Girl At The Beach


I found this picture on Google image search. It’s hard to see her face, but I’m pretty sure she’s Asian. Also, the original name of the image had “Asian Boobs” in it. Now the questions; Asian or not? Fake boobs or not?

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  1. I might even say those boobs got help from Photoshop. Aside from that, I love her look!

  2. uhm… nice? :o) But I might as well get in on Italian, maybe even Brazilian… The head shape just doesn’t seem to look Asian enough. Oh well, I’m sure someone’s gonna figure out who and what she is :o)

  3. Her posture & her HANDS suggest that at some point when her genetic inheritance is spent…she will NOT seek to recoup it …and therefore not even somewhat resemble the “spinner sex kitten” we are all panting at right now.Even the way she holds her phone suggests someone you would not be thrilled to do anything beyond a hook-up with.

  4. Nope, she isn’t Asian, and once again, not as hot as this one low res pic suggested either – they definitely don’t look as nice from the front, and her face doesn’t look very attractive either.

    Sorry NorthMan – you’ve done another OT post. 🙂

  5. Ski_Nautic

    Click the image link above to see her from the front. (Thanks to “ba”.)

    Yes, I was wrong, she’s no Asian! Oh well……I was fooled cuz the other site where I found the pic referred to her as “Asian” and I could not see her face.

    Soooo…….what are your guesses on her ethnic background. I’ll guess Latina…maybe from Spain or South America?

  6. Northman: great effort on a post that was only “off topic” in 20-20 hindsight. And kudos to ba for discovering the non-Asian truth.
    Stripes: “Her posture & her HANDS suggest that at some point when her genetic inheritance is spent…she will NOT seek to recoup it ..” Pretty cryptic. I didn’t even know we could cash in our DNA chips. 🙂

  7. great find..i asked and Ba delivers…nice boobs….how the hell do you read into all that STripes? 🙂

  8. Just my experience with Euro chix.Betcha she smokes & gets off on mindless…rythmless techno music too.

  9. Not Oriental Asian but could be from the western end; Asia is a very big continent.

    Her tits are certainly artificially enhanced.

  10. I agree – judging from the way her right breast is kind of “tucked in” more than it should be in the front on shot, I’d say she’s enhanced. A very nice job though!

  11. Guys, please don’t spend your time more than you can watch beatiful girls. It is more important to watch them.

  12. not asian ..but i guess everyone else has confirmed that already BUT omg her boobs are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccce but i guess that’s also been confirmed as well lol

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