Ke Qing


Earlier, I said that I was going to introduce you guys to the model whose photo was posted in the article for Yu Hui. So as promised, here is Ke Qing (可磬). I wish I had more information on her, but trying to find information on these models is not easy. Hopefully someone out there can provide more info on her. In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with a bunch of nude photos to gawk at.












Set 1 | Set 2

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  1. I like everything about her: skin, body, face, hair, except one thing: her waist, too large for a woman, I think.

  2. Actually – given the way her breasts change form as she moves around, especially when she lies on her back – I think she’s probably all-natural! If so, this must be one of the most outstanding natural pairs I’ve ever seen.

  3. I’m also happy to report that some of the other shots in Candyman’s zip are not too airbrushed (for example, the set containing the wine glass pics), and her skin looks just fine. Thanks Candyman!

  4. She is rather pretty and has what looks like a normal, dare I say all natural womanly body in all respects. A choice lady for sure…

  5. Dyner, I see a difference for sure but in the photos from what you qualify as the second girl, is it possible that some rhinoplasty was done? In the “first girl” set, she has a crooked and more broad nose.

    Doc, what say Ye?

  6. …I know its just the airbrushing…but…she looks so soft…and cute…like a warm snuggly peach I’d love to cuddle on….oh, dear 🙂

    Oh, my theory on the nose…it could be makeup. Some makeup artists define the sides of the nose with bronzer…they could’ve just overdone it…and obviously lighting has a role too.

  7. Yeah i still think it’s different girl case but maybe i’m wrong, given the fact that the bodies of both picture set are identical (so plastic surgery’ll explain this)

  8. Well, I had a good long look at her mouth (teehee), and her teeth seem consistent photo to photo. So I guess I’ll go with it being one girl.

  9. the biggest difference i think on the eyes (makeup trick maybe) , but now i’m more convinced that they’re the same girl.

  10. @dyner: I initially thought it might be two different girls too – in set 2, I thought her breasts looked a little larger than they do in set 1 as well. But when I looked at Candyman’s zip, you can see a continuum – it’s probably just makeup and touch-ups for the most part (the mark you mention would have been completely airbrushed out in set 1). As for redlaw’s speculation of rhinoplasty, that’s very possible, although perhaps the airbrushing in set 1 simply makes her nose looks “softer” and flatter.

  11. nice and cute, great body, nice skin, great breasts i wonder if they are natural? she should have tweeked her nipples before the photo shoot and then she would have been perfect, is she a man…no if she is i must be gay.

  12. As I say above, my best guess is that they are natural (due to the way they change form as she moves around, especially when she lies on her back).

  13. How can her waist be “too big for a woman”? Women are supposed to have nice, round hips, that’s how the species survives. This is Asian Sirens, not the Kate Moss Anorexia Gallery!

  14. There is something about Ke that I find very striking, perhaps it’s a rather traditional look that is more apparent in the 5th picture from the top. Despite the noted brush work, her face and body seem very natural to me. For me an excellent find Candyman.

  15. Ok, this is the most beautiful woman ever created…….

    Really, though, she’s simply a very pretty girls with a smoking body.

  16. Kabbala, might I suggest NOT attending any family reunions then? In other words “I must not think bad thoughts! I must not think bad thoughts!”

  17. You are learning how to emulate arf well Wings. 🙂

    Still, there is no doubt this girl really is quite a package. Okay, her waist may be a tad thick, but I think that’s getting pretty picky – even for me. 😉

  18. Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect!! Face, skin, body EVERYTHING!!

    Absolutely nothing wrong with her waist, come on guys, seriously!!!

  19. Great Post! She’s really the whole package. Maybe not the most beautiful face of all time, but cute and what a great body. Nice

  20. I have to admit, this girl is pretty damn close to perfection. Another 10 score from me – and I don’t think I’m over-exaggerating. Stunning body, cute face… she’s phenomenal!

    We’ve had some fantastic posts recently! Keep up the great work guys! ^_^

  21. My only real complaint is that her butt is a bit flat. However, trust me when I say that if I was ever lucky enough to get an up close and personal look, I wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, just thinking about it………….sigh!

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