Hwang Mi Hee – Single Photo


I found this picture on my hard drive. I think I grabbed it off some web site a long time ago. Beyond that, I have no more info. Not explicit, but pretty cute. Anyone know who she is?

Model now ID’d as Hwang Mi Hee, thanks guys for posting some great photo links below.

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  1. She is very cute. I noticed this hot little Korean recently on another site, her name is Hwang Mi Hee.

  2. Here we go again – everyone going nuts over a single low resolution pic. Come one guys – we need more to go on than this to make that sort of judgement!

  3. We are judging this particular low res pic. It’s all the data we have, right now.

    Based on what I see, me likee. I am open to more, and better, evidence, of course. ;#)

  4. Upon further review, her face isn’t wonderful. But she might have the best legs on an Asian girl I have seen.

  5. I have that pic of Hwang Mi Hee. She’s okay. I started collecting more pics of Koreans and Hwang Mi Hee is just okay compared to them. She does have a nice body though.

  6. Alright guys: I hope this will teach you not to get too excited about a single low resolution pic in future. 😉

    Having said that – and as I stated in CEC’s post – I definitely find her attractive, but not top drawer.

  7. Generally I would agree as you should look at more than one pic to come to a conclusion on but I can’t fault anyone who got excited by that pic. It’s a good sized pic to make a judgement on.

  8. I agree with Candyman. It doesn’t seem to me you need high-rez pix to judge Hwang Mi Hee has a nice figure: the clothes are close-fitting; the skirt reveals lots of leg. Okay, to judge the face, you need to see different angles, expressions, and moods. But I don’t think it’s unfair for people to go ga-ga over a great shot. And this is a great shot: cute & provocative.

  9. Thanks for the ID and all the links guys. I modified to the posting to include her name.

  10. I have looked at the new evidence and my verdict is the same: She is freakin’ adorable!

  11. I think that this image of her in a qipao is one of the sexiest images ever made. But then, I have a huge weakness for Asian women in qipaos. 😉

  12. low or high resolution, she is still a cutie. If you were take another girl and zoom out to the same resolution, she probably does not even look as great as Hwang Mi Hee. She’s got the features and outlines…so…think of it that way…

  13. In my experience, low res pics often hide flaws, thus making the model appear more impressive than they actually are. It won’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, so to speak, but it can be very misleading – I don’t know how many times I’ve excitedly clicked on a thumb, only to be disppointed with the full size pics!

  14. Nope Lawboy…..it’s a common phrase here in the US too…..but maybe not in the younger generation.

  15. I agree this chick comes off mischeivious and needs to be reprimanded in some way indeed, and LawBoy might be on the right track on recommending a solid spanking.

  16. Depending on the photo, she’s either cute or gorgeous. Either way, she’s definitely postable and definitely doable and spankable.

  17. Indeed.Her spanking would involve me pronouncing each syllable…whilst handing out the punishment.

  18. Any pics with a resolution lower than this one you want to be careful. There’s been a few times I see a chick featured here and I think she looks alright until I start searching for pics and find out that she not so good looking. But they’re usually mediocre to begin with. And yes Hwang could use a spanking. Where’s my ruler. 😉

  19. “Any pics with a resolution lower than this one you want to be careful. There’s been a few times I see a chick featured here and I think she looks alright until I start searching for pics and find out that she not so good looking.” That happens way too often for me lol…it’s always chicks that look good from far away

  20. You got to get your head out of the gutter doc. We’re beyoud fetishes on this post. This is about Justice!

  21. I really do think this is one of my favorite looks for an asian woman. And I say woman, because, I can almost imagine all the perverted old men that live in Japan with all the school girl’s wearing uniforms just like this one. It just wouldn’t fly here in the USA. God Bless Japan!

  22. “she needs a spanking” :))

    “And then, the oral sex” – evil naughty Zoot, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  23. i am really tempted to quote Beavis and Butthead but then doc would have a cow 🙂

    sit Arf sit…good boy 🙂

  24. I actually am sitting right now…I’m a good boy. 🙂 T.P. for your bung hole…hea hea. Man I love those fake Japanese schoolgirls.

  25. I sell flooring for a living, this girl puts a whole new meaning to up the wall. Basic tiles never looked so good.

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