Alana is a model from a website called “The Wet Peach.” I think she would benefit greatly from higher quality photography, but she’s not bad and I know a few people that will like her.Stats:

Age: 19?
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Filipina? Thai?
Located: Arizona?













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  1. very very nice! is there ever some pics of a asian women showing off her true beauty no make up no airbrush no implants just a good old fashion asian beauty?

  2. Got to agree. After the previous girl I admittedly was a little disappointed. The realized amateur type photo’s showing the real girl.

  3. Thank you. What a relief from all the surgery, photoshopping, and lighting trickery and distortions. She’s proof that it’s possible to look human AND desirable at the same time!

  4. Wow.She’s killin’ it! I’d be happy for her if she was an aerospace engineer.Failing that…she should settle for the six figure sums she could generate in the next two years working on the set of ASIAN FEVER & BARELY LEGAL.Yes…I’m in love.Good find Travis.

  5. As for Alana – she’s all yours guys. 🙂 Actually, I think mitsoblog’s “thick waist” criticism is far more appropriate for this girl than Ke Qing.

    See johnnie? It is possible to express a negative opinion without being personally insulting.

  6. Nice one Travis, the more pictures I see the more I like her. Her tanned skin is great. I would guess she is not 100% asian.

  7. I think she’s cute enough, her legs are really nice, body not too bad and I don’t think her waist is too thick. That being said, I’m not that really drawn to her. Again, that’s as a nude model. In real life, of course!! (I should be so lucky).

  8. Very pretty and sexy. Love the sweet little breasts. Great Post. Thanks.

    And, if I may say…Johnnie was one bitter and nasty guy. His posts always made we wince.

  9. Careful when you say those things Wingsfan, your wife may come home early.

    I agree with Ozawa, she’s thai, for me. Didn’t even think about being a pinay.

  10. Add me to the list of guys who like her. 😉 What beautiful skin!! Yes, she doesn’t have that Barbie-style waist we all look for, but that could be due to her height. Taller girls get curvy-er (bigger pelvis & rib cage w/ same waist size)

    Alana is kind of like a Thai version of CJ Miles. mmmm, I like!

  11. Majority of guys in the US only care about blonde hair & big tits. I think Asian-loving guys are more particular and varied in tastes.

    For example, Ke Qing didn’t do anything for me. That’s why I didn’t comment. “If you can’t say something nice…” 😉

  12. some of the photos (notably #4) make her head look big. I think slightly better poses/photography would help. However I am still a fan

  13. I usually love Travis’s picks but this ones not my favorite. I have a feeling I’d think she was hotter in person than in these photos so maybe a better photog would help.

  14. daznlover…pink is my favorite color too. Not really, that’s just an aerosmith song. But Alana is oh so hot with her beautiful pinkness down below.

  15. yeah judging from his video collection I can see how he got his name, and might I add the knighthood was well deserved!

  16. Very nice booty shot, arf. I think that’s the best picture of her yet and…………………….

    wife’s home – panic!!!!


  17. Booty shots are always nice Wings. I really like this girl alot. Oh yeah – my wife’s sitting right here beside me watching TV as I surf internet porn. She’s accepted the way I am and knows how it’s gonna be. HaHa! No joke either. 🙂

  18. OMG! This girl is steamy! Plus, according to her profile on Wet Peach, her hometown is the town I currently reside in. I hope to God I run into her somewhere so I can get an up close look. If I do I’ll let you know if the real thing is as good as the pictures. 😉

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