Karina Eiko Nakahara is Miss Nikkei do Brazil!


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Popolito.

Those who ventured in Sao Paulo have noticed: Brazil is a nest of Japanese chicks with a lovely Portuguese accent. Karina is 26, and was elected Miss Centennial Brazil- Japan on May 17. Karina is a Nikkei, a Brazilian of Japanese descent. The Nikkei are 1.4 million in Brazil, or 1% of the population, the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. Brazil celebrates in 2008, the centennial of their immigration.


It all started on June 18 1908, when the steamship Kosatu-Maru anchored in the Santos harbor with 781 immigrants, thanks to the Meiji era, which opened Japan to the rest of the world. Japan and Brazil signed a treaty, as Japan was too crowded and was running out of land to cultivate, and Brazil needed labor to work vast coffee field, since slavery was abolished in 1888. The first 50 years proved very challenging to Japanese immigrants, who received very harsh treatment from Brazilians, especially during WWII when Brazil was allied to the US. Today, the community is thriving, especially in Sao Paulo: 3 Nikkei out of 4 are catholic and 1 out of 2 marry non Japanese ethnics. This is the new promised land, I tell you!

Another contestant: Camila Bettiol Oyama


Contest homepage
More picture of mixed blood Japanese contestants
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One Nikkei famous in Japan: Bossa Nova singer Lisa Ono, who performed with Tom Jobim and with JoΓ£o Donato in Brazil:

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  1. There are some hot-mostly Japanese babes in PERU too.Don’t even get me started on the Jamaican Chinese.

  2. While it’s true that there are Japanese in Peru (including their criminal ex-president), the largest Asian population there is Chinese.

  3. This is great news!

    It’s like that old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial. Mixing two of my favorite things, Asian and Latin. Even better than peanut butter and chocolate, for sure. And, hey, I don’t mind a little chocolate in the mix either. Yummy. It may be time to dust off the passport.

  4. Being a frequent Brazil vacationer , I can
    personally attest to the beauty of the
    Nikkei women. It’s so crazy to hear them speak Portugese with a Japanese accent !!

  5. “Karina is a Nikkei, a Brazilian of Japanese descent.”

    A slight correction here, as that statement can be taken the wrong way. Nikkei is a Japanese term that is used to describe Japanese emigrants who move overseas, and their descendants. There are Nikkei in the US, Peru, the Phillipines, Brazil, and so on. A Nikkei is not specifically a Brazilian of Japanese descent.

  6. Jamaican Chinese? Ya mon. πŸ˜‰

    But for real, someone find me a Japanese chick with a Brazilian booty. That’s what I’m trying to see. Karina wouldn’t be the best example but some of these chicks are hot, but overall this isn’t my look. I rather see someone of full blood or someone of a different mix.

  7. Excellent post Popolito, whoever you are. I’ve known about the many Chinese Brazilians, I even have a buddy who married one, but didn’t know so many Japanese people there in Brazil. Judging from the three main pics of this post, Brazilian and Japanese genetics mesh together pretty well.

  8. I dunno about this one guys… maybe not the best pics??? It’s probably just me, forget I even commented…

  9. Well I obviously like Asian ladies, and I also like Latinas (as long as they’re not the squat, dumpy ones) but judging from the ladies pictured here and on the linked site, it doesn’t appear that Asian/Latina is that great of a mix.

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