Thai actress and model Mamee Nakprasitte

Mamee Nakprasitte

Napakpapha “Mamee” Nakprasitte became a sensation in Thailand overnight when she was chosen to star in Tai Entertainment’s erotic drama Mae Bia, one of Thailand’s all time top ten highest box office grossing films.

Read more about her at Asian Sweetheart. There is a nice gallery there also. Some links and another photo (where she looks quite different) inSome Links

Mamee Nakprasitte @
Mamee Nakprasitte @
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Mamee Nakprasitte

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0 thoughts on “Thai actress and model Mamee Nakprasitte”

  1. Nice one Robin!

    Sorry for being so quiet lately…..been super busy. I’ll see if i can get a posting up this weekend.

  2. Oh yeah – now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! 😛 I’d buy that for 100 baht!

    Any comments on possible facial surgery?

  3. wow…can i have her for my birthday? very hot with the kind of thai look that i like…looks like she got a rack on her…

  4. Another great thai beauty and seems that a good actress too. She was nominated for best actress in one movie of hers.

    Yes, asiansweetheart is right, we farangs sure like the dark skin tone. I wonder how tall she really is, she looks very tall.

  5. Regarding K4K’s question, her face does look a little more ‘western’ than you might expect, but in these photos, I can’t see any obvious signs of surgery. That doesn’t necessarily mean she hasn’t had it, but if she has, it’s quite a good job.

  6. Oh, MAN! That first pic is HOT. (And by “hot” I mean, “She looks very beautiful.”)

    And not to brag or anything, but I’m going to a Vietnamese wedding reception this evening. It’s going to be a smorgasbord! 😀

  7. Oh man Curtis I am so jealous. I took out a Vietnamese chick last week…absolutely gorgeous! But she hated me….ah well….looking forward to the stories though brother!

  8. It’s amazing how different one can look in different photos. The picture of her on Wikipedia looks like my grandmother when she was young much younger, but the other two not so much.

  9. Well, the reception took place at a Chinese restaurant and there were 10 courses. I’d have to say that the dinner was better than the scenery, unfortunately. Aside from the bride (and my wife, of course), the cutest female in attendance was decidedly underaged.

    I wish I had stories (and pix), but I’m out of the game. Sorry. 🙁

  10. Well thanks for sharing anyway Curtis. I guess DL1 is not so jealous now, lol.

    It just happens, weddings are great places to see pretty women but sometimes… it just doesn’t work.

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