.

  71. I still like all the ladies shown here. Of course they don’t look AS good without makeup, but they still look good.

  72. 220 dollars for the swimsuit above on the left…holy cow! She’s be much better off saving her money and going nekkid.

  73. The more I see beautiful Jarah, the more ideal she becomes to me. She’s just about as perfect as they get, in my opinion. I’m gushing I know, but couldn’t resist.

  74. I think she is looking even better in this years edition. So many photos it is hard to know where to look!

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