Tonight: All Asian party in Holland ‘RELAXASIAN’

This posting may only be of interest to people living in Holland, or people planning to be in Holland today… Because this evening Zouk presents their RELAXASIAN party. There will be many DJ’s and a bikinicontest. It’s in a tropical swimming pool (32 degrees Celsius!) and people are recommended to wear swimsuit or bikini…
(So if anybody has some photo’s afterwards… ;-))

When: 21th Oktober of 2005
Where: Caribabad, Betaafsekade 8, 4204 AX Gorinchem, The Netherlands
Fees: Online presale 15 Euro, Doorsale 17,50 Euro
Age: 18+
Dresscode: Beachwear
More info:


All Asian party in Holland: RELAXASIAN

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0 thoughts on “Tonight: All Asian party in Holland ‘RELAXASIAN’”

  1. We were kidding Marco. Unfortunately I am not going because A: I don’t have a car to get there, and B: I am a bit short on cash at the moment 😉

  2. Wow, that sucks!
    Well, this announcement was on the site for a couple of weeks allready (news), just put it up to the front, because the party is today…

    There will be another Asian party in Amsterdam Escape Venue the 25th of October… Will post about it.

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